Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


7. chapter seven; the beast unleashed.


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Daphnis Point Of View;

*11am; 3 weeks before the wedding*  

‘Im so glad you are finally getting this wedding dress debacle over and done with’ Derek moaned sitting on the bed next to me as I placed my heels onto my feet.  ‘I know hun, it feels like it’s been forever’ I gently kissed him on the cheek as I grabbed my handbag off the bed and headed for the door.  ‘it’s not that… I just think the amount of stress you have gone through over it is silly’ Derek now sounded irritated and that really made me annoyed.  ‘well it is our wedding day… IM THE BRIDE!’ I snapped. Derek and I have been fighting for at least a whole week now. It started the day the girls and Harry were over to help me finalize the wedding plans. He came home from his day out with the ‘boys’ totally wasted; he couldn’t even make it through the door without tripping over.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *where the fighting began*

‘Babe’ I heard Derek yell uneasily from the front door. ‘I‘m home!’

‘JUST IN HERE’ I called from the kitchen as I poured some pasta source into a pot and turned the stove up to full blast.  ‘oh Hunny, your cooking’ he smiled at me adorably.

‘love, have you been drinking?’ I laughed as he walked slowly over to me kissing me on the lips; I could smell the grog from his breath.

‘NO!’ he placed one finger up to his mouth and pouted whilst blinking. He was the type of drunk that went into total child mode. He would pull all the adorable faces and speak the baby talk. He would chuck tantrums and he would occasionally suck his thumb.

‘Oh diddum’s, come sit down’ I spoke slowly and softly towards him as I placed him onto a stool beside the kitchen bench.   

‘IM HUNGRY!’ he screamed. ‘yes I know, that’s why im making dinner sweetheart’ I grinned at me whilst I started to stir the pasta sauce and place the spaghetti into another pot beside me.   

The rest of the night he was kicking and screaming, asking for more food and more kisses and more hugs. He wouldn’t even let me sit down unless he could sit next to me. He followed me to the bathroom and the shower, he even watched me get changed into my pajamas. But it wasn’t until the morning where the fighting really started to begin…  ‘Babe, you awake?’ Derek asked shoving me a little until I opened my eyes.  ‘I am now’ I groaned.  ‘Im sorry, its just im a little confused as to why im not wearing pants and where the hell my wallet is?’ he asked looking around the room in a daze. ‘What do you need your pants and wallet for anyway?’ I asked getting frustrated.  ‘I was going to get milk, and I just was curious about the pants… did I drink?’ he slumped onto the bed frowning at me.  ‘yes, you did’ I laughed for a second before the anger grew inside of me remembering the night before.  ‘must have had a bit too much fun with the boys’ Derek chuckled.  ‘Derek, do you even know what you’re like when you’re drunk? You’re the most annoying child I’ve ever met. You wouldn’t let me eat, or drink or even pee without you being by my side. And most of the time I just sit back and take it because its adorable, but last night it was too much... I had way too much to do and I wasn’t getting any of it done while taking care of you. You need to stop drinking so often, this was the third night this week’ I sat up slowly, holding my head as I throbbed in my hands from the horrible headache I had received last night.

‘well sorry for having a little fun, I thought you of all people would understand that Daph, what happened to the party girl I met a year ago? she was an absolutel blast and I know she is in there somewhere….’ He stood up off the bed just staring at me shocked to what he just said. ‘NO NO NO, I take that back… I don’t want a party girl, im sorry’ he frowned.  ‘do you want a party girl Derek?’ I asked feeling the anger build up more and more.  ‘no, of course I don’t… I just want you to ease up a little. I understand I can be a massive pain when im wasted so then I’ll ease up on the drinking, but I won’t ease up on having fun and I want you to do the same’ he climbed back onto the bed making his way towards me, taking my head in his hands and kissing me gently on the lips.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

*Back to 11am; 3 weeks before the wedding*

‘argh’ I sighed continuously.

‘Daph, is something wrong?’ Harry looked at me amusingly.

‘its just Derek… we have been fighting for so long and its really getting on my nerves’ I hated the amused grin on Harrys face whenever I told him about my fights with Derek.  ‘oh really… that’s horrible’ I swear I could almost hear him laugh.   

‘yeah it really is, so wipe that grin off your face and actually be serious with me for a second’ I snapped.

‘woah Daph, what grin? Im listening and im here 100%’ he lifted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes, he really did have beautiful green eyes. ‘see, no grin’ he pointed to his mouth as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and nudged me playfully.   

‘sorry Haz, I took my anger out on you…’ I rested on my head on his shoulder and he kissed me on the forehead.

‘its okay Daph, you know I’ll aways be here if you need to talk’


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