Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


6. chapter six; flirtatious Lily.


Harrys Point of View Chapter Six; *10am, 1 month before the wedding* ‘Harry… Hey!’ Daphni greeted me at the door with a soft hug. ‘Hey Daph, where’s the gang’ I laughed as I saw Lily standing not so far behind her. Lily was standing there smiling at me flirtatiously and I couldn’t help but laugh. She was a helpless flirt but apparently that’s what we had in common. She always made me smile and I found she was just fun to be around. I also liked the jealous look Daphni would give us whenever Lily would stroke my arm or nudge me gently.

‘HARRY’ Lily screamed and jumped into my arms. ‘Lil’ I laughed hugging her back. ‘Oh far out, lets get something done’ Monica screamed from the couch. ‘its lovely to see you too Mon’ I smiled at her when Lily finally let me go. ‘sorry Harry, its really good to see you’ she managed to squeeze a smile as she stood up to hug me. ‘its really good to see you to, been a long time Mon’ I hugged her back. Monica is the only family member of Daphnis that knows how I feel about her. Monica found out about how I feel about Daphni shortly after I realized it. It was at hers and Samuel’s anniversary party. (Samuel is her husband and they have been together for nearly 2 years now) I don’t remember it all too well because I was completely wasted but I do remember Mon confronting me the next morning and making me tell her everything. She was a very persuasive person when she wanted to be. Monica pulled me into the kitchen with that worried look in her eyes. ‘this cant be easy for you’ she whispered as she was dragging me by the arm. ‘Mon, im fine…’ I lied. ‘Harry, you really don’t have to lie to me… I know your not, I can see the way you still look at her… it’s the way Sam looks at me’ she smirked enormously at the mention of Samuels name. ‘I just don’t want to talk about… or even think about it for that matter… but thanks heaps for worrying’ I winked at her before quickly hugging her then making my way back into the living room. ‘Wheres Derek?’ I asked noticing he wasn’t anywhere I could see. ‘he left when everyone arrived, he wanted to spend time with the guys’ Monica laughed at the concept, she still thought it was funny when Derek referred to his friends as the boys, or the guys or his bros.  

As I walked into the living room Lily already had her eyes latched on me. ‘Harry, come sit here’ Lily was tapping the spot next to her on the couch while looking up at me like a helpless puppy. ‘Um, sure’ I gave in to her puppy eyes and sat next to her. Being around Lily made me feel like I was sixteen all over again… ‘Feel like I haven’t seen you for ages’ Lily giggled as she placed her hands on my leg, gently stroking my thigh. I jerked her hand off my thigh and replied ‘Yeah, I know’ ‘so, how have you been’ she asked running her fingers through my curls. She had that annoying tendency to always touch me. I didn’t particularly mind because Lily was gorgeous and some harmless flirting never hurt anyone but the way Daphni was staring at us, so intently, like she was about to attack Lily if she touched me again made me feel… guilty. ‘Pretty good, yourself gorgeous?’ I asked as I took Lilys hand out of my hair and placed it on my leg. Then again… if flirting with Lily made Daphni so uneasy wouldn’t that mean because she was jealous? ‘oh Hazz’ she blushed slightly and snuggled closer towards me. I looked over at Daphni who was no longer looking at us but was staring at Monica as she was chatting about the wedding. ‘So lilies? I think lilies will look lovely’ Monica explained pointing at numerous amounts of pictures in ‘The Wedding Bible’… well that’s what Jayme called it anyway. ‘l think lilies will be perfect’ Daphni agreed with Monica before speaking again… ‘Hazz, can I see you’ she looked over at Lily and I and then quickly jerked her head away. Lily had her arm around my neck and was whispering in my ear ‘you’re in trouble’ ‘Yeah sure Daph’ I unlatched Lily from around my neck and followed Daphni into the kitchen.

‘Feel like we haven’t spoken since you came… what did Monica want before’ Daphni asked while she was browsing through the fridge pulling out all different kind of snacks. Biscuits, Grapes, Dips and of course Skittles. Shit, she was asking about Monica… ‘Um, nothing’ I decided to steer her off the topic… ‘So what about Lily aye, she is pretty full on… is she seeing anyone?’ Crap, why would I ask that? Like I even care if she is… ‘um, no… were you interested?’ Daph asked, refusing to look up at me. ‘Heck no Daph, don’t even know why I asked’ I confessed. ‘Oh good’ she sighed with relief. ‘Good?’ I asked hoping to strangle something out of her. ‘Um…’ she started to blush and I could feel my tummy filling up with butterflies. ‘it’s good because I think you could do so much better than her’ ‘but isn’t she your friend?’ I asked confused. ‘yes, but we all know she is a slut’ she smirked up at me. ‘oh Daph, your such a lovely person’ I laughed taking her in my arms and tickling her. ‘Haz! Stop it’ she absolutely cracked up. ‘what is going on in here? We need to get some work done’ we both heard Monica groaning before she even entered the kitchen. ‘Nothing’ we both stood there innocently. ‘guys, come on… this is serious, stop being cute and come help’ she shook her head but smiled as she took the snacks out to the others. ‘us… being cute… what is she on about?’ Daphni looked at me confused and lightly nudged me in the stomach. ‘It’s nothing… anything… nothing’ I chocked struggling a little to breath.  

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