Destiny Knows...

Skyler is a huge fan of One Direction. Her mom surprises her with VIP tickets. She feels extremely happy to finally meet her idols, especially the boy who stole her heart from the moment she laid eyes on those beautiful blue eyes....Niall Horan. A year passes by and for her 18th birthday she gets to go to their meet & greet and concert. Luckily ever since the meet & greet she keeps bumping in with the boys. New friendship's begin and bad memories barge in. Will Niall ever feel the same way about Sky how she feels about him? Will they end up together? Or will someone else come in the story? Only destiny knows...


1. The signing


"MOM!! Can you drive a bit faster? I want to be one of the first ones to see the boys at the signing!" I yelled at my mom trying not to annoy her. "Hun don't worry you'll get there just in time. Be proud that I got out of work just to drive you there to see your favorite band."

I was so excited to finally see them, even if it was just for a few seconds it didn't matter. WOW I still can't believe I'm going to meet ONE DIRECTION! Omg I don't even know what I'm going to say to them once it's my turn to get my CD signed by them. I will just go with the flow and let happen whatever is about to happen.

 I love each one of them so much oh and don't forget about Paul also...he's a total honk! But there's one special boy that stole my heart since the begining. No not just because of the looks...I didn't fall for him because he was famous, I fell for him because of his personality. Who am I talking about may you ask? Well I'm talking about my little snowflake...Niall Horan.

"Skyler hunny! We're here" as soon as I hear that my heart starts pumping fast I'm pretty sure my mom could hear it! " I get out of the car as fast I can and I start running towards the line. "Oh no, it looks like I'll be one of the last ones" my mom stayed in the car to catch up with some sleep, I was all alone I didn't know anyone so I couldn't fangirl how I usually do with my friends.

"Um hi, I think you dropped this?" the girl from behind me tells me. She had a shirt with Harry's face on it, I knew by that shirt she liked Harry. "Oh thank you so much!" I quickly grab my bracelet that says 'I love one direction'. "No problem, I'm Tracey by the way", "Im Skyler and I like carrots!" tracey starts to giggle. Soon we had a long conversation about the boys and we started fangirling, it was fun meeting a directioner from another place.

After a while the line moves up and it's almost my turn to get my CD signed. Tracey and I talked the whole time we were both so excited to meet the boys. She had a stuffed animal which was a cat and was dressed up as a carrot. She was planning to give it to Harry. I didn't have anything to give to any of them but that was ok, I just wanted to say hi to them.

"OMG I see PAUL!" Tracey shouts making me jump up and down several times so I can see him.

The line moves up and it's almost my turn I start shaking, my heart beats faster than it usually does, I feel butterflies in my stomach, I can't control my emotions. I can see the boys saying hi to some fans and signing the CD's just seeing them made me feel the urge to cry, tears of happiness ofcourse, but NO! I had to control myself. 

The security guard takes my CD so he can hand it to the boys. As soon as the security guard tells me to watch my step I know it's my turn, my eyes were wide open I couldn't even speak.

I was infront of a handsome guy, he had a batman shirt and you could see his birthmark. Yes, it was Liam Payne or as we directioners like to call him 'Daddy Direction'.

I look at him with a huge smile on my face, "Hi Liam!", "Hi babe how are you?" he smiles at me. "aw I'm great thank you" in my mind I was screaming of excitement! LIAM PAYNE just called me 'babe' HOLY FAJITAS!!

I move on to the next boy, he was wearing a shirt with stripes and suspenders, obviously it was 'The Swag Masta' a.k.a. Louis Tomlinson.

"Louis! You like my shirt?" I wink at him. "CARROTS!!" he shouts and reaches over to give me a high five. Omg LOUIS TOMLINSON just gave me a high five I can't believe this is actually happening.

I move to the next boy and right away I notice his curls and his green eyes, Harry Styles. He smiles at me, "Hi Harry!" I smile back at him. "Do you perhaps have a shirt with a... erm.. a cat on it?" I burst out a very loud laugh. I quickly cover my mouth hoping that none of the boys heard my laugh. "Oh harold you're so cheeky" he giggles while I move on to the next boy.

As soon as I move I could see with the corner of my eye that Tracey gives Harry her cat that's dressed up as a carrot. I see Harry laugh and shows it to Louis, they both laugh and tell Tracey thanks.

"Vas happenin?!" I hear the boy I'm infront of, yup the bradford bad boi, Zayn Malik. "Vas happenin Zayn!!!" we both giggle and I move to the last boy.

There he was, the boy that stole my heart, Niall Horan.

I kept on starring into his beautiful eyes sparkling at me. Gosh I just wanted a Horan hug!

"Hey you're the girl that has the amazing laugh right?" 
I blushed I felt so emberrassed, out of all the boys Niall had to be the one that heard my ugly laugh. I just wanted to run away, delete my twitter and facebook, and hide for the rest of my life.
"Hahaha don't worry babe I like your laugh it was cute", oh god his laugh I got to hear NIALL HORANS laugh! It was amazing! Wait did Niall Horan just say he thought my laugh was cute?!

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