In Love With A Pop-star

Adelaide was just a normal girl from Australia, not wanting any attention. One evening, as she is walking down the street to go home, she bumps into a familiar face, a huge pop-star, the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen, and falls in love with him. As she is thrown into the world of pop music, she realizes everything is not what it seems. Will she walk away from the boy she loves, or is their bond strong enough to withstand?...


3. A Concert To Remember

Adelaide arrived at the arena at 7.30pm. She didn't want to be too early but she didn't want to miss her chance either. After waiting in line for 15 minutes, she said to her friend Bethany, "I have to leave for a second, wait here." Before she could say anything, Adelaide walked away briskly. It was almost  8. As she got to the back door of the arena, she was greeted by a tall man with many tattoos. "Oh, hi.." She said weakly, "I was told to be here at 8.00pm sharp." He frowned as he looked down at a clipboard. "Name?" He asked her, clearly agitated. "Uh, Adelaide Lawson." She explained. As she said that, the door opened. She jumped backed, suprised. Niall came out, grinning. "Oh! You scared me!" She yelled. The man stepped in front of her and told her to be quiet. "Sorry." She whispered. Niall laughed and pulled her arm. "It's alright, I invited her Steve." Niall called as he pulled me through the door. "Wait." She said, stopping herself. "I can't be here for long, I'm with someone." She said. "Oh." He mumbled as he looked at the floor. Wait, he didn't think... " A friend!" I said quickly, and he looked up, grinning. "Well what's her name, we can get her to come backstage!" He exclaimed, "And maybe I can introduce her to Harry." he smiled. She melted. "Her name is Bethany Page." She said. She suddenly realized she was backstage at concert she has been waiting for forever, with Niall Horan, and he said he liked her. She felt dizzy and happy and confused and excited all at once, her emotions got the better of her. She started to fall backwards, in a daze. She was going to faint. The last thing she saw was Niall catching her is his arms and asking if she was ok. She was more than ok. That was the problem.

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