One And Only Love

When the new boy, Niall moves into town and across the street, 18 year old Elle Vatice can’t stop thinking about him. His beautiful blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes stuck in her mind always. When one day, his house catches on fire, he is forced to stay at Elle’s house for a couple days until Niall's family could get back on their feet. Would this be Elle’s chance?Or will Elle’s best friend and sister barge in? Or will another boy get inbetween Elle and Niall? Find out in One And Only Love


23. Author's Note:)

Hey everyone!


I'm so sorry for not being on here alot, busy with school and life:P


I'm working on a story called That One Normal Day, so here is the blurb and hope you read and like it! :D


Daisy Lopez had a hard life in the beginning. Her family was in the spy business: her mother, father, older sister and brother. She was the last one to become spy. But on Daisy’s tenth birthday, a hooded man takes the family into the forest to kill them one by one. When Daisy and her older brother, Tyler, are left standing, they are taken hostage to an unknown place and treated like slaves for what seems like years. When the two are found at the strange building by police, they are taken to an academy where they were given proper care. Every night, Daisy cries herself to sleep and has nightmares.


Now that Daisy is able to leave the academy, the first time out on her own with out her brother; she goes to college and makes one close friend, Ariana, who she could trust with her secrets and life. When Daisy is discovered by a model agent, she is flown to Manchester to become a model; something Daisy never would have thought would happen to her. When Daisy receives a random text and lays eyes on a certain boy at the café, her life becomes a lot more exciting.  


That one normal day could change someone’s life… forever


So, comment what you think of the story and go check it out:)

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