Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


19. she sees right through me.


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Harrys point of view.

*5 days before the wedding, 10pm*

‘Tayla, why are you calling me?’ I asked sternly, feeling uneasy about her response…

‘We need to talk, but I’d rather not do it over the phone… can I come over?’ she asked almost sounding like she was already out her door and on the street.

‘no Tayla, its late… come over tomorrow, around 9ish’ I moaned.

‘alright then, see you tomorrow Hazz’ she sounded almost cheerful.

‘don’t call me that’ I spoke through my teeth as I hung up the phone.

I climbed into bed, shielding my head with my blanket.

Who does she seriously think she is? Coming over to talk… ill give her a piece of my mind alright.

the next morning


I heard the door bell ring loudly in my ears.


Then I remembered. Slowly getting out of bed and slipping on my slippers I strolled to the door, not wanting to see who was on the other side. I peeked through the peep hole and sighed enormously.

‘Hi Tayla’ I greeted her as I flung open the door.

‘Harry!’ she screamed, wrapping her arms around me and then quickly releasing them as she realized I wasn’t hugging her back. ‘did I wake you?’ she asked, almost looking amused.

‘Yes, you did’ I said quickly shutting the door behind her and heading to the kitchen to make coffee. I was going to need a lot of caffeine if I was going to sit her and listen to her ‘talk’.

‘so how are you?’ she asked, following me towards the kitchen.

‘tired’ I laughed opened the cupboard and pulling out the coffee.

‘oh yeah, I can see that’ she laughed as she helped herself to a cup. ‘may i?’ she looked up at me and for once she didn’t make my heart race like it used to.

‘sure’ I scooped coffee into both of our cups and began to pour the water into the kettle, flicking the switch and watching it shake.

‘Look Harry, I know we end things badly but could you please just look at me for one second’ she wept and I immediately felt guilty. I pushed my anger aside for a second and looked straight at her.

‘Tayla, what do you want?’ I asked impatiently.

‘for you to forgive me… im sorry for what I did 3 years ago Hazz, but that was 3 years ago… im a completely different person now and I think that if you let me show you that then..’ I placed my finger up to her lips, forcing her to stop speaking.

‘then what Tayla? Did you seriously think you could come over and get me… get me back?’ I almost laughed. I looked over at Tayla who was standing there, running her fingers around the brim of the cup. I walked towards her and placed my arm around her shoulder, now whispering… ‘did you really think that would happen?’

‘Yes, is that such a bad thing?’ she now raised her voice as she stood back from me, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. Was she crying?


my phone buzzed on the bench beside us, I unlocked it and quickly scanned the message, a smile creasing at the side of my mouth. 

*Hey Hazz, I’ll be over in ten… we gotta do some major planning! Im so far behind! Xoxox Daph’

‘its Daphni’ I said as I started to reply.

*Hey Daph, yeah okay then. See you soon. Xoxo Haz’

‘Harry, please…’ Tayla now took my hands in hers as I placed my phone down on the bench.

‘I cant Tayla, I just don’t feel that way about you anymore’ I smiled sympathetically, as she lowered her hands and placed them in the pocket of her jeans…

‘oh… well I have just made a fool of myself’ she laughed, trying not to cry.

‘no, no, you didn’t… im glad you came. It made me realize how silly I was for being mad at you all this time’ I gave her a quick hug. I was glad that she came, I could finally put what happened 3 years ago behind me. I hated being mad at her… she used to be my best friend.


The doorbell rang and Tayla and I unlocked ourselves from each other.

‘I better get that…’ I said sliding out of the room. I sighed heavily when I reached the door. I opened the door slowly and saw Daphni smiling.

‘Daphni!’ I said as I let her inside.

‘Hey Hazz, why you so energetic?’ she asked as she placed her bag down on the coffee table and headed towards the kitchen. ‘I need a coffee’ she moaned.

Daphnis point of view.

I reached the kitchen to see Tayla making 3 coffees. I felt my heart stop… WHAT WAS SHE DOING HERE!

‘Harry, what is she doing here?’ I turned around to face him, only whispering.

‘Come here’ he said dragging me around the corner.

‘What, what is it?’ I asked leaning in closer towards him. We were now so close I could feel his warm breath on my face, I took a step back taking in a breath and trying to soothe my… butterflies. Harry smiled widely and began to speak…

‘She called last night, she wants to get back together’ he sighed, running his fingers through his curls.

‘WHAT!’ I raised my voice and Harry smacked his hands onto my lips.

‘shhhh will you, she’s only in the kitchen’ he moaned, rolling his eyes at me.

‘I noticed that’ I grumbled, sounding irritated.

‘whats the matter Daph, a little jealous?’ he teased, nudging me softly.

I almost said yes when I realized I shouldn’t be.

‘What… No’ I felt my tummy flip as he looked disappointed. ‘Are you getting back Together’ I asked scared of the answer.

‘No, no way’ he grinned almost too amused. Did he know I was jealous? How did he know, when I didn’t even know?

Was I jealous?

‘well good, she treated you badly Hazz’ I tried to remind him in hope it would turn him off her even more.

‘Daph, I know. Im not planning to get back together with her’ I could tell he was reassuring me, by the way he held my shoulders and stared into my eyes. I had to leave, I couldn’t be around them too. I didn’t even want to say hello to her.

‘Hey Daph’ I heard her bubbly voice ring in my ears.

‘TAYLA!’ I screamed, running towards her and wrapping my arms around her body. Pretending to be excited to see her was going to be hard.

Harrys point of view.

I saw Daphni cringe as Tayla hugged her back. Daphni wasn’t pleased to see her and I just couldn’t pin point why.

‘Well I better go… I have a wedding to plan’ Daphni spoke as she walked around the lounge room gathering her things.

‘Oh that’s right, your getting married. Congratulations’ Tayla smiled warmly as she helped Daphni gather her things.

‘You should come’ Daphni spoke and then rolled her eyes. I knew she didn’t mean to say that, but Daphni isn’t good at thinking on her feet.

‘Really, that would be great’ Tayla grinned, wrapping her arms around Daphnis shoulder.

‘You can come as Harry’s plus one’ I saw Daphnis face crease up in disgust as Tayla led her out the door.

‘Ok, see you then!’ Tayla opened the door and I waved to Daphni goodbye. As the door slammed shut Tayla’s facial expression changed to amusement.

‘I KNEW IT!’ she shook her head laughing. ‘I can’t believe I didn’t notice before…’ she giggled again.

‘What Tayla?’ I asked intrigued following her into the kitchen and watching her sip her coffee.

‘You love her don’t you?’ she asked, almost looking upset but also looking pleased with herself that she figured it out.

‘What, who?’ I asked pretending not to realize she was talking about Daphni.

‘Daph… you love Daph’ I could feel her mocking smile on her face.

‘Yes’ I knew I couldn’t lie to her. she just knew me so well. 



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