One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


14. The Boat

At eight in the morning, I woke up and started packing my belongings even though Bridget was still asleep. I heard her dad and mom downstairs talking. I check my phone really quick. There were a couple missed calls from the house, Sami and my mom. I called the house phone back and told my dad and mom that I'm sorry and that I was on my way. My dad said he would pick me up in a couple minutes. I said okay and hung up. Then I woke Bridget up and told her I was leaving. She just nodded and went back to sleep. Then I grabbed my small bag and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 

"Hey Elle," Bridget's dad, Tommy, said. "Hey Tommy, my dad us going to be here in a couple." I said. "Alright," Bridget's mom Cathy said. I stood near the door and waited. A couple minutes later, my dad texted me and said that he was here. I said bye to Bridget's parents and ran out the door. 

Outside was my dad's black Honda. I jumped in the car and he started driving. 

"Elle, you need to tell us next time," my dad said. "I know, but I was upset," I said. "Honey, I know you were but why would you do that to us," my dad said. "I don't know what I was thinking." I mumbled. "Okay, we next time stay a while and just talk to us," my dad says, ending the conversation. 

Finally was got home and walked in the house. Everyone was sitting at the table. Niall looked up and smiled widely. Sami slightly sucked her head and Greg just kept eating. I took the empty chair next to Niall. On the table was eggs and bacon, so I started serving myself. When I started eating everyone had conversations. 

"I'm glad your okay," Niall says. "Thanks," I say awkwardly. "Are we still doing the boat today?" Niall asks. "Yeah, totally. It's at 11 so we better hurry," I say. Niall nods and we end up finishing first. We excused ourselves from the table and walked upstairs together. 

"There's not going to be drama going on when I take a shower is there," I ask joking. "No," Niall says laughing slightly. I smile. "Okay, I'm jumping in," I say walking to my door. 

All the sudden Niall grabs my arm. "Elle, you know now that what happened last night was a big misunderstanding right?" he asked looking into my eyes. I nod. "You know that I love you right?" Niall asks. I smile and nod. Niall smiles and pecks me on the lips. "Now go and take a shower," Niall says laughing and leading to his room. 

I laugh and go to my room to get ready for the day. I picked out a black and neon pick bikini with light jean shorts and a cute white tank top. I walked to the bathroom and locked the door. 

I got in the shower finished about ten minutes later. I got dressed and brushed my hair. I decided to leave it natural, which was a slight wave. I brushed my teeth and walked out of the bathroom.

When I got out, Niall was leaning against the wall, ready, waiting for me. As soon as I got out he got off the wall and joined me into my room. I threw my pajamas in the hamper and sat on my bed. Niall walked over to my guitar and picked it up and sat next to me. He started strumming his guitar and sang different songs. I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder listening. 

At 10:30, Niall and I started getting ready to go. Niall went to go check on his brother and I went over to Sami.  "Are you ready?" I asked Sami as I walked by her in te hallway. "Yeah, I just need to pack my bag," she calls as she walks into her room. "Me too!" I say and walked back into my room. 

I grabbed a blue and white polka dotted bag and pack my wallet, towel, sunscreen and put my phone in my back packet and sunglasses on top of my head. I was ready to have fun. 

I walked out of my room and saw Niall and Greg walking out of their room with trunks and a tank top on. Then Sami walked out of her room with her pink bag. I walked over to the cabinet with the towels and threw two to Niall ad Greg. We were ready. We walked down stairs and saw our parents in the living room.

"We'er going," Sami says as she grabs her keys to her Prius. "Have fun!" Niall's mom says as we walk out the door. 

All four of us walk over to Sami's white Prius and got in, Niall and I in the back and Greg ad Sami in the front. Sami started the car and we were off to the dock where the boat was.

When we arrived, Sami parked the car and we got out, grabbed our belongings and walked to the ticket booth which is at the end of the dock. As Sami bought the tickets, Niall and I watched the blue water together and watched the boat we were going to get on. Sami was done and we boarded the boat. 

There was an upstairs, so we walked up an chose a spot at the end. We all talked about school and how we were all walking together. Then we talked about what we would do on the boat. 

As more people boarded the boat, the four of us talked and soon the boat started off. "Let's go over here," Niall says grabbing my hand and walking over to the end of the boat. 

He leaned over the rail and looked at me. I smiled and he smiled. "What are we doing?" I asked. "I thought this was a date," Niall says cutely. I blush. Niall took my hand and held it while we watched the water together.
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