In Love With A Pop-star

Adelaide was just a normal girl from Australia, not wanting any attention. One evening, as she is walking down the street to go home, she bumps into a familiar face, a huge pop-star, the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen, and falls in love with him. As she is thrown into the world of pop music, she realizes everything is not what it seems. Will she walk away from the boy she loves, or is their bond strong enough to withstand?...


4. MIssed Opportunities

When she roused, Adelaide immediately realised she wasn't at the concert. She was in her bed, with a massive headache. I can't believe I missed my chance, she thought, and what about Bethany, who dropped her home? She got up and put her hair in a bun. She trudged down the stairs, feeling miserable. When she got to the living room, her mum said, "Oh hey, sweetie. How's your head?" Adelaide rubbed her eyes. "It hurts. What happened?" Adelaide asked. "Well, you fainted and hit your head and that boy from that band you like that sings the that one song you're always playing came in and put you in your room. You've been asleep almost 12 hours. Oh, and he dropped Bethany home too. Sweet boy." She wanted to die. She couldn't believe she fainted and that he had to drop her home. He was in her room! She was speechless, she opened her mouth but nothing came out. "Honey are you ok? Do you have concussion or something?" Her mum asked, obviously concerned. "No, mum," she said, "I'm going to get dressed and go for a walk. I need some air." With that, she walked upstairs, her head still hurting, and got dressed. "Bye!" She yelled as she ran outside. She needed to think.

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