Escaping The Friend Zone.

Harry and Daphni have been bestfriends for as long as they can remember, but when Daphni's boyfriend, Derek, proposes Harry finally realises his true feelings for Daphni and struggles to find the right time to tell her exactly how he feels...


5. chapter five; planning.


here is some more characters guys, i hope you like them! help you to learn a little bit more about Daphnis background. tell me you think? VOTE VOTE VOTE. xo


Daphnis Point of View;

*6am, 1 month before the wedding*


The loud beeping of the alarm clock woke me up suddenly. I turned to face my bedside table, slapping it viciously as the clock the kept shouting at me ‘WAKE UP!’ BEEP BEEP BEEP!

‘ALRIGHT!’ I snapped, opening my eyes to see Derek staring at me.  ‘Darling, are you okay?’ he laughed as he dried his hair with his towel.  ‘I’m… tired’ I moaned… ‘what time is it?’

I turned to see the clock staring at me and it read 6am.  ‘ 6am! What am I doing up at 6am?’ I shouted as I picked the clock up in my hands and through it at the door, hiding my head under my pillow and trying to drift back off to sleep.  ‘Sweetie, the girls will be arriving soon’ I felt someone shake me.  ‘what?’ I asked chucking the pillow off my face.  ‘sweetheart, the girls will be here soon’ Derek still chuckled at me.   ‘did I fall asleep?’ I asked confused to see it was 9am.  ‘Yes’ he sat on the bed beside my legs, stroking my arms and kissing my cheek.  ‘oh shit…. The girls, they are coming today aren’t they?’ I asked jumping out of bed and whipping up the towel off the floor.  ‘yes love’ Derek laughed still sitting on the bed.  ‘oh don’t just sit there… get my clothes out of the cupboard will you’ I teased closing the door to the bathroom behind me.  ‘yes dear’ he teased back.

Today my sister, Monica & my three best friends Lily, Sophie and Jayme were coming over to help me organize everything bridal wise. Monica was my maid of honor; though I’d much rather have Harry do it. I even pleaded for him to do it but my sister insisted that it wasn’t appropriate, that women are the maid of honor not men. Lily, Sophie and Jayme were my bridesmaids. They were happily to accept the offer planning before I asked them.

‘They’re here’ Derek yelled from the front door.  ‘im coming’ I screamed back.  ‘Monica, Lil, Soph, Jayme’ I heard Derek speaking as he politely kissed them on the cheek before they entered our apartment.  ‘Girls’ I smiled walking up to each of them, kissing and hugging them.  ‘Daphni’ they all grinned at me. ‘isnt she just glowing’ Monica giggled.  ‘She isn’t pregnant Mon’ Jayme laughed but still looking at me for approval. I laughed and shook my head.  ‘No, I am not pregnant’

‘So, is Harry coming?’ Lily asked curiously. She had quite a big thing for Harry, she couldn’t entirely help herself when he was around; always trying to find ways to touch him and for the oddest reason it gave me chills. I absolutely hated the way she drooled over him.  ‘Maybe later, I haven’t actually asked him… I might go call him now actually’ I asked the girls to make themselves at home, although they had already and quickly ducked into my room to call Harry.  ‘Harry’ I smiled as he answered his phone.  ‘Oh hey Daph’ I could hear him smiling back.  ‘Would you like to come around later? A lot of wedding type things we can do, Monica, Lily and Jayme are here right now helping me out’ I spoke softly when mentioning Lily’s name. I wasn’t too sure if Harry actually liked the attention from Lily or he was always just being the obnoxious flirt he is.  ‘Yeah sure, sounds good… be over in about an hour or so’ he explained.  ‘Alright then, see you then’  ‘Bye Daph’ then he hung up.   

‘Is he coming?’ I heard Lily scream out to me. I walked out of the bedroom to see Lily standing by the door.  ‘Woah… yes he is’ I took a step back, leaning against the door as Lily was grinning widely in my face.  ‘oh, good’ she smiled. ‘Lil, I know you are unbelievably excited. You cant hide it’ I laughed as I nudged past her to head back to the living room.  ‘Is Lily jumping up and down like a 16 year old yet’ Jayme asked as I took a seat next to her. ‘Yes, she was right outside the door when I finished talking to Hazz and I nearly ran into her’ I giggled as Lily walked out into the living room smiling widely.

‘were you guys talking about me? ‘ Lily asked raising one eyebrow.  ‘Seriously, lets get down to business!’ Moncia moaned slamming down my wedding planner. My wedding planner was a ginormous black leather book filled with everything and anything to do with weddings, every palace, church, every acceptable place to hold a wedding, every caterer you can think of, every different type of flower and wedding dress you could ever imagine. ‘Sorry Mon, we just had a little teenage girl moment’ Lily giggled while her cheeks reddened.  DING DONG!  

‘Oh my god, we are never going to get anything done’ Monica grumbled as I answered the door.


well thats the end of chapter five! please tell me what you guys thought of it? feedback? i'd really love feedback! thanks heaps guys for reading, i love you guys.  follow me on twitter for current updates; @1d_completeme


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