In Love With A Pop-star

Adelaide was just a normal girl from Australia, not wanting any attention. One evening, as she is walking down the street to go home, she bumps into a familiar face, a huge pop-star, the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen, and falls in love with him. As she is thrown into the world of pop music, she realizes everything is not what it seems. Will she walk away from the boy she loves, or is their bond strong enough to withstand?...


6. Calling Him

Adelaide paced her room, anxious. She didn't exactly know what to do. If she called him she ran the risk of acting like an idiot and making a fool of herself but if she didn't she knew she'd regret it. That's it, she thought, I'm calling him. She grabbed her phone and dialled the number that was in her hand. After two rings an English voice answered. "Hello, this is Louis." The voice said. "Hi, I'm hoping to talk to Niall." She said, her stomach doing somersaults. "Who is this?" Of course he would be suspicious, she thought, they would be worried about their numbers leaking. "Uh, Adelaide Lawson," She paused, then said, "The girl that fainted." She felt like an idiot. Louis laughed and said "Oh, you. Yeah Niall hasn't shut up about you. How are you feeling?" She giggled and said "Other than a incessant headache and a enormous amount of self-loathing and embarrassment, I'm fine." Her hands were shaking. "Don't be too hard on yourself. Hey, here's Niall now. Nice talking to you." He said. "Nice talking to you too.  Cya." There was some shuffling and hushed voices before Niall answered the phone. "Hey! So Bethany gave you my number. I was worried she had forgotten. How are you?" He said, cheerfully. "I'm fine but I feel like a complete idiot and I'm so sorry you had to waste your time and take me home.Thank you though." Adelaide said. "Oh no, it's fine. I'm sorry you fainted. And you hit your head pretty bad" He sounded generally concerned. "No I'm fine just got a wicked headache." She smiled. He laughed and I melted. "So, uh... Adelaide. I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie tonight? Maybe Finding Nemo in 3D, it's my favourite movie." He queried. This could not be happening, she thought. "Um, sure but wouldn't we get mobbed or something?" She'd seen what some Directioners were like, and it wasn't pretty. "No, we have a private theatre. How about I pick you up at around 8?" He asked. "Sounds great." She said, grinning. "OK, I'll see you then. Bye." He said. "See you tonight. And please say thank you to Louis for me." She beamed. "I will. Bye" He laughed. She hung up the phone and fell onto her bed. Her life was turning into a real life fairytale...

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