One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


21. Back To Life

(Niall’s POV)


I thought Elle loved me? But instead, she’s hanging out with Harry. The Harry that she had told me last night that she liked? There were three photos of Elle and Harry together. One was of them hugging. The next was of them talking. And the next was of; it looked like Harry singing to Elle. And she was smiling in all the photos. How could she do this? Wait, I promised her that I’ll never get mad at her. I breathed to calm myself down. Then I glanced at the photos again. Elle, what did I ever do? I exited twitter, not bearing to look at the photos again. Then I had a call coming in. It was Elle.


I took a deep breath and answered. “Hey,” I say, trying to sound happy. “Hey Nialler, I’m on my way home.” She says. “How was it?” I ask. “Good,” she replies. “Elle,, you never told me who you met at the coffee shop,” I say. Elle is quiet for a couple seconds. “I met, oh my god! Niall! Help me!” I hear then the call cuts off, ending with screams made by Elle.


“Elle! Elle! Please talk to me!” I say franticly. Then the phone ends the call and she was gone. What just happened? Elle could be hurt. She could be in pain right now. Or even worse, dead. I shudder and tears start to well up in my eyes, but I push them back.


I needed to tell everyone. I ran out of the room and came out in the hallways where everyone was pushing their way towards me. “What’s wrong, I heard screaming,” my dad asked looking around.


“It’s Elle, I was talking to her and then she screamed my name and the called ended,” I explain as the tears start coming back. “Okay, we need to go now,” Elle’s dad says and races down stairs. “Sami, take Niall and Greg and follow us,” Elle’s mom says as she grabs the keys to her car and Sami grabs the keys to her car.


We run out and throw our selves into the cars. Elle’s dad backed out of the drive way and turned right. We followed and sped down the road. We kept driving looking around for Elle’s car. And sure enough we were stop in traffic. Sami saw our parents hop out of the car and walk into the traffic towards a flipped car and another car that was smashed. Without a word, Greg, Sami and I got out of Sami’s Prius and ran over to a line of caution tape.


“Excuse me!” Elle’s dad yells urgently. A police man saw us and walked over to us. “Sir, you and your folks have to back away from this incident,” the police officer says and turns around and starts walking back to where he was standing. “No, we can’t because my daughter’s car is right there,” Elle’s dad shouts, pointing at the flipped Volkswagen Beetle. The police officer turn around, wide eyed and ran over to us.


“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” he says removing the caution tape from the post and letting us in. We gather in side the blocked off area. “The girl is stuck in the car. We are doing everything to help her out. She’s unconscious now.” The police officer explains as we get a little closer to the flipped car.


Firefighters worked on prying the door open and rescuing Elle. Finally, they pulled the door open and pulled out Elle’s limp body. Was she dead? The ambulance people ran up and put Elle on a gurney. Then they wheeled her into the ambulance.


The doctor ran up to us. “Ok, two people could come with us. The rest have to drive, I’m sorry,” The doctor says quickly. “Okay, honey stay here,” Elle’s mom says to her husband. I was confused and so was everyone else. We all knew not to argue. “Niall, come on,” Elle’s mom says and we run together to the ambulance truck and climbed in. We sat down in the extra seats and watched.


“Thank you, Mrs. Vatice,” I whisper. “Your welcome, I knew my husband needed to come, but you’re the one who knew something was wrong with Elle, I don’t know,” Elle’s mom says confused.


We couldn’t see Elle because of all the nurses that were hooking her up to the machines. Finally the doctor came running in. He closed the door and the car spend off to the hospital.


They worked on Elle the whole time. I got a couple glimpses of Elle. Her head was bleeding seriously and she had so many cuts everywhere you could see. But she was beautiful in my mind. She always is. I love you Elle. I said to myself as a tear rolled down my face when they had to shock Elle.


One, two three times they shocked her. Every time, I cringed and cried more. They stop and listen to Elle’s heart. “She’s still breathing, life support,” the doctor commands. She’s alive.  







We were in the hospital. And we still don’t even know what even happened. Everyone was in the waiting room. Suddenly our doctor walks out. We all stand up. “I’m very sorry, but Elle’s in critical condition. She lost so much blood and can’t breath very well by herself. We have her on life support, but now one at a time, you could come and visit her.” The doctor says. Elle’s mom breaks down. Elle’s dad comforts her.


“You go first,” Elle’s mom says and sits down crying. Elle’s dad stands up and follows the doctor to Elle’s room. I sat down in my chair, repeating the words the doctor just said. She’s in critical condition and she’s on life support. The good thing is that she’s alive.


After Elle’s mom and sister go in the room and come back crying a little, it was my turn. I walked slowly to her room. Elle lay in bed, connected to a bunch of machines. I sat in the chair next to her. I grab her hand and squeeze it slightly. I hope she could hear everything I say.  


“Elle, I’m sorry for everything that happened. I love you unconditionally. The moment I saw you, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. And I still can’t. You were right about my house was a good thing; it was a good thing because I got to meet the real and beautiful you. I love you Elle, forever and always,” I say. Then I feel a squeeze from Elle.


A tear rolled down my face and I stroked her hand with my thumb for a while, not talking. All the sudden the machine started beeping like crazy. What was happening? “Somebody help me!” I yell as the doctor ran in the room with two nurses. I ,moved out of their way.


I watched as they worked on Elle, shocking her again. And again. And again. The last time they stopped and the doctor listened to her heart. “She’s gone,” he whispers. My knees bucked and I crashed to the ground. I hit the floor and cried into my hands. Elle, you’ll be my princess forever. Elle, I love you, and will always. Always.





When the doctors helped me up and into the chair next to the Elle’s body, they left to tell everyone else the news. I stood up looked at Elle sadly. I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. One last kiss. All the sudden the machine’s started to turn on and the beeping noise stopped. I looked at the life support machine and it indicated Elle was breathing. Elle was alive.


Was she alive because of the kiss? Did true love’s kiss really exist? I know Elle’s my true love, but am I her true love?


“Niall,” I hear Elle mumble. I sit down and grab her hand. “Yes Elle?” I ask ecstatic. “I love you,” she says and then stops talking and goes back to unconsciousness. “I love you too,” I say a kiss her forehead.      

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