One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


12. Missing

(Niall's POV) 

"Elle!" Elle's dad calls into the empty bathroom. 
No reply.
No sign.
Everyone walks out of the bathroom. Elle's mom's face was pale with fear and worry. How could Elle do this? My heart was beating faster and faster as I looked around the hall way, searching for a clue or anything to give me an idea where Elle was. 

My eyes swept over Elle's door. Elle's closed door. I remembered seeing it open when I walked past it when I was going to go down stairs. She must have snuck in there after locking the bathroom door from the outside. I cautiously walked over to the door and turned the knob. Yes, it was unlocked. Everyone watched what I was doing, but stayed where they were. I opened the door. The room was empty but the window was open with the curtain flowing freely in the breeze and a note on the bed. Everybody comes in Elle's room. I pick up the note. Elle had written on it: 

I'm upset right now and I'm spending the night at Bridget's. Please, I need my space. I'm really sorry if everyone got worried where I was. I just needed some time to think. By the way I walked there, but I'll be back in time for tomorrow's trip. Thanks for understanding:) 


Everyone listened as I read the note and I felt the tension lift when I finished. We all walked out of Elle's room and back into the hall way. 

"Okay, now that Elle's gone to her friend's, we'll just have a talk with you guys." Elle's dad says relieved. I nod along with Sami and Greg. "We'll go down in the living room," Elle's mom says and leads us down stairs to the living room to sit on the couch. 

"What happened?" Elle's dad asks. "Sami kissed me and Elle saw," I say simply. Elle's dad laughs. "Jealousy, huh?" my dad asks. I just fake a laugh. "Ok, why the shouting?" my mum asks curious. "I thought Sami liked me not him," Greg admits ducking his head. My parents nod. They understood. Elle's parents nodded too. Good they both understood. "Could we go now?" Sami asks. "No, because how is this going to work out and not happen again?" Elle's dad says firmly. 

"I like Elle," I say simply. Sami looks broken but I didn't really care because, yeah I like Elle, in fact I love her. "I won't, kiss Niall," Sami says pausing. Her dad nods. "I won't yell," Greg says. Elle's dad chuckles. "Okay, I like Sami," Greg says shyly. Sami blushes. "Ok, we're done!" Elle's dad says getting up. Everyone gets up. Greg and I say good night to our parents and go up stairs. Sami and her parents say good night to our parents then follow us up stairs. They say good night to the three of us and walk together to their master bedroom.

Once I got into bed, all I could think about was Elle. I wondered if she was ok. She probably was. I hated to know that she felt hurt. And I didn't have her number so I could call her and tell her what really happened. Then I smiled when I got an idea. 

I got out of bed and opened the door slowly. I walked into the hall way and over to Sami's closed door. I knock softy. I hear foot steps and then the door swings open. "Hey Niall, what do you need?" Sami asks tiredly. "Elle's number," I say quickly. Sami walks inside her room and gets her phone.

"Just a second, I'll be right beck," I say and walk quickly over to my room and grab my phone. I quickly walk back and stand in front of Sami who was looking through her phone. "Ready?" she whispers. "Yeah," I whisper back. Sami says Elle's number and I put in my phone. "Thanks," I say and leave Sami. "I'm sorry about everything," Sami whispers as I walk away. I just turn around and nod. Sami closes her door and I guess went back to sleep. I walk over to my bed and lay down on my stomach and press the call button for Elle's number. 

There's two rings, then somebody finally answers. "Hello?" the she-voice asks. "Hey, is the Elle?" I ask anxiously. "Yes, why who is this?" Elle asks. "Niall," I say. There was a long pause. Then Elle's says quickly, "Hey Niall, I really don't want to talk right now but I'll see you in the morning. Bye," then her voice disappears and the call ends. She was gone.

I need to talk to Elle, but if I call her back, she won't talk to me. I needed a way to talk to her. I can't let this go in for the whole night. It's too long to have all this worry about Elle on my mind. I call back the number, just to try again. Elle answers. "Niall, I," I cut her off. "Elle, I know you don't want to talk but I need to and need to tell you everything that actually happened." I say quickly. 

There was a pause. "Ok, fine," Elle says exhaling. I smile in relief.  
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