One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


7. The Interview

I must have dozed off because I woke up by a knock on my door. I was face down on my bed. I rolled over and sat up. I stood up and walked over to my door and opened it. It was Niall. I smile. 
"Hey, sorry I fell asleep," I say moving aside to let Niall in my room. I close my door and sit next to Niall on my bed. "Its okay, it's only been like thirty minutes," Niall replies finally. I nod. 

"So about what happened in the kitchen." Niall says. I look at Niall. "Yeah, that was," I say trying to think about what to say. "Awkward. I'm sorry, my stupid older brother," Niall says smiling. You laugh a little. 

"Elle, I know I just met you, but I have never felt this way about anybody. I can't stop thinking about you since I layer eyes on you, well, this morning. And I hope you feel the same about me," Niall spills shyly.
 I smile and hug him. "I feel the exact same way. And when Bridget walked up to you, I was just praying you would say no. And when my sister started, flirting with you, I wondered what you would do." I say, starting to tear up because of thinking of both of my friend and sister. 

Niall hugs me tighter. "I can't believe we just met." he says and puts his chin on my head. I smile and pull away. "It's meant to be," I say smiling. "Now, where were we?" Niall asks smiling. I smile and tilt my head against to the left and lean in. Niall leans in and our lips meet. 

I close my eyes. His lips were so soft and I felt him smile during the kiss. We kiss for minutes and Niall pulls away and smiles. "That was an amazing first kiss." I say smiling. "Same here," Niall says laughing a little. 

We stand up and together walk out of my room holding hands. Right when we walk out, we see Sami again. She was standing right in her door way. Then she saw that we were holding hands and she disappears in her room, slamming the door. I look and Niall and shrug. Niall smiles and we just walk down stairs to meet our families sitting on the couch watching the news. Niall and I walk over behind the couch and watch the tv which showed the news. 

"A local residents home catches on fire, next on KQRS," the broadcaster says as the news goes to commercial. I notice Niall's mom starting to tear up. Suddenly there was a knock on our front door. My dad runs over to the door and looks through the peep hole. He looks back at us. 

"It's the news reporters," he says. Everyone jumps out of their seats and stand behind my dad. My dad opens the door. There stood a news reporter with blonde hair and a camera man right behind her. She held a microphone and rushed all of us outside onto our porch. 

"Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm with KQRS and want to interview you about your house," the reporter says quickly. We nod and Sarah keeps on talking quickly. "Ok, I need the Horan family over here to interview and the two adults that own this house over here to interview." Sarah says quickly. Niall lets go of my hand he had been holding the while time and went over to the left side of the porch where his mom, dad and brother stood. My parents stood next to them, slightly right of them and waited. "Okay, what are your names?" Sarah asks. 

"I'm Bobby Horan." Bobby says. 

"Maura Horan," Maura says. 

"Greg Horan," Greg says quickly. 

"Niall Horan," Niall says smiling.

"John Vatice," my dad says.

"Helen Vatice," my mom says. 

"Elle Vatice," I says when Sarah comes over to me. I forgot that Sami was inside in her room, but what ever. 

 Sarah put her hand up to her ear, listening to what was going on in the KQRS studios. Then she nods and the camera man places the camera up on his shoulder and the red light on top of it lights up. 

"Thank you Jeff. I'm here with the Horan family, who are the owners of the recent burned down home. Now, Bobby, how long have you been living in your house?" Sarah asks in to the microphone and then puts it below Bobby's mouth. 

"We just moved in today. We were actually unpacking when it happened," Niall's dad says clearly into the microphone. Sarah nods. "I'm very sorry for your home. What do you feel about it, Maura?" Sarah asks Maura. Maura hesitates. 

"Well, since we just moved in and we brought everything we owned into the house today, I'm just very devastated  that it had to happen to us right now," Maura says. 

"Thank you, and where were you when this happened Niall?" Sarah asks. "I was out with one of my best friends I met earlier today on the beach when she revived an urgent call from her sister that a neighbors house was on fire. We both thought it was somebody else's, not mine," Niall says glancing over at me. Sarah nods. "And one last question for the Horan family, Greg, how did this happen?" Sarah asks again to Greg. 

"Out cat, Jess knocked over a big candle that my mum had burned earlier. I guess that cat just got freaked. She ran out of the house before anything happened. We couldn't stop the fire though in time because we were all up stairs." Greg says sadly. "And what were you doing up stairs?" Sarah asks holding the microphone up to Greg's mouth again. "We had work really hard in the morning unloading everything from the van so we were resting." Greg says. Sarah nods. 

"Thank you so much, now after this tragic accident, a family had volunteered to held out the Horan family. The Vatice family have volunteered to let the Horan family stay in their house. Now I have the whole family. John, how did you react to the whole house and fire incident?" Sarah asks. "I was very surprised and felt really bad for the Horan family because it was their first day in their house." my dad says when Sarah brings the microphone to his mouth.

 "And Helen, what made you open your hearts up and let a family you barely know move into your home?" Sarah asks. My mom hesitates. "My husband and I were both devastated at what happened to the Horan family. And I though of it as if it were my family. I knew that they had just moved in and I met them earlier this morning and Bobby had said they moved and knew nobody and nothing around this town. So since we were the only ones that really knew them we should because it is the right thing to do, I believe," my moms says. "Well that's so generous of you to do this," Sarah says. "Thank you," my mom says smiling. 

"And lastly Elle Vatice, where were you when the fire happened?" Sarah asks. "I was with Niall at the beach. We were just hanging out and were luckily on the sand near my phone when my sister called. And like Niall said, we had both thought it was somebody else's house. I felt so bad when I knew who's house it was," I say glancing at Niall. "Well, it looks like you guys were becoming good friends. And where's your sister?" Sarah asks looking around. "She's inside," I say quickly. Sarah nods and walks up to the camera. 

"Okay, well that's the story of the recent fire today. Back to you Jeff," Sarah says smiling as the red light in the camera turns off. Sarah turns around and walks in front of us. "Thank you guys so much. I'm so sorry about your house. You are a lucky family though to have the Vatice's." Sarah says shaking our hands. Then she waves and her an her crew jump in the KQRS van and it drives away down the street. 
We walk into our house and sit on the couch together, just sat on the couch for a couple minutes. Soon everyone walked out of the living room, going into their bedrooms. Niall and I went into my room so we could talk and hang out more.
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