Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


9. Unexpected day

*Next Day* "Mmmm the pancakes were good thanks for breakfast Mackaila !" I rubbed my tummy letting her know I was full "No problem Sky next time breakfast will be at your place"  "ahaha alright well I'm gonna go home now kay" "alright see you later!" she waved at me -------- I got home and went straight to my computer to log into twitter but I was stopped by the doorbell ringing. I opened the door and there was Mel standing outside. "Get your keys we're going shopping!" she entered the house closing the door behind her "Uh what for?" I asked her curiously "Prom dress"  "Oh right! Ok let's go" I grabbed her hand and we got in the car. 'Everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you' "OMG Mel higher the volume! This is my JAM!!!" I yelled excitedly. Mel laughed cus I was fist pumping but then she joined me. We were acting crazy while we sang along. 'You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh oh, that's what makes you beautiful' When the song ended I looked at Mel and we started laughing. After a few minutes we finally got to the mall. "Fiesta Valley?" I asked Mel  "Yes they have pretty dresses there, let's go go go!" We were speed walking to Fiesta Valley and I almost tripped over a little kid but someone stopped me from falling. I looked up to see who was holding me, the first thing I saw were his beautiful blue eyes sparkling at me, yes it was Niall. "Uh..uh...thanks" I felt heat rising to my cheeks. "You should be careful next time, I wouldn't want you to get hurt Skyler" he smiled and winked at me Oh my god he's making this even harder for me. I bet my face is as red as a tomato! Calm down sky don't make a fool of yourself. Breathe Breathe Ok now answer him!!! "How did you know I was here?" I asked trying not to look too nervous "Actually I didn't know." "Oh well I guess it's a surprise seeing you here" a giggle came out of me, why did I giggle? I didnt even say anything funny ugh. "Yeah it was!" once again he flashed a smile We were standing there without speaking for a bit it was quite awkward. I barely noticed that Mel wasn't next to me she must've made it to the store. Finally Niall broke the silence "So where are you headed?" "I was on my way to Fiesta Valley to buy a dress for prom" I was starting to feel a little more relaxed "Well I'm headed to the movies I'm meeting Harry and Liam over there, I'll walk you!" "No it's fine!" I'm so stupid why did I just say no. "Skyler I insist. Besides the movies are right in front of that store." those beautiful blue eyes of his kept starring at mine...this is where I NEED to fangirl but NO I have to control myself. I couldn't say no with those eyes of his, they were starring straight at my eyes. "Ok fine you win"  As we walked I felt my heart beating fast it was getting awkward again so I broke the silence with a question, "Um Niall...How did you find me on Twitter and why did you follow me?" I've been wanting to ask him those two questions ever since yesterday it was driving me nuts. I turned to look at him and I saw that he slowly looked away I'm not sure but I think I just saw him blush a little..but why would he? Nah I must've saw wrong. -Niall's POV- I felt heat rising to my cheeks, oh great I'm blushing. I slowly looked away so she wouldn't notice, I hope she didn't see me blushing. I don't know what's happening but there's something about her that makes me feel...different. "Oh well I know you're a big fan and I saw you had a good time at the concert so I searched up your name and well you were the only Skyler Gray so I assumed it was you" I answered her question  "But why? You guys usually follow fans whenever they tweet you to follow them, I didn't tweet you" she still seemed confused  "Because I like making girls smile and you, Skyler, have a beautiful smile" WAIT. Did I just say that out loud? Did I tell her she had a beautiful smile? I was suppose to say that in my mind not say it out loud oh no I think I'm blushing again! -Skyler's POV- "Because I like making girls smile and you, Skyler, have a beautiful smile" he smirked I think I just died. Breathe! Niall thinks I have a beautiful smile?! Oh gosh my heart was beating faster than a while ago I was feeling all tingly and I'm pretty sure I'm blushing now. "Thanks! And call me Sky" I smiled at him  We were outside the store I was ready to say goodbye to him when two guys interrupted me. It was Liam and Harry. "Niall what took you so lo--" Liam was about to finish his question but then stopped when he saw me. "Oh hi! Hey aren't you the girl that went to the meet & greet?" Liam asked with a smile "Oh yeah and the girl from the signing right?" Harry asked Did I really embarrass myself that much that they still remembered me? "Yeah, Hi I'm Skyler but you can call me Sky" I said as I moved my hand towards them to shake hands "Sorry lads as you can see I bumped into Sky" "It's alright mate" Liam said "Sky you should join us we're gonna see Avengers!" Harry asked me Oh my god I'm standing in front of 3/5 of One Direction! Where is Mel when I need to fangirl with her. "Wish I could but I'm busy looking for a dress for prom with Mel, oh and by the way Mel is my friend that wouldn't let go of you Liam"  They all chuckled "Yeah I remember her" Liam said giggling. "Oh so you're a senior?" Harry asked "Yeah, I'm 18, my birthday was a few days ago" I said smiling "Well then in that case happy belated birthday Sky" Niall opened his arms widely and gave me a hug "haha thanks" "So when's your prom?" Liam asked "This Saturday" I said a little to excited "Someone sounds excited" Harry smiled cheekily  "I'm a girl don't judge!" I said joking They laughed "Well I bet you'll look beautiful in whichever dress and your date is lucky to take you to prom" I didn't expect for Niall to say that. Oh gosh he thinks I have a date should I go along? Or should I say I don't have one and make myself look like a loser. "Actually...I don't have a date" I felt so embarrassed to say that so I looked away to hide my face "how can someone as beautiful as you don't have a date?" Harry asked really confused I turned to look at him "Yeah I know I'm such a loser, this is my last prom and I don't have a date" I rolled my eyes "You're not a loser, don't worry about it just go and have fun with your friends" Liam said smiling, huh now he kind of sounded like Mel "Yeah who needs a date anyways pft" I flipped my hair that was on my shoulder to the back  The boys laughed "There you are! I've been waiting for y--" Mel stopped when she saw the boys  "HI!" she said with a wide smile and her eyes popping out "Hi Mel" the boys said in unison "H-h-hiiiii liaaaaam" I swear if she didn't close that mouth soon a fly was gonna go inside her mouth  Liam laughed and then hugged Mel haha my best friend is so weird. "Come on Sky we have to go I found a super pretty dress!" Mel was pulling my arm to go follow her "Uh bye boys!" I screamed at them waving goodbye to them "Byes Sky!" they yelled back in unison with a smile -Niall's POV- "Sooo what's going between you two?" Harry asked poking my cheek "N-nothing we just bumped into eachother that's all" "Ok enough chit chatting Niall get the pop corn wait never mind! Harry you get the popcorn I'll get the drinks and Niall wait here and look pretty" Liam said joking or that's what I thought  We entered the room where the movie was about to start. I couldn't stop thinking why Sky didn't have a date. She was pretty, funny, and shes a great girl why hadn't anyone asked her? If I was in her school I would've asked her. After the movie finished we went back to the hotel "Boys I just got off the phone with management, lucky for you you all can stay here we don't have anything to do in the mean time so you might have two months off" Paul informed us "So then we're staying here in Texas?" Zayn asked "Yes, if I were you I would get a good sleep" Paul said before going back to his room "WOOP WOOP!" Louis cheered I went to bed and tried to get some rest tomorrow is going to be fun.

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