Only Hope 1: How it started

The people of Yaragsdor have only one hope left. That a dragon rider will rise to protect them from the armies of Zarthox... But will even the mightiest of riders be able to ward off the growing evil that will soon overcome Yaragsodor?


16. Dragon Egg

Tears pricked at my eyes. Tears of dispare. At the last minute, before they rolled down my face, I stopped them. The hero would neer have cried.

"THE EGG!" Alvyss was screaming at me, and I turned and half ran, half limped for the egg. Alvyss and Shadow had been captured, hanging from ropes and nets, totally helpless. And it was my fault.

"Alvyss..." I croaked, a lump in my throat. And then I grabbed the egg. My hands suddenly seemed to explode in a burning sensation that ran right up my arms. The egg started to glow bright white - whereas it had been a mix of grey, black, and dark red. And then it seemed to explode, throwing back everyone standing around me. The power ran back, hitting all of the poachers but not the bats. The poachers dissolved into black ash, screaming as they died. Something seemed to be churning inside of my stomach, a weird power that grew and grew. I yelled out in pain. And then it stopped. I blacked out.


When I woke up, there was a tiny face pressing up against mine. A dragon. It growled in excitement.

"Ashwing..." the word escaped my mouth, and then the blackness swallowed me up again.


The next time I woke up, the face I saw was Alvyss's.

"You're awake!" he said in excitement. I groaned, realising that my foot or my back didn't hurt.

"What happened?" I asked in a groggy voice.

"You grabbed the dragon egg, and it sort of exploded. The poachers and their weapons were destroyed - even the nets and ropes that me and Shadow were in! Bujt it didn't destroy us, or the bats. The bats flew off. And then you blacked out. And... And there was a dragon!" he told me, excitement in his voice. I sat up slowly, and heard a strange chattering noise from behind me. I looked around. And there was the dragon. He was about one and a half foot tall, with grey scales, with the exception of a few red ones that made distinctive marks - a blaze running down its back, a red line down the left side of his face, and random splodges on his wings. He had beautiful yellow-gold eyes, with long sleek horns. His wings were huge.

"He's called Ashwing." I told Alvyss, a smile coming onto my face. Ashwing charged at me, his mouth open in a dragony grin. I was too stunned to feel amazed that I was looking at a dragon. The tiny dragon leaped over my head, flapping his wings with a newfound fury. And then, after flying a few meters, he slowly started to fall from the sky. Ashwing landed heavily on his belly. I got up, and ran over to make sure he was okay. Sitting up, Ashwing made his little chattering noise.

"Good boy, Ashwing." I smiled, picking him up. His sharp talons dug into my skin, drawring a warm, sickly blood from the marks he'd made.

"Ow!" I yelped, and Ashwing looked at me sheepishly. I quickly put him down, and dropped the subject. I wasn't going to tell Ashwing off for it.

"Ashwing, can you take us to the heroes cave?" Alvyss asked from behind me. I couldn't believe last night. I had hatched a dragon egg. I had actually hatched a dragon egg. Which meant... We had succeded! My sisters quest had been finished in success! I smiled happily as Ashwing vigorously nodded his little head. I smiled wider.

"So could you take us now?" I asked. The Forest of Nightmares didn't seem so scary any more. Nothing did. Ashwing gave another one of his huge nods, and chattered to Shadow, who was standing to my left. Shadow snorted, then bounded up to me and Alvyss. He crouched down. Without saying a word, me and Alvyss got onto his back, waiting for something to happen. Ashwing opened his mouth, blasting Shadow square in the chest with a bright light. And then, we found ourselves not in a forest, but in a cave. The heroes cave.

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