Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


15. Fight

After a while, I was slipping off Shadows back, ready to spy on the poachers. The Forest of Nightmares was even denser here, like it was trying to protect the egg. Unfortunately, it had failed.

"Follow me." Alvyss whispered. I gave a sharp nod, and dropped low to the ground. Together, we crawled silently through the undergrowth. I marvelled at my own stealth as I crawled under a bush of dry, crackly leaves. Still, I made no sound. It was then that I realised Alvyss had stopped under this very bush. I pulled up next to him, starring out of the bush. Horror covered my face. There was over fifty men there, each in a uniform of animal fur coats and deerskin boots. Some giant bats were tied to trees with harnesses that cut deep into their necks. Their wings looked battered, and I could see each bone pushing against their skin - that was how thin they were. A shout of frustration pulled me back to the men. It was then that I noticed what they were passing between them, hitting it and stomping on it and smashing it against trees.


It was the egg.


My face paled even more. They had the dragon egg. We had failed... No... We had failed the mission that my sister had given me! She had given it to me! And I had failed.

"Here's the idea. I run around the back, cutting the bats free. They cause chaos and destruction. You grab the egg, and run to Shadow. You leave." Alvyss whispered, his face grim.

"No, I grab the egg, run to Shadow, and we come get you. Then we all leave." I hissed back.

"Fine." he said. "Lets do it." and then he was gone, sneaking away to the bats. I tensed. I couldn't believe that we had to fight over fifty men. A small voice, the one that was trying to comfort me, came from the back of my head. No, you just have to get the egg from them. Not fight them. The little voice was wrong. It was so very, very wrong.


The first giant bat screeched, flying right into the circle of men. More followed it, wanting to take revenge on the men who had captured them. This was it. I had to go. ~Darting out from under the bush, I ran forwards, knife in hand. The man who had been holding the egg had dropped it to raise his hands above his face to protect it from bats. An arrow whizzed above my head, and a bat squealed behind me. I ran faster, right into the battlefield. And then I heard Alvyss yell something.

"SHADOW!" Something had gone wrong. I looked behind me to see three men on giant bats, dragging Shadow into the air with ropes. Arrows sliced into the air, cutting the ropes. But more men were slowly regaining control, jumping onto the bats that hadn't been cut free yet, and roping Shadow. Alvyss run into veiw, leaping up towards Shadows thrashing tail. He grabbed hold of it, clambering up with stunning skill, and climbing onto Shadows back leg. Alvyss sliced at the rope holding his paw up, and shot an arrow at the guy who had roped him. An arrow found Alvyss's shoulder. Someone slashed my back, bringing me back to the fight down on the floor. I turned around, and slashed them with the axe-head on my poleaxe. His head came clean off, but I felt no guilt. He was going to hunt a baby dragon as soon as it hatched. Slaughter it. And he came from the slave town. ~That was crime enough. I ran forwards, towards the dragon egg, slashing, piercing, and stabbing everyone who was in my way. My sister had obviously done a good job in training me. An arrow hit my foot, peircing right through my boot and stabbing into my skin. I screamed in pain. I had never felt anything so painful - even the cut on my back that had been dealt by an ameteaur. I limped on, trying to ignore it. My sister had been brave. So why shouldn't I? Finally, I grabbed the egg. And that was when I realised.


Alvyss and Shadow had been captured.

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