Got to be you

Stella Johnson has known Liam ever since she was little. He has been like a big brother to her. But when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction something happens. Harry starts to fancy Stella, but Liam does not approve. Stella fancies Harry too but she's not for sure if her feelings are right? Does she date Harry or not?


1. Movie night

The smell of popcorn filled the air as it popped and crackled in the microwave.As I waited patiently for it to finish cooking I checked my phone"One New Message" it was from Nichole. "Can't make it to movie night. Don't feel so well sorry Stella :(" I didn't know how to reply I was really looking forward to movie night, tonight we were going to watch One Direction Up All Night concert on DVD. "Its ok I hope you feel better :)" I decided to text back, "Beeeep!!" it was the microwave I had forgotten about my popcorn, it was already burnt. I threw it away and decided to watch the movie by myself. I went into the living room and started the movie, I was at the beginning of the movie when there was a knock at the door. Its probably Nichole I thought, maybe she felt bad and decided to come over and watch the movie. I got up and answered the door, it was not Nichole. 
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