Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


16. i want to kiss the girl.


another chapter because i really really really wanted to share this one. i really hope you enjoy it! :) 



*Harrys point of view*

5 days before the wedding.

Daphni slowly hoped off of me and I felt the disappointment hang over me like a bad disease.

‘um, should we go back to watching the movie?’ she asked, now awkwardly standing at my bedroom door.

‘yeah that sounds great!’ I spat out way too quickly.

Did I sound too eager?

‘well alright then’ her face brightened up after my reply.

I walked behind her pace fully heading back to the lounge room, watching her every step and how her hair sat neatly down her back. I was now so close to her body I could smell the coconut from her hair.

‘are you ghosting me or something?’ she laughed turning around and smirking widely up at me.

‘um, what if I am?’ I teased shoving her onto the sofa. ‘come on, let’s watch this dam movie’ I moaned pressing play on the DVD player… again. She snuggled up close to my body, sending my heart right out of my chest and making my tummy fill with butterflies. Im not sure if she noticed but every time she moved closer to me, chills ran down my spine.

I hated that I was this close to her and I couldn’t just yank her up in my arms and kiss her passionately on the lips.

Man, I wanted to kiss her soft lips.

She stared very closely at the tv, almost like she was trying not to miss a single second of the movie. We were watching The Notebook.

The most romantic movie of all time and I couldn’t kiss her.

‘Harry, wanna make some popcorn?’ she asked nuzzling her head in my neck.

‘sure’ I jumped up frantically, I needed a break from that close proximity.

I dawdled into the kitchen, trying to take up as much time as I could.


I watched as the popcorn spun around and around in the microwave.

These movies nights were an annual thing, two best friends… sitting together, watching a movie and talking about our problems. But it had become a lot harder ever since I started to have feelings for her because now all I want to do is tell her how I feel. Every minute with her is torture and every minute without her is torture.

‘HARRY, WHERE IS THAT BLOODY POPCORN! It’s the best bit, with the swans in the lake, come on…’ she called out excitedly.

I snatched the bag out of the microwave and quickly poured it into the closest ball I could find. ‘coming’ I yelled back racing back into the lounge room and jumping onto the couch.

‘I want a Noah and Allie relationship’ she sighed, once again snuggling up next to me.

‘what about Derek, isn’t he your Noah?’ I asked confused that she had obviously forgotten about him.

‘oh right, yeah he is’ but I could hear the lies in her voice.

‘Daph, whats wrong?’ I asked pausing the movie and turning my body to face her.

‘is he my Noah?’ she asked staring deeply into my eyes.


‘yes, of course his your Noah’ I smiled weakly.

‘yeah, your right… of course he is’ but I could still see it, the doubt in her eyes.

‘Daph, are you having second thoughts?’ I asked only hoping she would say yes.

‘im not.. I don’t…’ she sighed, staring up at me. I felt our bodys move closer together until we were lip distance apart, I could smell her rose like perfume and the coconut from her hair. She smiled nervously and I knew that this was it, we were going to kiss. She leant in a little further, breathing slowly and chills rushed down my spine… I leant In a little more and our noses were just touching. I felt the electricity bounce off the walls and I just wanted to grab her in my arms, I was going to grab her in my arms until….

‘MOVIE NIGHT!’ we heard people bounding on my front door.

Daphni and I shot away from each other like lightning. Nervously looking around the room and refusing to look at each other. I felt the disappointment build up even more and then the fury.


‘just hold that thought’ I bolted to the door and opened it slighty….

‘MOVIE NIGHT, MOVE NIGHT, MOVE NIGHT’ they chanted before barging past me.

‘The Notebook’ Danielle awed as she sat down next to the Daphni.

‘this is my all-time favourite movie’ Eleanor laughed jumping over the sofa and sitting next to Danielle.

‘I know, we have watched it like a zillion times’ Louis groaned taking his spot next to Eleanor and wrapping his arm around her body.

‘its still a really good movie’ Liam argued sitting next to Danielle and tangling his fingers through hers.

‘I’ll second that, snacks anyone?’ Niall offered chucking the snacks on the coffee table sitting in front of the sofa.

‘yes, I love Rachel Mcadams!’ Zayn screamed grabbing drinks and cups.

‘Harry, come sit down?’ Louis stared at me with a confused expression on his face.

‘mate, can I talk to you for a second…’ I spoke through my teeth and Louis immedatiely got up and headed towards me. We walked into my bedroom and I slammed the door shut.

‘what the hell are you doing?’ I asked almost spitting on Louis face I was so furious. I swear Daphni and I were about to have a moment.

‘what do you mean, Daphni messaged us earlier and said…

Movie Night at Harrys, everyone is invited. Xo

‘she did?’ I asked almost upset. Well of course she did, she wanted her friends to distract her from thinking about Derek.

‘why? Did we interrupt something?’ Louis asked sarcastically.

‘yes’ I stared down at my feet almost feeling guilty. Daphni is engaged.

‘HARRY! What are you thinking, she is engaged…. To be married, in five days’ Louis annoyingly reminded me.

‘I know, you don’t think I know this Lou? Its killing me, im counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds, ITS KILLING ME’ I screamed before my eyes started to well up.

I held my head in my hands frustratingly waiting for Lou to speak.

‘Harry, you have to go back out there and pretend like nothing is wrong and nothing happened… shes engaged’ he kept reminding me and I wanted to punch him in the face.

‘I KNOW SHE’S ENGAGED LOU, CHRIST. STOP REMINDING ME’ I yelled, surprising myself.

I’ve been that mad at Lou in my life. 


well thats the end of chapter sixteen, please please please vote and tell me what you thought. i'd really love to know. 

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