Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


12. Forgiveness

-Niall's POV- "Hi Niall!" she blushed "Hi Sky!" I smiled widely Before I could continue the conversation someone interrupted us with a cough. *cough* "Oh uh Niall this is my mom" she gestured to her "Hi Mrs. Gray I'm Niall Horan, nice to meet you" we shook hands. "Yes I know who you are, nice to meet you! The girls always talk about you and the rest of the boys." I laughed "Oh and these are my friends Claire and Mackaila" sky said  "Hi girls how are you?" I asked them smiling. I noticed they were in shock I guess Skyler hadn't told them that she had met me. "H-h-hi Niall" Claire said Having trouble speaking but I thought it was cute "The Niall Horan from One mother fluffer Direction?!" Mackaila asked freaking out "The one and only!" I laughed "Guys it's a long story" Sky laughed at their faces. "Uh Niall?" she looked back at me and stood up from her chair "Yeah?" I asked admiring her beautiful hazel eyes "What are you doing here?" she raised an eyebrow "Oh right, well you see I was hungry so Zayn brought me here" I pointed back to Zayn that was waving hi to Sky. "And Zayn recognized you and I wanted to say hi so here I am" I smirked. "Isn't it strange how we always end up meeting eachother?" she chuckled "I don't mind though, I like bumping into fans" I smiled, I had my hands in my pockets trying to look for my phone. "Since we keep meeting why don't you give me your number maybe we can hangout sometime?" I handed her my phone so she could add her number. "Yeah sure!"she handed me her cell phone and we exchanged numbers. I looked back at her and noticed she was all dressed up.  "So why are you here?" I asked "We came to celebrate" she smiled sweetly "Celebrate?" I asked confused "My graduation" she added Oh so that's why she had to leave from the beach "Congratulations!" I hugged her, when we moved apart from the hug I noticed her blushing she looked cute. I was about to ask her if she wanted to hang out with me and lads again but before I could even speak a guy interrupted me. "Sky!" he said cheerfully He stood next to me. I looked at sky and she didn't look too happy.  'Who was he?' I thought. -Sky's POV- "Sky!" Logan said cheerfully standing next to Niall. Great. Now what does he want. "Hi Logan." I said a bit annoyed. "I didn't know you were gonna be here what a surprise!" he smiled "Logan, you know this is my favorite restaurant. I know you came here for some reason...what do you want?" I rolled my eyes. I looked over to Niall, he kept starring back and forth to Logan and I. "Sky, can we please talk?" he said looking at his feet. I was tired of being in such a bad mood when he was around I wanted it to be over already. I was about to say no like I always do buy then I remembered what my dad had told me when I was a little kid. My dad was always traveling because of his job. I didn't get to see him a lot but when I did we tried to spend as much time together. *Flashback* "Skyler baby, I have to leave again." he said as he lifted me up to his arms. "Daddy you always leave why can't you stay to play with me!" I whined  I was only 6 years old I didn't understand why he had to leave so often. "Let's make a deal pumpkin!" he winked "Whenever I come back I'll take you out to get ice cream, I'll get you any flavor you want!" he smiled and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Ok but don't forget!" I smiled widely at the thought of ice cream. He slowly put me down and he walked to the door.  "Daddy wait!" I shouted running towards him. "What's wrong pumpkin?" he kneeled down to be at my height. "What do I do about my friend? She stole my favorite color of crayon!" I always went to my dad for advice. "Sky always remember, sometimes people don't mean to do what they did. Forgiveness is such a special thing. Forgive those who keep on fighting for you not those who keep hurting you... I love you pumpkin" and with that I watched him walk out of the house. *Flashback Over* "Fine but not right now, I'll text you." I sighed. "Thanks Sky" he walked back to his mom and dad. "What was that all about?" Niall asked a bit worried. "Let's just say him and I don't have a great past..." I frowned "Niall we have to leave!" I heard Zayn shouting from his table. "I have to go now, see you soon?" he said taking slow steps backwards "Yeah!" I smiled at him and returned to my seat. I sat there quietly and all eyes on me. "Mel explained everything to us!" Mackaila said "Did you guys exchange numbers?" Claire asked shocked "Yes Claire. His just a friend!" I rolled my eyes "What did Logan want this time?" Mel asked worried  "To talk.." I sighed "I think we should all head home girls" my mom suggested.

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