Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


6. The concert- Part 1

*beep beep*

I got my phone from my pocket. I had a new text mssg from my mom.

To: Skypie<3

Hey hun, have fun at the concert, I'll let you know when I get back back home. Love you xx

From: Momma Bear:)

"Sky! What time is it?" mel yelled from the kitchen.

"Hold on let me check!" I turned my phone over "It's 6:50! The concert starts at 7:30!"

"We better get going, there might be traffic." Mel walked into my room to grab her bag.

"Alright, let me just grab my keys." I grabbed my keys and we headed to the arena.

Mel was right. There was traffic. Along the way we met directioners. It was fun! Since we were stuck in traffic for quite a while we got really bored, so Mel decided to lower her window and she began talking with the girl that was in the car next to us. Everyone was doing the same thing. After a while some girls started singing 'WMYB' and all of a sudden everyone joined in.

30 minutes passed and we finally made our way to the entrance of the arena.

"Come on slow poke hurry your sass pants up!" Mel screamed at me joking while she ran to the entrance.

We entered the arena and checked our tickets to see where we were going to sit.

"Floor seats...seats 18 and 19" we were about to make our way to our seats until Mel stopped me.

"Look Sky! There's NACHOS!" before I could tell Mel to go get some I saw she was already running to the line.

"I guess I'll go check what I should buy" I walked through the arena I saw plenty of stuff I wanted to buy but I only bought a few things since I needed the rest of the money for gas and groceries. I bought a shirt with a picture of all the boys in it, a shirt that said 'I Love Niall Horan', and posters of each one of them.

"Look Sky what I bought!" I saw Mel with loads of stuff. She had 5 shirts with each one of their faces, 2 magazines, 1 poster of all of them together, and a sweater that said 'Thank You Uncle Simon'.

"Mel, what happened to the nachos?" I asked giving her a glare.

"Yeah well...erm..basically..I bought all of this instead" she said with excitement. "Come one lets go to our sits the show is about to start!" she grabbed my arm and dragged me with her.

We found our seats we sat in first row in the middle. At first everyone was sitting down talking, I looked around and saw mostly girls but was surprised to see lots of guys also, even some older women were here.

All of a sudden some lights appeared and someone on stage spoke "Everyone lets welcome Olly Murs!" I had no idea Olly would be the opening for One Direction this is absolutely amazing! The crowd went wild when Olly made his way to the center of the stage.

He sang 'Heart Skips A Beat' which was one of my favorite songs. The audience stood up and sang along. After he was done singing he went backstage and that's when I knew the boys would be coming out soon.

I was about to tell Melody how great Olly sang but I was interrupted by a creepy voice. "Ladies and gentlemen!" the lights went out and all I saw were green glow sticks, it was scary but at the same time very exciting! "Are you guys ready for the show to start!!!!" he shouted and made all the crowd get crazy it was quite funny. "One Band!...One Dream!...One...Directionnnn!!!" that phrase made me get goosebumps. Everyone was standing up and screaming very loud. Mel and I were jumping and screaming we were so excited.

Suddenly a video clip showed on the big screen. It was their introduction. It showed all of them getting ready to go to the beach and on the side were some likes and dislikes of them. Once they got to the beach the count down started which made it even more exciting!


















*SPLASH* A wave appeared on the screen like if it was going to hit us. And out of no where BAM!
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