Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


14. i could kill him.


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Harrys point of view;

Chapter fourteen;

*6 days before the wedding*

It had been 10 whole minutes and I was still impatiently pounding on Daphnis front door.

‘Daphni Butterworth, open this bloody door’ I kept repeating over and over but she refused to open it.

‘alright, im coming’ she spoke swiftly.

‘Daphni, what the hell was that?’ I asked stepping inside her apartment as she finally opened the door.

‘oh nothing, I just had to clean myself up’ she blushed.

‘what, you don’t have to clean yourself up for me’ I looked at her confused. She never cleaned herself up for me, ever. One time she opened her apartment door with a clay mask smothered across her face.

‘yeah I know, but today I wanted too’ she pressed her soft hands up to her cheek. What was that… whats that on her cheek.

‘DAPHNI! Whats that?’ I spoke in a gentle voice walking towards her before pulling her the hand away that was guarding her cheek.

‘nothing’ she looked down at the ground, refusing to look up at me.

‘Daphni…’ I spoke slowly, trying not to sound concerned.

‘it was an accident’ I could hear her choke on her tears.

‘what happened?’ I asked dragging her towards the sofa.

‘listen Hazz, I don’t wanna talk about it’ she wrapped her arms around her body like a barrier.

‘no Daph, we are talking about this’ I sounded so angry I almost scared myself.

‘alright, but please don’t be mad’ she looked up at me with tears welling up in her eyes. She looked scared and that made my tummy flip.

‘I wont’ I wrapped my arms around her shaking body and waited for her to speak.

‘well… Derek came home one night’ she paused and I cringed at Dereks name. ‘and he was drunk…’ she began to weep and I held my embrace around her tighter. ‘and we got into a fight about him drinking all the time and he… he.. he didn’t mean to Harry okay…’ she looked up at me now with worry in her eyes. ‘he hit me’ she sighed, placing her head in her hands and crying.

‘HE WHAT!’ I jumped up off the sofa, clenching my fists together. I could feel the fury build up inside of me. I wanted to hit him, I was going to hit him.

‘Harry, you said you wouldnt get mad’ she was now bawling her eyes out and that look on her face made all the anger I was feeling disappear.

‘I know, im sorry Daph’ I sat down next to her and just stared at the glass coffee table sitting in front of us.

‘Harry’ she wrapped her arm through mine and rested her head on my shoulder. ‘Please don’t be mad at Derek, he didn’t mean too’ she now kissed my cheek gently and I felt the chills run down my spine.

‘you cant ask me to do that, you cant ask me not to be mad at the person that abused my best friend…I’ll pretend im not mad… for you, and for you only’ I spoke in a whisper, trying to hold back my anger and tears. I couldn’t believe Derek would do this.

‘thank you, Hazz’ she hugged me tightly and I just turned around to give her a sympathetic smile. I couldn’t bare to see her like this and every ounce of me wanted to run out of this apartment and bash Derek until he would no longer move but I knew that Daphni would never forgive me. Shes the one that matters and I’ll always be there for her.

‘Daphni, I’ll always be here for you and I’ll do anything you want me to do… but if he does it again… I will hurt him’ I said sternly.

‘I know you will, because I’ll be right behind you egging you on’ she winked. I just laughed, she looked dazzling when she smiled and I hated that Derek was taking that smile away from her.

i promised I wouldn’t get mad at him for Daphni, but I never promised I wouldn’t hurt him and i promise myself that I will punish him if he hurts her again



well thats the end of the chapter, hope you guys liked it.


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