Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


15. special treatment.



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Daphnis Point Of View

*5 days before the wedding*

I hated seeing Harry look at me with worry, it took every ounce of my strength to make him leave last night… he was worried that if he left then Derek would come home and hurt me again. I cringed at the thought of Dereks hand flying towards my face.

I forgave him, remember you forgave him Dapnhi.

I kept repeating to myself whenever I was in doubt. Which seemed to be a lot lately, doubting my relationship with Derek was the something I couldn’t get out of my head then he would walk through the front door and the doubt would drift away.

‘Honey, im home’ he laughed before quickly apologizing. ‘oh my god, im sorry’ I heard him sigh as he placed down his briefcase and started to walk towards me.

He still made me nervous, his gorgeous smile made me weak in the knees but something new was forming, something I wasn’t used to… fear.

‘Hello sweetheart’ I said with a steady voice. I couldn’t help but jerk way when he tried to reach up and place his hand on my cheek. I could tell every time I moved I was breaking his heart and that killed me.

‘Daphni…’ He wept reaching out towards me.

‘Derek, im sorry… I cant let you do that yet’ I felt a single salty tear drop fall onto my lip, I quickly wiped it away with my sleeve.

‘are you scared of me?’ he asked now crying, I felt my knees wobble and suddenly I dropped to the floor. I couldn’t stand seeing him like this, I knew he was truly sorry for what happened but that didn’t change the fact that I was now scared of my own fiancée.

‘I don’t…know’ I stuttered holding my head in hands as my temples throbbed.

‘babe please, It wont happen again’ he said as he choked on his tears. Leaning down towards me, holding my hands in his, shaking.

‘I love you, you know that… but its hard, hard for me’ I fell into his arms and he held me tightly, wrapping his arms around my whole body and crying over my shoulder.

I wanted to trust him, dam it.

‘I trust you’ I lied watching his face brighten up and that filled my heart with warmth.

‘you do?’ I now heard the hope in his voice and that made me happy… not scared.

‘yes, of course I do… lets put this behind us’ I offered standing up and holding out my hand. He took it slowly smiling up at me.

‘I love you Daphni’ he quickly embraced me.

‘I love you too Derek’ suddenly feeling uncomfortable in my fiancées arms.

2 hours later

‘so do you Wanna watch a movie? Harry asked placing his hand onto the spot next to him on the couch, smirking at me.

‘yeah okay’ I agreed sitting next to him and snuggling up close to his body. Harry made me feel safe, the warmth from his body made me feel secure and I couldn’t help but go weak whenever I caught a whiff of his cologne, not too strong but not too weak, a nice musky scent.

‘so hows Derek going?’ he asked pressing play on the DVD player. I could feel his body tighten up when he asked.

‘yeah he is actually going really well, we both had a little bit of a breakdown today but its good… his spending time with his sister tonight’ I smiled at thought of Belle. Belle was Dereks sister and she is the most lovely person I have ever met, it was hard to believe that she once herself got abused by her ex-husband.

‘Oh Belle, she’s lovely isn’t she… oh my god, I forgot to tell you, when I came over the other night I came over for a reason…’ he spoke seriously and I immediately sat up intrigued and worried.

‘What? What happened Harry?’ I asked with a panicked expression on my face. I think Harry noticed because he chuckled before speaking…

‘No, no… nothing to worry about its just that I was speaking to Louis and Liam, and Danielle and Eleanor are really upset that they aren’t apart of the wedding’ he looked at me now scared for my reaction.

‘what, yes they are!’ I snapped realizing that with everything that has been going on I forgot to tell Dan and El that are were bridesmaids. ‘oh my god, I forgot to tell them…’ I sighed leaning back on the sofa and sliding my phone out of my pocket.

‘Danielle babe, its Daphni…’ I spoke cheerfully.

‘oh hey’ she sounded upset.

‘IM SORRY!’ I screamed.

‘what?’ she laughed, sounding confused.

‘you and Eleanor are brides maids, I even had you booked in to get fitted Thursday for your dresses I just forgot to tell you… im so sorry, so much has been happening, forgive me?’ I giggled and then sighing with relief when she quickly forgave me.

‘of course darling, Eleanor is here now so I’ll let her know. See you Thursday’ she now sounded happier then she did when she answered the phone.

‘yes, see you beautiful girls Thursday’ I wrote that down quickly on my hand before I hung up the phone.

‘why did you write that on your hand when there was paper right there?’ Harry started to burst out laughing as I realized where the paper was.

‘oh shut up’ I playfully nudged him.

‘NEVER’ he jumped up off the couch and ran around the lounge room. I mimicked his actions and started to chase him.

‘oh Mr Styles, im going to get you’ I spoke jokingly while running around his apartment.

I finally caught him and chucked him onto the bed, I found that if I tickled him enough I had the power.

‘stop it Daph, come on…’ he spoke when he could finally breathe from laughing so hard.

‘alright… alright…’ I gave in and found that I was lying on top of him. He looked up at me, smiling and that made my tummy flip. I never actually noticed before how beautiful his eyes were, sparkling green emerald, it made weak. I couldn’t believe I was feeling like this, it was Harry.

‘Daphni, get off of me’ he chuckled but I could see the disappointment in his eyes…

why was he disappointed?




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