Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


4. Explanaition

Carl and Rob, to my amusement, had left, yelling at the ranger that they'd be back. As they ran off, dragging Dave with them, a small grin crept onto the edge of my mouth. They sounded so pathetic, so stupid.

"Thanks." I croaked to the ranger as he pushed back his hood. He had been hiding messy black hair, calm green eyes, and a mysterious smile. His face suggested that he was wise, young, and confident. It made me feel even more safe. I was still getting over the fact that I owed him my life. The ranger grinned at me.

"No problem, just doing my job. Shadow, come here boy!" he called. The panther bounded over to him, bending down so that the ranger could reach into his saddlebags. He fumbled around in one of the saddlebags for a few breif seconds, then pulled out a flask filled with... water. My dry tounge slipped out of my mouth a little. Water. I was so thirsty. The ranger walked over to me with the flask in his hand. Was he going to give me the water? I hoped so. The ranger crouched down next to me, slipping a hand under my back, gently pushing it up so I was sitting. He kept his hand there so I didn't fall onto my back again.

"I'm Alvyss." he told me softly, pushing the lid of the flask to my lips, and tilting it so I could drink. Gratefully, I let the water run down my dried up throat, cooling me and giving me strength.

"So what's your name?" I knew that giving strangers your name was stupid, but he had saved my life and given me water. So I told him.

"Arigen." I said, my voice already sounding more solid. Alvyss nodded, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Nice name. You seem to recover quickly from thirst. Would you like some food?" he smiled. I nodded slowly. It was true - I did seem to recover quicker than most people. Except my emotions. Like sadness. There was still a scar in my heart, waiting to heal, becasue of my sisters death. And it still hadn't healed. Shadow laid down contentedly when he reached us. Alvyss helped me up, pulling me to my wobbly feet. I half collapsed in his hands. He gently lead me to where Shadow was lying down, setting me down so that I could lean against the creatures furry side. I smiled, closing my eyes and resting my head on Shadow. His rhythemic heaving sides were relaxing to lie against - the way they rose when he breathed in and fell when he exhaled was strangly comforting. Alvyss reached into another saddlebag and pulled out a bashed and bruised apple.

"Here." he said, holding out the apple to me. "It's not really the nicest apple in Yaragsdor, but at least it's food." I took the apple with two shaky hands, lifting it to my mouth. The taste filled my mouth, and it seemed to revive some of my sapped strength.

"It's delicious!" I grinned, taking another bite. Alvyss smiled, and sat next to me, leaning against Shadow's body. I ate some more.


"So... how did you know that I needed help?" I asked eventually. Alvyss paused for a while, then answered,

"I didn't. I was riding Shadow in the desert when he started trying to change direction. I let him take his lead, and he took me to you. So I got there just in time. I told Shadow to wait behind the sand dune in case I needed him to surprise them. To tell the truth, I didn't want to tie those men up and leave them here. So it was easier to scare them away using Shadow." Alvyss told me. I nodded. It was a good idea, getting Shadow to suddenly spring into veiw, pinning my parent's men down so they would be terrified enough to leave.

"Anyway..." Alvyss said to me. "What about you? How come you were being attacked by those guys?"

"Well..." I started. "Its a long story..."

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