Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


20. second thoughts.



well here is the next chapter, i really hope you enjoy it.... 


Daphnis point of view

*4 days before the wedding, 10am*

‘Honey, im home’ I sighed as I closed the door behind me. Seeing Tayla again made my stomach uneasy. I hated the fact Harry was welcoming her back into his life with open arms. I couldn’t understand it. He crushed her, why didn’t he care all of a sudden?

‘Hey Sweetheart’ Derek embraced me in his arms and kissed my cheek gently. He had stopped drinking lately and became the Derek I knew and loved. ‘Wait, where’s Harry?’ he asked confused to see he wasn’t with me.

‘Taylas back… and I thought I better leave them to catch up. his coming over later, in about in hour or so’ I shook Derek off of me and ran my fingers through my hair.

All I could think about was Harry and Tayla.

‘Oh, is that the same Tayla that broke his heart three years ago? Whats he doing with her’ Derek followed me into the kitchen looking confused as I was.

‘I don’t even know. Looks like he forgave her’ I moaned pouring the coffee into the closest cup.

‘Your not too pleased with that, are you?’ Derek laughed as he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. ‘I understand babe, but Harry obviously has forgiven her… maybe you should too’ he then grabbed the milk out of the fridge and poured it into my cup.

‘Maybe your right…’ I sighed taking a big sip and resting my head in my hands.

‘Everything will be fine…’ Derek spoke slowly as he headed to the bedroom. ‘Im going to get fitted today with the boys, as in Louis and that’ he screamed once he was in the bedroom and I sighed with relief. Thank god it wasn’t his other ‘BOYS’.

‘Ok, well I will just see you when I get back then?’ I asked taking a seat on the stool that sat below the bench. I ran my fingers carefully around the brim of the mug.

What if Harry and Tayla got back together?

Was the only thought that was on my mind…


Harrys Point of view

*4 days before the wedding, 11am*

I paced up and down the hallway hesitating to opening the door. I wanted to tell Daphni today, Tayla was right behind me encouraging me. I had to tell Daphni how I felt, and it had to be today.

‘Go on Hazz, knock on the door’ Tayla giggled from behind me.

‘I cant; she’s getting married in 4 days Tayla! I cant tell her… I love her. Do you know how stupid that would sound’ I felt my heart race and my cheeks redden thinking about Daphnis reaction.

‘Oh far out Harry’ Tayla groaned as she banged on the door.

‘What was that for?’ I asked as I stood there nervously.

‘Well you weren’t going to do it’ she laughed, taking a step back and holding my arm. ‘Everything is going to be fine’ she tried to reassure me.

We heard someone heading towards the door giggling.

‘Harry!’ she opened the door with Derek dangling off her waist.

‘Daph’ I sighed taking a step inside and pulling Tayla in with me. As soon as Tayla stepped inside I saw Daphnis face turn from joy to disgust.

‘Oh Tayla, hello’ she giggled as Derek kissed her neck. ‘Derek stop, we have guests. Aren’t you suppose to be leaving anyway’ she asked as she shoved him off of her only to pull him around and kiss him on the lips. I felt my tummy knot up and my first clench together. I hated seeing them all couple like.

‘Yes I do, bye folks. Bye Harry, pleasure to meet you Tayla’ he spoke as he slid out the door.

‘Where are the girls?’ I asked noticing neither Danielle or Eleanor were here.

‘They are all meeting us there’ Daphni said as she gathered up her thins.

‘All?’ I asked following her around the lounge room as Tayla stood awkwardly at the door.

‘Yes, all of them. Dan, El, Mon, Lil and Jayme’ she smiled as she turned around to face me. Poking me gently in the chest. ‘Lily will be there, how exciting for you’ she rolled her eyes and laughed.

‘Oh yes, I just love Lily’ I spoke sarcastically as I watched her slide her handbag onto her shoulder.

‘Shall we go?’ she asked as she led us out the door and into her car.

Lily is what I needed today, to see if Daphni would get jealous like she did before. I needed to tell her today, I just didn’t know how too.

Daphnis point of view;

I could see the way Tayla looked at him. It almost sett me off, I felt the rage build up inside of me and I didn’t understand why. The past couple of days I have been thinking about Harry a lot, about how much he has helped me get through the difficult times and how he was there for me when Derek wasn’t.


Oh how I wish we kissed. I feel almost guilty when I think that, but then I realize that he nearly kissed me as well.

‘So Daphni, are you excited about the wedding?’ Tayla asked as we reached the bridal shop.

‘Of course’ I lied. Truth is I was nervous, and not the happy the kind. I kept having second thoughts, that maybe Derek wasn’t right for me. Then he would say the right thing or do something special and the thoughts would disappear. We walked through the shop and sat patiently in the waiting room. it was a very dressy place, lounges seated out and coffees available for those who needed it.

‘Im excited to see it in action, I haven’t been to a wedding in ages’ she moaned, wrapping her arm through Harry’s. I quivered at the sight. Doesn’t she realize Harry isn’t interested!

‘Daph!’ I heard the voice of a 16-year-old scream. Must be Lily. I turned around to see that Harry had already greeted her at the door and walked her in.

‘Lil!’ I laughed, hugging her tightly when she finally reached me.

‘So how the hell are you?’ she asked now wrapping her arm through Harrys.

WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Why was everyone dangling off Harrys arms!

Harry’s point of view;

It wasn’t long after Lily arrived that Monica and Jayme followed after, then Danielle and Eleanor. The girls all gathered together, hugging and laughing, whispering and giggling. Tayla eventually joined in the conversation when she had to try on her bride’s maid dress.

‘go on, try it on’ Daphni shoved her into the dressing room with  a grin spreading across her face. ‘all you too as well, I want to show Harry the bridal party’ she stood outside the dressing room beside me.

‘Then you will have to try on this’ Monica assisted, handing Daphni her wedding dress. I’ve only seen Daph in it once but from what I can remember she looked beautiful, beyond words.

‘Yes, I want to see EVERYBODY!’ I pushed Daphni into the change room and waited for them to appear out of there again.

‘Are you girls ready?’ Daphni asked from behind the curtain.

‘Yes’ they all replied as they walked out from behind the curtains.

The bride’s maids wore long green dresses, just hanging above their ankles with thing straps that just hung loosely over their shoulders. Monica, the maid of honor wore a light blue dress that just hung below her knees, the straps were tied up around her neck and the whole dress was silky smooth.         

Daphni had good taste, they all looked beautiful.

‘You girls look amazing!’ I smiled as they all slightly blushed.

‘Come on, Daphni… your go!’ they all encouraged her to step out of the dressing room and finally she did.

As soon as I caught a glimpse of her my heart started to race. I couldn’t move a single muscle… I was memorized. She looked gorgeous. Her hair sat neatly on her shoulders and she blushed while I stared, patting the front of her dress. She turned around to face the mirror, tears welling up in her eyes.

Daphnis point of view;

I could see Harry’s facial expression in the reflection behind me. It was the facial expression every girl dreamed about a guy giving her. He was completely out of breath and I felt my body shake. Tears started to well up in my eyes as I saw the two of us in the mirror. Is that what it feels like when people say…

You will know when you his right for you. You will just have this feeling.

That I did. I felt a strange numbness in my entire body as the girls all fell over me, wrapping their arms around me and crying as well.

‘You look beautiful’ they all spoke in sync and when I turned around to ask Harry what he thought… he was gone.



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