Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


4. The birthday present


-Skyler's POV-

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Skyler, happy birthday to you!" I woke up to the voices of my mom and Melody, I tried not to look annoyed it was 9:00am and it was a SATURDAY ugh.

I sat up, stretched my arms and smiled at my mom and Mel. They had a chocolate cake with strawberries on top, it looked delicious I swear I could hear my stomach growl.

"Thanks guys the cake looks yummy" I hugged both of them and ate one of the strawberries, yup it was delicious.

"C'mon sweetie get dressed, we have your birthday present!" my mom seemed even more excited than me, and Mel had a huge smile on her face....could it be? What if my birthday present were the concert tickets I've been begging for?

I got up quickly to take a shower. As soon as I got out I put on my red skinnys and a navy blue shirt that had the word 'London' on it across.

I ran downstairs and almost tripped over my turtle Ted. Thank god I didn't because if I had I would've obviously fallen down the stairs and get hurt and I could've most likely killed my turtle...oh gosh no no, I need to be more careful.

"Ok mom I'm here, now where's my present?!" I said smiling hoping it was what I wanted.

"Calm down Sky, here first have your starbucks, I bought it for you on my way here" I grabbed my drink from Mel.

"Mmm double chocolaty chip! My favorite, thanks Mel!" "Ok so may I know what my present is now?"

Mom looked over at Mel and then turns to look at me. "Ok here you go"

Mom handed me a rectangular box, it was wrapped up with floury paper. I was so excited, I ripped off the paper off like a wild animal! I slowly lifted up the top from the box and saw what there was expression changed, I was confused.

"Uh mom, why is there a key?"

"Go check outside and you'll know why"

I ran outside and I quickly spotted a red Ferrari! "Oh my god!" "Is this truly for me?"

"It's not always that you're daughter turns 18, just make sure to take care of it"

"Now we can arrive to party's with style!" Mel joked and I laughed. "Sky go check inside the car, it gets better" Mel grabbed me from the arm and dragged me towards my new Ferrari.

We both got in and I just stare at her confused at first I didn't know why it was gonna get better but then I saw a note taped to my seat.

"Go on read it!" Mel's eyes were popping out and she couldn't stop smiling, I'm guessing she knew what this was all about.


Dear Skyler,
Today is your big day, you're 18 now, you've grown up so fast. I hope you liked your car but I know you'll love your next gift. Read this carefully. Go to the kitchen and have some of the cake that I bought you. Something will await you. Love you and remember 'Dream until your dreams come true'

-Love, Mom xx

I didn't quite understand why I had to eat the cake but I didn't mind since I've been wanting to get that cake in my stomach soon! "Mel I guess we go eat some cake now"

I get a piece of cake for me and my mom and Mel gets a really big piece.

"What?! I haven't eaten I'm hungry!" Mel exclaimed.

"Uh guys?...What's that?" I saw an envelope inside the cake. An envelope inside the cake? Ok this just got weird. I pulled it out and opened it.

I saw what the envelope had inside and I completely flipped, my eyes were wide open I felt tear streaming down my face then all of a sudden more tears came out I couldn't believe this, I fell to the floor and fangirled as much as I could! Atlast, I have One Direction concert tickets but not just that. They were VIP tickets and I'll be sitting in first row! I looked up to see my mom and Mel laughing at me. I got up and hugged my mom.

"Thank you so much mom thank you thank you thank you I love you!!!"

"I love you too hun, I knew you would love this" "Ok so now let's talk about this." "I bought you two VIP tickets which means you can take Melody with you, the concert will be in 3 days and that same day you'll have to get up early to meet the boys at the meet & greet, oh and one more thing I won't be able to drive you because I'll be out of town for work but I trust you enough to drive yourself on your new car" mom explained everything to me and Melody.

"Ahhh don't worry I'll be safe, when do you leave?"

"Tomorrow afternoon I don't know when I'll be back but I'll give you a call"

After the conversation Mel and I ran to my room and started fangirling

"I have to tweet this!" I grab my phone and started typing:

Thank you guys for the birthday wishes so far it's been a great day me and @Mel_LovesThePayne just got our VIP tickets for One Direction, can't wait to see my idols again xx

*beep beep* my phone rings


@SkylerGray_5 happy birthday sky I miss you! Have fun at the concert and tell Harry I love him! Xx


@Tracey_Morris thanks hun, we need to hang out soon!

"Mel, can you believe this? I'm going to see my snowflake again, I just hope this time I don't do anything embarrassing" I started feeling butterflies in my stomach just as I remembered when he hugged me last year. That hug, I would never forget it. Even though I'm like in love with with him, I know nothing will ever happen, yeah he said he would date a fan but I'm just another fan out of the million they have. If he only knew how I really felt about him and see me as something else but a fan.
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