Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


16. I wish I'd knew then what I know now...


"Skyler wake up! Melody is here!"

I didn't want to get up I was angry why would Mel do this to me, her bestfriend.

Mom kept on shaking me to wake up it got annoying so I decided to get up.

"I'm awake!" I yelled annoyed.

"Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed" mom crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Sorry I just had a rough night." I apologized.

"Melody is waiting for you downstairs"


I've never been mad at Mel before. This is the first time ever I didn't want to see her.

I made my way downstairs.

"Sky! Omg get dressed were going to be late" she shouted

"I'm not going." I said with a serious face.

"Ha, stop with the jokes sky come on I'll help you choose what to wear" she grabbed my arm and was about to take me up to my room but I pulled her back.

"Mel. I said I'm NOT going! As in I'm staying HEREEEE!" I rolled my eyes and made my way to the couch to watch some tv.

Mel just stood there with her mouth wide open.

"Sky are you okay?" Mel asked as she sat down beside me.

"I'm perfectly fine." I made a sarcastic smile.

"Sky I know you're not! What happened? Why are you so mad?"

"What makes you think I'm mad?" my eyes stayed focused on the tv screen.

"Because you've never acted this way before!" she snatched the remote control from my hand and turned off the tv.

"HEY! I was watching that!" I shouted

"Now tell me what's wrong" she crossed her arms and waited for me to answer.

"Gee I don't know, you tell me" I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at her.

By the look on her face I could tell she was confused. But I don't get why she's confused, she perfectly knows why I'm mad at her.

"Look I don't know what I did wrong but whatever I did I'm sorry, can we just go already?" she begged and stood up.

I hesitated for a bit but stood up and headed up stairs.

"Let me go change.." I said without looking at her.

I grabbed some jean shorts and a baby blue strapless top. I did my hair into a messy bun but it still looked good. Before I went downstairs I put on my black flats and some perfume on.

"Alright let's go and get this over with" I went directly outside and got on my car.

Mel got inside not saying a word to me during the whole ride. It was awkward the whole ride. After 15 minutes of silence we finally got to the park. I parked my car and stopped the engine. I sighed and looked over at Mel who was looking outside the window.


She looked back at me and spoke, "Yeah?"

"I'm sorry if I was mean to you I'm just..I'm just..."

"It's ok sky, you can tell me anything" she said kindly

I sighed, I didn't want to let her know I was jealous of her and Niall. I'm the jealous type but I never show it cus I don't like to show it.

" would never do anything to hurt me right?" I said scared of hearing what she might answer.

"Ofcourse not sky! You are my best friend I would never hurt you" she open up her arms and we hugged.

Maybe I was over exaggerating a bit I should've never thought bad about my best friend.

"You wouldn't keep any secrets away from me either right?" I asked her as we broke off from the hug.

"Sky, I tell you pretty much everything, don't worry I'll always be your best friend" she smiled and I was relieved to hear that.

We got off the car and started to search for the boys.

"GIRLS OVER HERE!" I heard someone shout.

I turned around and saw the boys sitting beside a tree waving their arms at us.

I walked towards them while I saw Mel run to them. I was laughing it looked like a dog was chasing her.

"Niall!" "Mel!" they both shouted at the same time and hugged eachother.

I'm not gonna lie it broke my heart, it looked like they hadn't seen eachother for years.

But she's my best friend and if they like eachother and they're happy then I'll be happy too.

"Sky!" I looked away from Niall and Mel and turned to say hi

"Zayn!" I smiled as he hugged me.

"Leave some for us!" Harry yelled teasingly

Mel and I giggled and made our way to the rest of the boys. After I said hi to Harry, Liam and Louis I went to say hi to Niall who was talking with Zayn.

"Hi Niall!"

"Sky! It's great that you're here" he said showing off his beautiful smile and hugged me tightly.

Ugh. I have to stop adoring him, he likes Mel not me.

"Come on guys lets go with the rest" Zayn told us and we followed him where the rest were.

"So what's the plan?" I asked

"Well we wanted to chill in this amazing weather" Niall answered

"Not to be rude or anything, I love that I'm spending time with you...guys!" I quickly added, then continued "But why did you invite us?"

Louis let out a giggle "Don't worry love you're not being rude at all. We wanted to have a picnic and since we didn't know anyone from here to hang out with, Niall thought of both of you"

'No Louis...Niall thought of Mel.' I thought to myself.

"Well in that case lets start eating!" I said joking but according to Niall and Mel it wasn't a joke they both quickly got their food they sure do love to eat.


As we all ate we were talking about our life's so we can get to know eachother. The boys didn't have to tell us much, we already knew them very well our fandom is quite creepy we're better than the FBI.

Mel began with her story which brought memories of how we met and became best friends and everything that we've been through.

"Wow, sky you're lucky you have a best friend like Mel." Liam said and the rest of the boys nodded in agreement.

I looked at Mel.

I actually was lucky, she has always been there for me when I needed someone. She has helped me out with everything from family problems to school and to boys. I didn't see her as my best friend, I saw her as my sister cus that's what she was, my sister.

There's no way I can hold a grudge against her, If Niall and her want to be together I'll let them be. Yes it breaks my heart but I'll move on besides what was I thinking!

Me and Niall?


Ha yeah right!

That's just a fantasy that will never come true.

That's just life, and life sucks!

"So tell us about yourself Sky" Harry interrupts my thoughts.

"My life is sort of a long story" I say looking at the ground

"We have plenty of time, go on entertain us!" Louis says

"You don't have to tell us everything Sky, just say whatever you feel okay to say to us" Liam kindly says

"Ok...well I'm an only child, I live with my mom. My dad travels a lot due to his job. But he visits whenever he can. I'm 18 I love romantic movies but I'm a cryer a big one!"

As I continued telling them about myself I thought they were going to get bored but I was wrong. They were great listeners! The five of them looked very interested in what I was saying.

I got so caught up in what I was telling them that I ended up telling them the story of Logan and I. I wasn't planning on telling them but I was caught up in the moment that it just slipped out of my mouth.

While I was telling them about what Logan did to me I saw that Niall was the only one looking down at his chips.

I guess he didn't really care what I was saying.


"Okay I'm done!" I let out a big sarcastic breathe to fake that I was tired

"Your life is interesting" Harry said

"Oh wait I forgot one more thing!" I quickly yelled before anyone else could say anything.

"What is it? Say it now!" Harry shouted jumping up and down.

The boy was too entertained with my life!

I slowly took one deep breathe in and out.

"SKY!!" the boys yelled in frustration

"Ahaha alright alright!" I looked straight at them and then opened my mouth and said "I love One Direction"

The boys bursted out into laughter so did Mel and I

"Sorry I just had to say it!" I kept laughing

After a few seconds of still laughing we finally stopped and got quiet. Then Zayn spoke.

"Well I think you have a very interesting life Sky. Just remember enjoy the roller coaster that is life."

Wow that guy knows how to be deep.


We kept talking and then we started to play with nurf guns. It was really fun! Mel and I against the boys...that would've been fun to watch on YouTube!




We stayed at the park all day long. It was already dark and I was getting tired.

"Hey boys I think I'm leaving already I'm knackered." I told Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis.

"Yeh we should get going also" Liam suggested

We all got up and cleaned our mess.

"Hey guys wheres Niall and Mel?" I asked

"Oh they're over there by the flowers" Zayn pointed to their direction

I turned to look at them. They were talking I couldn't tell what they were talking about since it was dark I couldn't see much.

"Well I better get going bye guys! And thanks for inviting us" I hugged each one of them and headed towards Niall and Mel.

"Uh sorry to interrupt your conversation but we have to go home Mel" I stood there awkwardly I felt like I was the third wheel.

"Oh alright let me just say bye to the rest" Mel quickly ran to the boys without saying bye to Niall, that's strange.

There was an awkward silence between me and Niall. I was about to ask him about him and Mel but it isn't any of my business.

"Sky just so you know I think what Logan did to you was pathetic." he randomly brought up the Logan conversation.

I guess he was listening to me.

"What" I said shocked

"If I were him I would NEVER cheat on you, you're beautiful and you have an amazing personality! He's stupid for doing that. Any guy would be incredibly lucky to have a girl like you."

I swear he was killing me! As he talked he kept starring at me in the eyes he wouldn't look away which I loved! But I can't...I can't do this to my best friend.

He continued talking, "I know you might have thought I wasn't paying attention to what you were saying but I was I listening to every word you said."

He took a step closer to me, I started shaking I didn't know if I could control myself from kissing him.

He gently grabbed my hand and I calmed down. Then he continued speaking..

"The reason why I was looking down the whole time while you were talking about Logan was because I got mad."

"Mad?" I said confused

"Yes mad. Because you deserve someone better than him! Someone who will treat you right. Someone that will always be there for you. Someone that actually cares about you. Someone who will never hurt you..."

There was a short pause

"Someone who loves you." he finished and we just starred into eachother's eyes.

I felt like I was flying it was amazing just starring at his eyes.

I didn't want him to know I liked him so I removed my hand away from his and I looked down at the flowers.

"Thanks Niall, you're a great guy! But the only problem is that I haven't found that guy yet." I looked back at Niall he was about to say something but he got interrupted by someone

"Sky lets leave!" Mel shouted from far away.

"Thanks for everything Niall I'm really glad I came" I hugged him

When I was ready to pull away from him he whispered something to my ear, he said "Good things happen to those who wait." he hugged me tighter which made me smile wider.

"Come on sky!" Mel shouted

We pulled away from the hug, "Bye Niall" I smiled at him and he smiled back

"I'm coming!" I yelled back at Mel and ran to her.


We got in the car and I drove her to her house.


-Mel's POV-

"Sky before I get down let me ask you something" I waited for sky to respond but instead of answering she just nodded for me to go on.

"Have you found a date to prom? Cus if you haven't which I think you haven't because you have said you didn't want a date, anyways I had a great idea I know who you should go with I've been planning it out with him since yesterday it's amazing trust me! N--"

"I'm going with Logan!" she cut me off



The Logan that broke her heart?!

"What did you just say?" I asked praying that I heard wrong

"I said..I'm going with Logan." she said not showing any emotion

"Sky but he--"

She cut me off again, "I know Mel! Please don't give me a lecture. Look I forgave him im just tired of having drama in my life it's not fun at all. We're JUST friends so you don't have to worry about anything because we are never ever getting back together, and that's a promise."

I sighed and looked at her, if it's what she wants I'll let her do it, but this ruined the plan now what am I gonna tell Niall?

He really wanted to ask her to prom, I guess it's too late now.

"Okay sky, just be careful I don't want you to get hurt again." I said as I opened the door of the car to get down.

"I will, see you tomorrow!" she said and with that she drove off.

I sighed. 'I wish I'd knew then what I know now..' I thought to myself.


-Niall's POV-

"So did you ask her yet?" Louis asked

"Yeah mate did you? Tell us everything!" Harry added as he took a seat next to me

"Ask what to who?" I asked all of them

"Skyler to prom!" Liam said

"Mel told us while you were speaking with Sky" Zayn informed me while he went for a water bottle.

"No I haven't, I was about to but Mel interrupted us" I sighed

"So what's stopping you now?" Louis patted me on the back

I looked at him and he said "Go ask her now"

Nothing's stopping me now so I might as well do it now before tomorrow which is prom already.

I got up and ran to my room to change since I was sweaty from the park.


Louis drove me to her house before I got down I stopped and took a deep breathe in and out

"You can do it mate! For crying out loud you're Niall Horan!" he joked which caused me to laugh but he was right I can do this!

I got off the car and walked to her door steps I was half way there when I got a text message from Mel.

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