Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


5. My story

"My life at my village was, well, pretty bad. I went to a school with only a few students, and lots of teachers. It was the school that kids with rich parents went to. I hated all the teachers and the kids. They all hated me as well. The only real friends that I had were animals that I knew, and my sister. She was really nice - she understood me, she cared for me, and she could keep any secrets. She was a bit like a mum to me, although she was just one year older than me. My real parents didn't care about me, they just wanted me to earn them money when I was older, even though they were already the richest people in the whole village. But they loved money. And they always wanted more of it. So they sent me to the rich school, and made me learn. They pretended to care. But all they cared about was the money that I could bring them. My sister refused to learn. She was a warrior at heart. So was I, but I wasn't strong enough to defy my parents and go to a warrior training school. And so my sister went to learn the ways of fighting. My parents decided to let her stay at our house - on one condition. She went on quests for them. My sister wanted to set out on her own, and find somewhere she could serve happily, without money loving parents. But she didn't leave me. Because she said that she wanted me to come with her when she set off. I didn't want to leave though - my parents were powerful people, and I didn't want half the village on my trail. So I told my sister that when I was older, then I'd come with her on her journey. And she stayed behind, doing quests for my parents, earning money for them."


"One day, she was given a really hard quest. It payed loads of money, so my parents made her set off and complete it. But..." my eyes teared up as I lowered my head, looking away from Alvyss's kind, understanding face.

"But she didn't make it. I found out one day in the village square, when there was loads of people around. A messenger came to tell me. I started screaming at my parents in the village square, and yelling at them that they'd made my sister go on the quest, even though it was a job for twenty men. And yes, in the middle of the village. So everyone heard me screaming." I continiued. Alvyss nodded, seemingly deep in thought. I continiued.

"They got really cross with me, because apparently, I had totally embarassed them. They said that my sister should have done what I did, and gone to a normal school. That was the last straw. For another four months, I lived with them being mean, and more horrible than ever, to me, because there were rumours about them being mean, and forcing my sister to go on quests. And then, after that four months, I escaped. I didn't think to bring a horse, so my parents men - those three who were really good riders - caught up with me fast. They said to me that my parents told them they wanted me dead, so that I couldn't be an embaressment any more. And then you came along." I said, finally finishing my story. Alvyss nodded, but his eyes looked distant, like he was thinking about something else.

"Your sister..." he started. "The mission she went on, the last one, tell me - was her job to help a ranger free his friend from a bandit clan's prison? And her name... was her name Oragyn?" Alvyss asked. I stared at him in surprise. He knew. He knew my sister's name. And her quest.


"How...? How do you know?" I stammered, looking deep into Alvyss's eyes. He lowered them, and looked away from me. For a while, we sat in uncomfortable silence. I was still looking at him,waiting for an answer. He sighed.

"It was my friend she was helping." Alvyss said finally. "She was helping me free my friend. It's my fault she died... I should have got to her in time..." he sighed again. I stared at him. What? Alvyss had known my sister?! I couldn't believe it.

"What...? You knew Oragyn?" I stammered. He nodded, without looking at me. There was guilt in his eyes. Right then, I wasn't sure whether I should start screaming at him - he had hired her for a quest and she had died because he had only recruited one other person. Or if I should forgive him, tell him it wasn't his fault. Or if I should just stay silent.

"Please don't ask me about it." he begged, and there was a break in his usually calm voice. He was getting upset. I sighed. I really wanted to know. But he didn't want to tell me.

"Please." he said, turning his head and looking at me. "I don't care if you blame me - it was my fault - but just don't ask me, Arigen. Please." he said, looking so deep into my eyes that it was driving me crazy. I looked back, making up my mind. I needed to know the story. Otherwise, I didn't know whether to forgive him or not.

"I need to know. She's my sister. I never knew why or how she died. Alvyss, you don't know how much I need to know about it." I pleaded. He shook his head, and then looked away from me, turning so that his side was against Shadow. He was pretending to be asleep, but I'm pretty sure I saw a tear fall.

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