Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


18. Note from Dragon Soul Jess

For now, this story has finished. Just because I am mean, I have left in on a clifhanger, but I am writing the next story now... Please let me know if theres any characters you would like to stay alive, although I cannot garuntee your request for live characters will be granted, just to warn you.

Thanks to everyone who read this and commented and liked and favorited! =D The sequel, which will probably be called 'Only Hope 2: Slave Town' should be coming soon, so please read it! =D



For now...

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