Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


20. Ice cream fight


I have been looking for my shoes for 20 minutes already. On the bright side today I woke up in a good mood in a really great mood actually! One because I woke up thinking of Niall and two because today my dad and I are going for ice cream woohoo!

"Did you check in Trevor's room?" Mom yelled


Who's Trevor you ask?


No one.


We do not speak of him.


Well, I don't speak of him.


I didn't respond I just rolled my eyes and walked to 'he who must not be named' room.

I slowly opened the door not wanting to go inside. When the door was fully opened I took a deep breathe in and carefully walked in.

'I haven't been in this room in years' I thought to myself.

Everything was exactly how it was 5 years ago. Nothing has changed. I glanced at all the picture frames that were on the computer desk. I felt my eyes water up so I quickly searched for my shoes, they were in the floor by the closet door. I grabbed them and walked right out closing the door and let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding back.

My mom came up stairs and saw me "Did you find them?" She asked

"Why were they in there?" I said rudely, I didn't mean to sound rude it just came out like that.

"I must've put them there by accident I probably thought it was your room I'm sorry sweetie I know how much you hate going in there" she said apologetically

I sighed "Its alright mom"

"Your dad is waiting for you downstairs"

"Ok ill be right down let me just get my things" I ran to my room, I went to my lap top "Sorry Mel I have to go now but ill call you later!" Mel and I have been skyping since the morning, she wanted to check up on me do what had happened at prom.

"Ok talk to you later have fun! And tell your dad I say hi!" She said waving at the screen.




-Niall's POV-

We were all watching a random show on tv that Harry was curious to watch, something about a flying dog. Sometimes I think Harry is a strange...strange lad.

"So how was your date Niall?" Liam then asked

All their eyes suddenly starred at me, I sat straight and smiled at the amazing memory "It was perfect"

"I told you she liked you! See I'm always right" Harry said crossing his arms and smirking

Louis laughed " know what I'm not even gonna say anything ill just let you be happy with that"

"Hey!" Harry pouted

I noticed Zayn wasn't saying anything, was something wrong?

Before I could ask Zayn if he was alright Louis then asked "Did you kiss her?"

I saw Zayn stiffened, he bit his lips, and his fist were holding on to the couch really tight.

I returned my attention to Louis "No, I wanted to so bad, but I'm gonna wait until the right moment"

"I'm going for a walk." Zayn said sternly and walking out of the room slamming the door behind.

"What's up with him?" I asked

"Uh I don't know I'll go check up on him" Liam said walking out



-Zayn's POV-

"Zayn wait up!" I turned around and saw Liam catching up to me

"Sorry Liam I just had to get out of there" I leaned my back to the wall and slid down to the floor, Liam sat down next to me

"Zayn you're gonna end up getting hurt, we all know they both like each other, I'm sorry man" I know he was trying his best to help me out but I just can't ignore my feelings for her

"I know." I said not taking my eyes off the ground

It was silent for a few seconds then Liam asked "So what are you gonna do about this?"

I looked up at the ceiling thinking of what I should do then I looked at Liam, "I'm gonna talk with her"



-Mel's POV-

Ring. Ring. Ring.


"Mel?" A British voice answered

"Uh who's this?" I asked confused on who it might be.

Wait a minute the only British people I knew were one direction but I only have Niall's number and this guy did not sound like him!

"It's Zayn" he answered

"Oh hi Zayn! How did you get my number?"

"Got it from Liam, so-"

"Wait! From Liam? And how did HE get my number? Omg are you guys stalking me? What's going on Niall is the only one with my number! I'm scared" I have no idea why I was panicking

"Mel Mel Mel! Calm down! Liam got your number from Niall and he passed it to me" he explained to me

Oh well he should've said that before I started panicking

"So why did you call?" I then asked wondering why on earth he was calling

"Uh well I need to talk to Skyler but she doesn't seem to answer her phone, do you know where I can find her?"

"Oh she probably has her phone on silence she's at the ice cream shop with--" I didn't get to finish because mr. Malik decided to interrupt me.

"Ice cream shop? Ok thank you!" And he hung up.

"Zayn she's with her dad!" I screamed at the phone but there was no way for him to hear that.



-Sky's POV-

"I'll have a strawberry cone with sprinkles and my daughter will have a chocolate cone with a cherry on top"

"Will that be all?" The cashier asked

"Yes" my dad and I said at the same time

After my dad paid the lady we went to find a place to sit.

"How long are you staying for?" I asked

"A month but hopefully I can stay longer"

"I hope so too" I really missed him so much I just wish he wouldn't have to leave so soon all the time.

"I heard you went to that concert of your favorite band for your birthday" ok that gave me a little heart attack, I think it's hilarious that I would practically drool over them when I'd see them on a poster and now...well now I can actually drool on them!

"Uh yeah!" I told him

"Annnnnd how was it? I never got the chance to actually see you get crazy for them like your mom tells me you get" he chuckled

I blushed, I wonder if he would believe me if I told him I actually knew them now.

"Ha. Oh dad trust me, no one not even I want to see that side of myself, it can get scary." I admitted. Hey a fangirl is a fangirl, what can ya do bout it. "Anyways the concert was great I had so much fun! A lot has changed ever since that day" I grinned

"Like?" He rose an eyebrow

Before I could answer the lady yelled out our order number, my dad stood up and went to get our ice creams.

He returned with a huge smile on his face a kind of creepy huge smile..

When he handed me my ice cream that's when I noticed what he had done

"DAAAAD! You ate my cherry again?!" I whined

He laughed and just continued eating his ice cream

"So about this boy..." He suddenly said and I froze.

"Tell me about him, I'd like to know who he is" he said looking straight at me waiting for me to respond

I rolled my eyes "Dad."

He let out a chuckle, "I'm not getting overprotective!"

I giggled and continued on, "I don't know where to begin.."

"Start by telling me how you met him" he rested his arms on the table getting closer to listen to what I was going to say

"'s a long strange story" I said, but apparently that didn't bother him, "We have a lot of time" he said licking his ice cream



So I ended up telling him the whole story of how we met, everything that's been going on, and about him being in One Direction which I eventually told him that was my favorite band.

He was shocked at first then he got concerned because not many famous people have good relationships due to the whole traveling thing and being far away from their loved ones. But I assured him it was fine, besides I'm not even sure where this whole liking thing me and Niall have is going to.

I guess we'll have to wait and find out where it takes us.



Now we were sitting there enjoying the day and having a chat about cats. I don't really know how we started talking about cats but I found it quite interesting.


Ring. Ring. Ring.


"Sorry pumpkin I have to take this, I'll be right back" he waited until I nodded and left outside to answer the phone call.

In the meantime I checked my phone


New Text Msg

Niall: Hey love, wanna hang out tomorrow?


Aw he wants to hang out again! Ok the butterflies in my stomach have to chill!


Sky: Yeah I can't wait!


"Hey loner"  

I looked up and saw him sitting on the chair that my dad was sitting on I gave him a confused look

"Zayn?" I put my phone away, "What are you doing here?"

He hesitated but then answered "I needed to tell you something"

"What is it?"

I studied his face expression, it seemed like he wasn't sure if to tell me or not

He opened his mouth about to speak

"Sorry to keep you waiting pumpkin" my dad said not noticing Zayn was there

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know Skyler was with someone right now" Zayn stood up embarrassed

"Oh no it's fine you can sit with us it's not a bother" he told Zayn

"Oh no it's ok I'll just call you later sky" Zayn said already walking away

"Wait!" I yelled after him, he turned around, "Just grab a chair and sit with us it's not a problem" I smiled at him

He smiled and grabbed the first empty chair he saw and brought it towards our table.

"So are you the boy that likes my daughter?"

omg dad.

Zayn looked startled "What?!"

"Haha no dad, this is Zayn" I blushed embarrassed

"Dad?" Zayn asked confused

"Oh right sorry! Zayn this is my dad" I happily introduced

"Nice to meet you Mr. Gray" they shook hands

"How come you never told us your dad was back?" Zayn asked me

"Us?" Dad questioned

"He means the rest of the boys, oh he's one of the boys from one direction" I informed him and he nodded understanding, "And I didn't tell you guys cus well it was unexpected he just got here yesterday" I told Zayn

"Have you told Niall?" He asked getting my ice cream from my hand and starting to eat it

"Ok first, that's my ice cream! And second, no I haven't told him but I will soon" I took my ice cream away from him

He laughed and when I was about to enjoy the rest of my ice cream he pushed my hand forward and I had ice cream all over my nose

"HEY!!" I shouted laughing, I got the rest of my melted ice cream and rubbed it all over his face

"Ok ok I give up!" He said between laughter

"You owe me an ice cream" I told him while I cleaned my face

I handed him a napkin so he can clean himself but apparently he didn't do a good job at it, "Haha omg Zayn here let me help you" I grabbed another napkin and moved closer to him.

I gently wiped the ice cream off his cheek and some near his lips.

"There" I said cheerfully, he didn't say anything he just...starred?

"What?" I asked confused, it was getting uncomfortable, did I still have some on my face?

"Nothing I was just uh oh gosh I have to go I forgot that uh I uh I had to be somewhere!" He talked nervously dont really know why

"Zayn but you just got here" I told him obviously not believing what he had just said

"I'm sorry Sky I really have to go." He turned to my dad "It was nice meeting you sir." And without us saying goodbye he just left. Like that. Without even telling us the real reason why he had to go.

"He likes you." My dad said

I started choking on nothing I just choked, what the hell was he saying omg I swear my dad can be so funny at times

I cleared my throat and started laughing "Dad you're so funny c'mon where did you get that from? You scared me though haha that was a good one"

"Skyler haven't you noticed?" He stated

Wow there tiger, he usually never calls me by my actual name. Is he being serious?

"Dad he he can't. Why are you saying this?"

"Because of the way he looked at you. At first I thought you guys were just getting along very well because of the little ice cream situation but then I notice the way he looked at you." He said to me but I still didn't believe it

He continued "He starred at you in awe while you cleaned him and he couldn't help but smile the whole time, he's just afraid to tell you, that's why he left all of a sudden."

B-but Zayn can't no it can't be nah it's not true.

"Ok dad I think it's time to go home"

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