Got to be you

Stella Johnson has known Liam ever since she was little. He has been like a big brother to her. But when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction something happens. Harry starts to fancy Stella, but Liam does not approve. Stella fancies Harry too but she's not for sure if her feelings are right? Does she date Harry or not?


2. Good Night

I couldn't tell who it was, I could hardly make out a figure. "Who are you?" I ask confused, I knew it wasn't Nichole cause Nichole is shorter than me and the figure was defiantly taller than me. "You don't recongnize me I was only gone for a year Stella." I knew that voice it sounded so familiar "I can't recongnize you because it's so dark." the figure walks into the house "Liam!!!" I scream and I jump on him giving him a huge hug. "Liam you weren't suppose to come back for another month I thought?" "I came back early, I wanted to come over and see you. I missed you while I was on tour." "I missed you too!" I say with a huge smile, Liam had changed he had a new hair style and a new taste in clothing. "I see you got the tour movie I sent you." Liam says as he peeks in the living room. "yeah Nichole was suppose to watch it with me but she's sick. "I'll watch it with you Stella." "ok" we go into the living room and start to watch the movie. "how was tour?" I ask interrupting the movie "it was good, theres a lot to get used to though. I have more responsibilities, but I love my job and I'm very thankfull for it." he says with a smile. "I'm very happy for you Liam." "Hey Stella, I'm suppose to hang out with the boys tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to join?" "I'd love to!! I hope they like me." "they will Stella, your like my sister I bet they will love you." I play the movie, a couple minutes later I fall asleep on Liam. Liam decides to carry me to my bed instead of waking me up. "Goodnight Stella" Liam whispers as he kisses me gently on the forehead and leaves.
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