Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


18. Tayla Hetherington.


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Harrys Point of View.

*5 days before the wedding, 10pm*

‘who is it?’ I asked confused as to what I actually heard. It couldn’t be… it just couldnt be…

‘it’s Tayla silly’ oh but it was. I listened to her laugh through the muffled phone, fighting back the urge to scream. I cant believe she was actually calling.

‘Tayla who?’ I asked, teasing a little.

‘Hetherington, you know it’s me Harry’ she giggled again and I felt my stomach tighten. Who does she think she is, she cant just ring up and expect me to be fine… we didn’t exactly end on the best of terms.

*3 years ago*

I liked watching her sleep. It was sort of soothing, in an odd way. I liked watching her eye lashes touch her cheek every time she twitched, I loved staring at her softs lips and the way she smirked when something made her happy in her dreams. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful.

‘Harry, stop it. I know your watching me’ she laughed before slowly opening her eyes.

‘GOODMORNING MY GORGEOUS TAYLA, HAPPY ANIVERSARY’ I sat up, leaning on my elbow and leaning in to kiss her soft lips.

‘good morning darling, happy anniversary’ I felt her smile as I was kissing her.

I have been with Tayla for 3 long wonderful years, and tonight I was going to propose to her.


Taylas Point of view;

He would stare at me with such warmth in his eyes and everything just felt right.

‘shall we get breakfast?’ he asked already jumping up out of bed and chucking on his favourite Jack Willis jumper.

‘breakfast, go out for breakfast?’ I looked at him confused.

‘yes, go outside… with people… in the world’ he chuckled throwing on some jeans.

‘I thought we could have breakfast in bed?’ I frowned, tapping the empty spot next me.

‘if that’s what you want’ and he couldn’t take his clothes off fast enough. Now, he stood in front of me, only in boxers. I felt my heart race a million miles an hour and my palms started to sweat. It had been 3 years and he still made me catch my breath. He was gorgeous.

Harrys Point of view;

I jumped back onto the bed and snuggled up close to her, breathing in her gorgeous scent.

‘so whats the plan for tonight?’ she asked, resting her head on my bare chest.

‘oh.. it’s a surprise’ I chuckled, kissing her head gently.

‘well then, whats for breakfast’ she laughed, interwining her fingers through mine and playing with my fingers.

‘LOUIS!’ I screamed and I felt Tayla sit up instantly.

‘Louis?’ she asked confused and stared at the empty door way until Louis appeared. He was carrying a wooden tray filled with Eggs, Bacon, Croissants and orange juice.

‘Happy Aniversary Guys’ Louis giggled as he placed the tray on my lap and Tayla snuggled up close to me again.

‘Thanks Louis’ she smiled at him with her adorable eyes.

‘that’s alright, Harry was too lazy to get out of bed anyway. See you later’ then he was gone.

‘I can’t believe you made Lou do this’ she looked down in awe, placing a piece of bacon into her mouth and chewing slowly.

‘he offered, I swear’ I lied. Of course he didn’t offer, I had to beg him but I didn’t want to waste time making breakfast when I could be spending that time with Tayla.

Taylas point of view


‘are you ready?’ Harry called from outside the bedroom. He was worried we were going to be late to where ever we were going. He still refused to tell me what he had planned.

‘im coming dear’ I teased as I slid out of the bedroom, flattening the front of my dress. I was wearing a light purple silky dress, that sat just below my knees and straps hung loosely over my shoulder.

‘wow’ Harry sighed, staring at me. I felt my face go bright red. He still made me embarrassed.

‘oh shut up’ I giggled, nudging past him. I felt his hand touch my arm and instantly pull me around.

‘you look gorgeous’ he moaned, slamming his lips onto mine. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck as he placed his around my waist, pulling me closer towards him.

‘don’t we have to go’ I whispered as we came up for air.

‘just in a minute’ he chuckled, softly kissing my neck. I felt chills run down my spine and hands shake nervously.

‘come on, lets go’ I yanked his hand and pulled him out the door.

‘you don’t even know where we are going’ he laughed, grabbing my hand and interlocking his fingers through mine.

We walked outside and there stood a beautiful white limo, I opened my mouth in amazement.

‘Harry, you didn’t have to’ I sighed, I hated when he spent too much money on me.

‘yes, yes I did’ he smirked placing his hand out in front me, gesturing me to go first.

‘Tayla, nice to see you’ Paul greeted me as I stepped into the car.

‘Its nice to see you too Paul’ I smiled up at him. Harry slid in after me and sat really close to my nervous body. I didn’t know what to expect from tonight and that made me excited but at the same time extremely nervous.

Harrys Point Of View.

I felt her hand nervously shaking as I took it in mine, leading her out of the car. As she looked up and realized where we were, a big grin flew across her face.

‘no, Harry…’ she laughed, wrapping her arm around me.

‘oh yes’ I kissed her on the cheek as a man opened the entrance door for us. We were at Mcdonalds, but there was no one else inside. I had booked out the whole entire store for the evening and hired professional waiters to serve us. Mcdonalds wasn’t exactly the ideal 3 year aniversay dinner venue, but this wasn’t just any Mcdonalds. This is where we met, 3 years ago and this is where I wanted to propose.

‘I cant believe you did this’ she still looked amazed, walking around the small restaurant. ‘I cant believe you remembered’ she turned to face me, holding her hands up to her cheek as a tear ran down her face.

I walked up to her slowly, wiping the tear from her red cheek and kissing it gently.

‘of course I remembered’ I replied as a waiter walked over to us, sitting us at a table near the window.

‘this isn’t…’ she laughed again, looking around the familiar restaurant.

‘oh yes, it is’ we were sitting at the table where we met, the first time we shared a glance and the first time I made her laugh.

‘this is so sweet’ she leant across the table and kissed me softly on the lips.

‘did you want to order?’ a waiter asked, standing close by.

‘yes, just 2 small cheeseburger meals please, both with coke’ I laughed because I knew she hated when I ordered for her.

‘I’ll let that one slide’ she winked at me as I leant across the table to grab her hand.

‘your such a romantic, Harry Styles’ she giggled as I agreed.

We ate our dinner, making small conversation like we did when we first met.

It was time, the waiter came over, cleared our plates and she still laughed at the idea of a waiter in Mcdonalds.

She was about to get up and leave when I grabbed her hand.

‘just wait’ I said. She looked down at me confused.

‘Harry, what are you doing on the groun…’ she started to say before tears started to well up in her eyes.

‘Tayla Hetherington, I love you. I’ve loved you ever since you smiled at me from across this table. You’re the only person that truly makes me happy and I don’t want to spend a single second without you in my life…’ I took a deep breath and she smiled widely.

‘keep going’ she persisted and so I did as I was told.

‘will you marry me?’ I asked, pulling out a black velvet box. I opened the box slowly, waiting for Tayla to reply.

‘YES!’ she screamed as I pulled the ring out and placed it on her finger.

Taylas point of view

It was a big, beautiful, silver diamond ring. It fit perfectly on my ring finger and glimmered in the light. Everything felt perfect.

*the next morning*

I tossed and I turned all night. I couldn’t help but think..
what if I made a mistake saying yes? I was only 25, I still needed to travel… I still needed to find myself.

In a panic I jumped out of bed, careful not to wake Harry and quickly pack my bags. I shoved anything and everything I could find of mine in a small suitcase.

I grabbed a pen and paper, and wrote and wrote.

Harry, I love you.

I scrunched up that piece of paper. Nothing I was going to write was ever going to be good enough.

‘I cant do this’ is all I wrote on the piece of paper. I placed it on the pillow beside him, resting the ring on top. He was never going to forgive me for this, but I hope one day he will.

And then I left, closing the door behind me. It felt like I was leaving behind a whole entire life, a life I could have had.

Harrys Point of View.

I woke up suddenly, when I realized Tayla wasn’t in the bed next to me. I looked around the room until I saw her rings sitting on the pillow beside me. I reached over and picked up the ring, holding in my shaking hands. i began to read the note..

‘I cant do this’ is all it said. 4 words, 4 horrible words. 

I quickly rang her mobile, no answer. She was really gone. I felt my heart ache and tears well up in my eyes. She was gone. I curled up in a ball and just layed on my bed.
i couldnt bare to believe it, I had to call Daphni was the first thought that came to my mind.

*end of flash back*


well thats the end of the chapter. really hope you liked it. 


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