One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


22. One And Only Love


(Elle’s POV)


I got out of the hospital three weeks after the car crash. Niall was there every day and night, only leaving the room to eat, go to the bathroom and take a shower at home. I loved Niall with all my heart and I never wanted to leave him. But when I was gone, I couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe this was how it was supposed to be. Niall was supposed to find his real true love. I thought of Niall in my last remaining seconds of my life.


I heard what brought me back to life was Niall’s magical kiss, as we call it. Niall told me he believed in true love’s kiss now and so do I.


Niall and I grew up together, going to high school and college and never fought. And about Harry, well, Niall told him to back off, so Harry did. Niall and his family move into the house right next door, which came on sale about six months after being out of the hospital. When Niall and I were twenty one, Niall proposed to me. Of course I said yes. We had out wedding seven months later and have two children now, and three grandchildren.  


Now I’m seventy four, yeah, pretty old now. Niall would have been seventy four, too. But he died a couple years ago of a stroke. That day was the most depressing day of my life. I couldn’t handle the pain. I couldn’t handle the feeling of not being with Niall ever again. But I know in my heart that Niall is here with me. Niall is, and will forever be, my one and only love.

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