The Busy Street...

Have you ever bothered to talk to someone on the street as you walk by? Everyone has a story...


1. Are you Ok my friend?

As I walk down the busy street,

I see the faces of people I'll never meet.


But can I change that? I wonder.

Could I change someone's life for the Better? I ponder.


The girl with tear stains on her face?

The man walking at an unusally slow pace.


Could I be the friend their longing for?

Could I open a once long shut door?


I look all around me,

now aware of every stare.


Could I give someone the hope for another day?

Instead of the worry of another day's pay.


I look beside me and see a man,

With brokenness written on his lonely face.


"Are you ok my friend?" I ask, as I slow my pace.





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