Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


21. shes like an angel.


thanks for the votes for the recent chapter guys! its what brought you this one... i hope you like it. :) xox


Chapter twenty one; shes like an angel.

Harrys point of view;

I had to get out of there, I couldn't do it. I couldn't stand there and be the supportive friend when I all wanted to do is grab her in my arms and kiss her sweet soft lips. I panted to the bathroom; I thought the bathroom would be a perfect place to hide. All of the girls were way too girly to even step inside.

I headed towards the sink, turning the tap on slowly and running my hands under the ice cold water. Splashing the water on my face and breathing in deeply.

'You can do this Harry, just pretend... it's for Daphni' I moaned, running my fingers through my rough curls.

'Pretend what Harry?' I heard a sad toned girl ask. Shit. It was Daphni. I turned to face the bathroom doorway, wiping away the water from my face.

'nothing' she looked worried as I stepped towards her, grabbing her trembling hands in mine. 'you look beautiful, you know' I sighed as she smiled widely at me.

'why did you walk away?' she asked, wrapping her arms around my waist and resting her head on my chest.

'I needed to go to the bathroom' I lied, hugging her back. I could smell the coconut from her hair and it made me weak. She always smelt incredible.

'Then why were you talking to yourself in the mirror, pretending something for me? Pretending what' she now looked furious. Releasing herself from me and taking a step back. 'Harry, what aren't you telling me?' she asked when I didn't answer.

What was I supposed to say... 'I LOVE YOU DAPHNI!'

But I couldn't, I couldn't tell her that. I couldn't plant this massive bomb on her. She was already stressed enough.

'its nothing Daph, I promise' I lied, feeling guilty. I always told Daphni the truth... it was so hard lying to her.

Daphnis point of view;

He stood there and lied. I could tell he was lying, we have been best friends for longer than 10 years. I know when he is lying.

'don't stand there and lie to me Hazz, I KNOW WHEN YOUR LYING' I screamed, I felt the fury build up inside of me.


'Daph, im not' I could hear the tears build up in his throat.

Was I pushing him too far?

I knew when he lied to me, he lied for good reason. But sometimes his judgment wasn't always perfect. Sometimes he thought he was proctecting me, when really he was saving me.

'alright, just tell me when you're ready' I decided to give in, I reached out and grabbed his soft hands. 'im always here if you need me'

Harry was still holding my hands, running his thumb up and down my palm playfully, I felt my whole body shiver with nerves. He pulled me closer towards him, breathing slowly. We were so close I could feel his warm gentle breath on my face, he wrapped his arms around my waist and my heart picked up speed, my stomach filled with butterflies. He stared into my eyes, as he rested his forehead against mine. I couldn't breathe...

Was he going to kiss me?


He removed one of his hands from my back and placed it around the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair. He breathe slowly, almost sighed... our noses were just touching and I felt my whole body ache.



I almost screamed until someone walked through the bathroom door...

Harrys point of view;

WHY! Why does someone always intrude at the wrong time? Daph and I nervously moved away from each other, staring towards the ground and refusing to make eye contact.

'WHAT!' I screamed as Monica popped her head inside.

'im sorry' she spoke almost regretfully. 'but Daphni, Derek is here..'

'oh ok, ill be there in a second' she looked at Monica, gesturing her to leave.

As Monica left, I slowly followed behind her. 'I better go Daph, tell Derek I said hi' I spoke, not looking back at her until I felt her hand reach out and grab my arm.

'Harry, no...' she spoke sternly.

'what Daph?' I asked moaning.

'not again' she whispered, pulling me towards her. My heart started to race, my eyes went blurry and I couldn't see straight.

'what?' I asked, as we were lip distance apart.

'don't talk' she breathed in slowly, removing a curl from my forehead.

'ok' I stupidly replied. She wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me closer towards her, our lips were just touching and I felt my whole body go weak.

'Daph?' I heard someone knock on the door outside.


'that's Derek' she pushed me off of her as Derek walked in, smiling widely.

'oh thank god she is in here with you, and not some other dude' Derek sighed in relief, gesturing towards me.

'oh yes, I'm going... talk to you later Daph' and I walked out of the bathroom, turning around to take one last look at Daphni. To take one last look at this moment and when I did she was staring at me. My heart stopped as Derek leant in and kissed her softly on the lips.

I should be the one that's doing that and Derek should be the one that's walking away.



sorry its so short guys, i didn't realize how short it was until i got home. :/ i hope you like though. comment & vote. xox

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