One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


10. Showers

Niall and I raised out from the water. We must have made a big splash because water was everywhere. Our parents just looked at us laughed and started talking again. Sami and Greg were talking and getting to know each other good. They looked at Niall and I and ran inside I guess roger their bathing suits on. Niall and I laugh. 

"Niall," I ask smiling. Niall looks at me. "Yes princess?" He asks smiling. I just smiled and splashed Niall in the face. Niall laughed and tried to grab me, but I ducked under water and swam away from him. Niall swam after me. I tried to run, but that slowed me down. 

Niall catches up to me and bear hugged me, so I couldn't get away. I scream, giggling. "I've captured my princess," Niall says playfully and turns me around to face him. 

Our lips were inches apart. I started to lean in, but we looked up when my sister and Niall's brother laugh loudly and run and jump into the pool. They made a big splash. "It looks like they're hitting it off," I say to Niall laughing. Niall laughed too as we watched Sami and Greg. 

Once they raised out of the water, they looked into each other's eyes. Greg whispered something to my sister and she giggled. Greg smiles then looks at us. 

Sami and Greg swim over to us. "So, what to do?" Sami asks when her and Greg arrive in front of us. "Let's play truth or dare," Greg suggests. "Sounds cool, but make it dare or dare" Niall says smirking. We all agree and swim over to bar stools, which were in the water. 

"Start Sami," Greg says. Sami blushes. "Ok, Niall, I dare you to belly flop into the water," Sami says smiling looking into Niall's eyes. Niall chuckled and hauled himself out of the water. He walked around the pool to the other side, where there was a small diving board. Niall climbs on and walks to the edge. He looks down at the water, which was only a yard away from him and us. Sami nods and does a thumbs up. I slap her hand down and turn my eyes on Niall. He looks down at the water. Then he spreads his arms, closes his eyes, lifts his head up and falls into the water. 

He landed right on his stomach. He swam back over to us and we laugh because of his red chest and stomach. Even Niall laughs. For another hour, all four of us played dare or dare and finally had to go inside and get ready for bed because of our parents.

We get out, dry off and go up stairs to take turn taking showers. Greg an Niall go first while Sami and I found some of our dad's old basket ball shorts and t-shirts. When Sami and I were going to hand the boys' their pajamas, we caught Niall running into his room with a towel around his waist. We laugh and he turn around. He smiles as we hand him the set of clothes. Then he disappears into the room to change. 

Sami and I laugh. We split up into our own rooms and wait for the boys to be done with the shower. I closed my door when I got into my room and walked over to my bed and laid down. I realized I haven't checked my phone lately so I walked over to my door, where I had set my bag for the beach and carried it to my bed.

I looked through it and finally found my IPhone 4. I pressed the home button and the lock screen showed up. I had a lot of missed calls from my friends and a lot of texts from Bridget. I logged in and viewed all of my missed calls. I had seven from all my friends. Then I looked at all the texts from Bridget. 

'OMG, Niall's on the news and his house burnt down:( I feel bad' she had texted. Then I saw five minutes later she texted, 'OMG, ur letting him stay at ur house. I need to spend the night like tomorrow or something:) ugh, still feel bad for Niall, hope he's alrite!:)' I sighed and scrolled all the way to the top of my texts with Bridget and pressed the call button. Bridget's number was dialed and I waited on the line for her to answer. 

Two rings passes and she finally picked up. "Okay, tell me everything," Bridget says to me. "Well, hey to you," I say laughing. "Sorry," Bridget laughs. "Ok, so you were at the beach with Niall?" Bridget asks. "Yeah, hanging out as friends," I say standing up and turning on my radio to listen to the recent pop music. "Okay, so now, tell me everything," Bridget says excitedly. I tell her about the beach, the agreement with Niall's family, and the interview. I skip the parts where Niall and I kissed and where we had planned what to do for tomorrow because I knew she would want to come. I didn't really want her to come, especially what she did today. I told Bridget I had to go and take a shower and hung up. 

I set my phone down and was about lay down on my bad again, when I heard Sami call that it was my turn to take a shower. "Okay!" I call back and walk over to my dresser to get my pajamas, a pair of pink, purple and light blue plaid shorts and a light blue tank top. I open my door and go into the bathroom to take my shower for the night. 

Before I closed my door, I saw Niall and my sister talking together in the hall way. She was smiling and fluttering her eyes. Ugh, did she still have feelings for him? After hanging out with Greg!? No, don't be mad, Niall wrote a song for me and said he loved me and he kissed me. I told myself. Then something just happened that made my heart break completely in half.
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