Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


9. chapter nine; when Harry met Daphni.


aw, pooor Harry. :( its has soo many reads! thank you so much guys.  send me pictures for Daphnis wedding dress? xox


so heres chapter nine....


Daphnis point of view.

*10 years ago*

‘Lil, I aint going to this stupid party…’ I complained constantly as she spun around me in a flowing pink dress.

‘Please Daph, I want you to meet Harry… his so sweet and gorgeous and sweet and ahhh…’ she fell onto the bed with a grin on her face.

‘I know, I know… alright then’ I moaned snatching my handbag off the bed and shoving her out the door.

‘oh my god, thank you thank you thank you, I’m so excited!’ she jumped up and down as Mum picked us up and took us to the party.   

We arrived and people were already connected at the mouth. People were already drunk, hanging off each other and screaming at everyone that walked by. I still couldn’t believe that Lily dragged me along…

‘Daph! Over here!’ Lily screamed, hanging off the arm of a shy looking boy. He had the biggest curly brown hair I had ever seen and as I came closer towards them I realized that he had the most beautiful green emerald eyes. He was simply gorgeous and now I understood why Lily was fussing over him.

‘Daph, this is Harry’ she smiled placing one hand on his chest and him grabbing it quickly in his.

‘Hey, so you’re the famous Daphni’ he laughed tangling his arm over Lily’s shoulder while she softly kissed his cheek.

‘And you’re the famous Harry… or should I say sex god’ I mumbled softly before Lily punched me in the stomach.

‘Daph, shoosh’ she blushed slightly before she excused herself to the bathroom.

‘what did you say?’ Harry chuckled when Lily left.

‘Lily likes to call you different names, but im not allowed to say…’ I replied feeling slightly uncomfortable. Harry stood there staring at me in fascination, smirking every now and then.

‘oh come on, don’t withhold valuable information’ he nudged me gently and I insistently felt relaxed. He kept nudging me and laughing, I’d nudge him back and he would just smile.

‘I really can’t’ looking up at him and realizing he was staring directly at me. I felt my stomach fill with butterflies and guilt realizing I was starting to like my best friends crush… i had to make a quick exit.

‘um.. I have to go’ I rushed out of the room not looking back but I could feel someone following me. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, slipping it out I saw Lilys photo light up on the screen.

‘Lily’ I answered pausing in the middle of the foot path outside, turning around to see Harry standing directly in front of me.

‘where are you going?’ he asked as I hung up the phone.  ‘I think I should leave…’ I fumbled around in my handbag trying to find the emergency number mum gave me to ring if I wanted to leave early.

‘don’t go’ he lifted my chin so I was facing him, smiling widely and holding his glance.

‘I barely even know you’ I pushed his hand away from my face.

‘but doesn’t it feel like you do? I’ve never had so much fun in my life’ he placed his hands in his pockets as he cheeks reddened.

‘yeah me neither, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know you…’ I felt my hands shake and my nerves race around my body as Harry stepped closer towards me.

‘DAPHNI!’ Lily screamed from the end of the street as Harry was so close to my face I could feel the warmth of his breath and smell his musky scent. Harry moaned, taking a step back and rolling his beautiful emerald eyes.

‘what are you guys doing outside?’ she looked at both of us amusingly before dragging Harry back to ‘join the party’. Harry followed closely behind her after he handed me a grumbled up piece of paper.

‘text me’ he shouted but Lily didn’t take any notice.

‘what, do you just keep this number in your pocket just in case some babe wants your number? What about Lily? Xo’ I messaged him as soon as I saved his number.

‘no, it’s the piece of paper I was supposed to give Lily weeks ago but she sort of took my phone and saved her number herself, she’s a very determined girl’ he replied instantly.

‘why am I even texting you?’ I asked

‘because I thought it would be nice to chat, we should meet up, are you still here?’

‘yes, im waiting outside for my mum to get me’

‘well Lily is pre-occupied at the moment, so im coming out’ he replied before he was hovering over me.

‘wheres your mum?’ he asked taking a seat next to me on the ground.

‘she said she will be late’ I wrapped my arms around my body as the wind blew past, I felt the goose bumps stick up on my skin and my teeth click together.

‘your cold, here’ Harry removed his jacket off his back and placed it around my shivering body.

‘thanks’ I smiled up at him. ‘so whats the go with you and Lily?’ I asked nervously.

‘shes a sweet girl, and I really like her’ he nudged me gently. ‘why else do you think im being so kind to you?’ he chuckled.

‘oh…’ I instantly heard the disappointment in my voice.

‘im kidding… I like Lily but that’s not the reason im spending time with you, you fascinate me…’ he looked down at his hands twitching his thumbs. ‘I think we are going to be great friends’ he removed the jacket from my back as my mums car pulled up in front of me.

‘yeah, I don’t think so Harry’ I laughed stepping into the car and answering my consistent vibrating phone.

‘Lily, im going home… I’ll speak to you tomorrow’

‘alright, thanks for meeting Harry… I really hope you guys can be friends’ she spoke before hanging up. 


well thats the end of chapter nine! please tell me what you guys thought of it? feedback? i'd really love feedback! thanks heaps guys for reading, i love you guys. follow me on twitter for current updates; @1d_completeme

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