Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


8. Am I dreaming?

-Skyler's POV- "Bye Mel! Thanks for coming with me to the concert!" I dropped off Mel at her house and drove back to my place. Finally I got home it was a long day and a very great one I couldn't have asked for a much better day. It was getting late so I headed upstairs to my room. I changed to my pj's and slid under the covers I was so tired I fell asleep in less than three seconds. ---------------- *beep beep beep beep* My phone kept ringing but I was too lazy to get up so I ignored it. *beep beep beep* "OMG! Alright I'm up!" I stormed out of my bed and grabbed my phone. "WOW" I had 1 missed call from Mel and a new text from her and surprisingly my mentions on twitter were blowing up! Why were my mentions blowing up? I didn't have much followers only 20 but they were friends from school and family. I checked Mel's text first. Mel: SKY! Answer you're phone! Omg I'm so happy for you!!! What exactly was she talking about? Sky: Did I win the lottery? Mel: No silly! You haven't found out? Sky: Hmm nope I'm lost, care to explain? Mel: GASP! Check your twitter...NOW! Sky: YES MA'AM! What could it be? I clicked on the icon with the bird on it. But before I checked my mentions I went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice. As I was drinking my glass of juice I went through my mentions. I scrolled down reading them but was confused on what they said. @iLuvLouisbum: how did you get him to follow you? @Harrehs_Tacos: you didn't even tweet him and he followed you! HOW? @1D'sWives: can you dm him to follow us??? @NiallsHipsDontLie: OMG I'm fangirling for you! Congrats xx What are they talking about? Who's 'HE'? I don't even know these people. Will somebody please tell me what's going on? I kept scrolling down until I saw I had 80 more people following me. "What? How did this happen?" I kept scrolling down and drank some more of my juice. I immediately saw something that caught my eye and I spit my drink @NiallOfficial is now following you My eyes widened up and I froze. How did this happen? I didn't even ask him to follow me! My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing again. It was a text from Mel. Mel: Sooo? Sky: I saw. Mel: 'I saw.' is that all you can say? Sky: I'm in complete shock right now! I can't breathe! I don't even know how I'm able to text right now and how did he find me? Is this a dream? HELP! Mel: fangirl! That's the answer to all your questions As soon as I saw 'fangirl' I knew that was the right thing to do now but I was still in shock I literally was having trouble breathing. I looked back at the mention @NiallOfficial is now following you After I saw it again I immediately began to fangirl "JABDUDKAHAVAKD AHHHHHH!" After quite a while of jumping and running all around the house I texted Mel back. Sky: Kay I'm done Great now I have to clean all the mess I made from spitting out my juice. Oh well it's worth it cause Niall freaken Horan is following me! After I finished cleaning I took a shower and then headed to my laptop. "Oh gosh I need to tweet!" I logged into my twitter and started typing @SkylerGray_5: Is this a dream? Am I being puncked? Is Niall Horan really following me? many questions such few answers I was about to get up from my sit after I tweeted that but I was stopped by the sound of twitter letting me know I had a new mention. @Tracey_Morris: @SkylerGray_5 this is real and you're the luckiest girl ever! @SkylerGray_5: @Tracey_Morris it seems like I'm dreaming darn it there's nobody here to pinch me *beep beep* New text msg from Mel Mel: Ice cream? Sky: Yes! I'll drive Mel: you're the only one with a car Sky: haha I'll be there in 5 I shut down my lap top and grabbed my keys. I headed towards my car but was stopped by my phone *beep beep* "it's probably Mel telling me to hurry up, she can wait" I got in the car and drove to her house. ------------- We sat down at one of the tables near the window at the ice cream shop. I had a chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and brownies on top. Mel had a vanilla ice cream with only one cherry on top....simple but effective, I thought. "How do you do it Sky?" "Do what?" I raised an eyebrow "Well first Niall followed you and then he tweets you, are you both secretly dating?" "haha no we're not dating! WAIT! Did you just say he tweeted me?" I nearly dropped my ice cream by my reaction to what I heard her say. "wow Sky you really have to pay attention to your twitter more often" I quickly got my phone and clicked on the icon with the bird on it. @NiallOfficial: @SkylerGray_5 Trust me babe, this is real I am following you xx "Oh my god MEL! He called me babe! What do I reply?!" I was panicking. "I don't know! I've never been tweeted by a famous person just type something!" "What if I put something stupid and then I'll end up embarrassing myself?" "Stop being so negative! You won't embarrass yourself, now go go TYPE!" she motioned to my phone. I slowly got my phone and started typing nervously. @SkylerGray_5: @NiallOfficial Thank you! This means a lot xx "Did you tweet him? Did you give him your number? SPILL!" Mel was shouting excitedly "Mel Mel calm your tits! Yes I tweeted him. No I didn't give him my number, why would he want it anyways." "Oh sky, you're so innocent" she joked "Oh shut up Mel like you're not!" I teased back rolling my eyes at her Mel and I kept talking for another hour about prom but I wasn't really paying much attention at what she was saying. I couldn't stop thinking about why on earth did Niall follow me. "Sky!" "Oh...uh...what?" "What's wrong? I kept calling your name and you wouldn't turn" "Oh, sorry I'm just er...tired." I lied, I hope she believed it. "Then go home and take a nap, I'm gonna stop by the mall" she got up from her seat and walked away "I guess I'll go home and now that I think of it...I am kind of tired." I got in my car and headed home ----------- I woke up from my nap and decided to go to the living room to watch TV. I flipped through channels but didn't find anything interesting to watch so I just headed back to my room. *beep beep* I grabbed my phone from my desk. New text msg from Claire. Claire: Hey sky are you going to prom? Sky: Ofcourse! Claire: Great! We should all get ready at Mackaila's house Sky: Yeah that's a great idea! Claire: I'll text Melody and Mackaila to let them know, Kay Sky: Yeah sure, have you found a date? Claire: Zac finally asked me!! Claire always had a crush on Zac and I know Zac also liked her but they never admitted it to eachother. I won't lie...he is attractive he kinda looked like Channing Tatum. Sky: Yay! He better ask you out soon. If he doesn't it's ok babe there's always Mr. Malik Claire loved Zayn, trust me when I say 'love' I actually mean 'LOVE' Claire: hahaha I wish! We'd make cute baby's *beep beep* New text msg from Mackaila Micky: YO! Guess what Sky: Hmm... Louis asked you to marry him or you miss sass pants got a date to the prom Micky: Oh Gawd I wish that were true but sadly it isn't but HEY I got a date to prom! Sky: Who? Micky: JACKSON! Sky: No way! Really? Jackson was one of the most popular guys in school. It's strange that he asked Mackaila to prom, not that she isn't beautiful cause she is extremely gorgeous! But Jackson never even talked me and my fiends. Micky: Yes! I was walking at the park and I bumped into him and next thing you know we're talking about how we hate Mrs. Bakery from English class and then he just pops the question Sky: WOW that was unexpected well I'm happy you found a date Great. Everyone had a date except for me and Mel. But that's ok we can be alone together. *Nothings fine I'm torn, I'm all out of faith this is how I feel* I answered my phone as soon as I heard my ringtone. "Hello?" "Skyyyy! It's Mel! Ahhhh I got a date to prom!" she screamed making it hard for me to understand "Mel slow down! Talk a bit slower" "" she spoke slower "omg really? Who?" "After I left from the ice cream shop I headed to the mall and I saw Ryan we went to starbucks and he randomly asked me!" Great. Now I'm officially forever alone. "Thats great Mel!

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