Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


12. im in love with my bestfriend..


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so heres chapter twelve... hope you like it.


Harrys point of view;

*1 year before the wedding*

Chapter twelve; meeting Derek.

I heard Wendy invite them in and I felt chills run up my spine. I hadn’t seen Daphni for over 6 months and I was over the top excited. The boys were pretty excited as well but I knew they weren’t as excited as I was.

‘Guys’ she smiled widely staring at all of us. I felt my heart stop as she walked into the room. She looked even more beautiful than she did when she left.

‘Lily, Monica, Jayme, Eleanor, Danielle!’ she screamed in a high pitched voice, giggling and hugging them tightly. The girls took their seats back onto the sofa and snuggled up closely to their boyfriends. In which case, Lily snuggled up closely next to me. What was going on between Lily and I was hard to explain. But I really enjoyed her company.

‘HAZZZZZZZZZZ!’ Daphni screamed as I jumped up to hug her, picking her up and spinning her around.

‘DAPH!!!!!!!!” I yelled back.

‘ummm..’ I heard someone cough behind Daph as I placed her down.

‘oh, Derek… this is Harry’ I saw her smile widen as she mentioned my name. For some reason they made my stomach flip in the oddest ways.

‘Derek, nice to meet you… I’ve heard nothing but good things’ I politely shook his hand as he grunted at me.

‘Same here Harry’ he took a seat on the couch and Daphni joined him after she hugged the rest of the boys.

‘It’s so good to see you guys, I missed you all so much’ Daphni spoke slowly staring at me. The way she stared at me sent my tummy upside down. I felt butterflies fill my belly and I wrapped my arms around my stomach for comfort.

‘you alright darling?’ Mrs Butterworth asked as a worried expression flew across my face.

‘yes of course’ I tried to squeeze out a laugh.

‘Daphni, how was Italy?’ Louis asked holding his head in his hands curiously and nudging Niall.

‘Yeah Daph, tell us everything!’ Niall spoke mimicking Louis’s action.

‘well, it was wonderful’ Daphni smirked staring up at Derek and pecking him on the lips. Watching them kiss made me feel ill; I couldn’t bare the sight of them. I started to feel things I haven’t felt before, like jealously. I’ve never been jealous of any of Daphnis boyfriends before, why now?

‘Hazz, you really look ill’ Daph laughed and I felt my breath get caught in my chest as she laughed her glorious laugh.

‘Um… excuse me’ I jumped up out of my sit slowly followed by Liam.

‘Harry’ I heard him whisper behind me.

‘HELP ME!’ I whispered back shaking him.

‘whats going on?’ he asked concerned.

‘whats happening?’ Louis asked walking into the kitchen followed by Niall, then Zayn.

‘Vas Happenin?’ Zayn laughed but quickly changed his facial expression to worry.

‘I don’t know… one minute I cant wait to see Daphni, now all I want to do is leave... I feel sick every time he touches her’ I sighed and rested my head on the kitchen bench.

‘oh….’ They are said in sync.

‘WHAT?’ I asked annoyed.

‘its happened...’ Louis laughed as the others walked back into the living room.

‘whats happened Lou?’ I asked raising one eyebrow at him angrily.

‘you have finally fell in love with Daphni’ he rested one hand on my shoulder for support.

‘what, me… love her… you cant be serious’ I could barely get the words out as I started to put the pieces together. I found that I started to lose my breath being around her, that the moment she walked through the door this afternoon I couldn’t take my eyes of her, that every time Derek would touch her I would cringe…. I felt butterflies.

‘What’s going on in here?’ Daphni asked almost looking angry.

I felt my mood brighten as she walked into the room. I smiled widely and she smiled straight after. Her smile made my heart race and my nervs sky rocket. Louis walked out of the kitchen without saying one word and I just stood there staring at Daphni.

‘Hazz, are you okay?’ she asked placing one hand on my arm and staring into my eyes. Her touch sent chills down my spine.

‘yes, im perfectly fine’ I replied realizing Louis was right.

‘oh good, come back in here and soothe my dad… his always cheerful when your around and his starting to scare Derek’ she grabbed my hand and I felt the butterflies build up.

Boy, was I in trouble.  

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