When you meet One Direction

After going to a One Direction CD signing Evelyn Hart Became best friends with One Direction. Bit she almost blows their cover when she accidentally gives her cousin her special One Direction notebook.


4. The plane

1 Week later

I boarded the plane behind Niall, trying not to hit him in the back with my suitcase. We found our seats and I shoved all my luggage under my chair. I drifted to sleep once the plane started moving.
A few hours later I was woken up by Niall lifting up my feet. "What are you doing?" I asked him. "Looking for food in your bag." He answered. We landed in the London airport and I stood up and grabbed my suitcase. I followed Brooklyn to the door which had just opened. We walked out with a few other people and saw the guys following us. We heard screaming and a giant mob of fans blocked their way out. The doors shut and the plane flew away."NO!" I screamed. "What are we going to DO!?" I panicked. I pulled out my phone and texted Niall. 'Wheres the plane going now?' A few minutes later he replied. 'ummm... apparently it's going to New York.' I grabbed Brooklyn's wrist and dragged her inside. "Is the a plane coming from New York to here?" I asked an assistant. "No but one is going to New York. gate 5." I dragged Brooklyn to gate five and boarded the plane to New York. I found a seat and sat down. 'Niall we are going to New York right now when you get there go to the closest mall.' I texted. 'K' was his response.
When we finally got there I dragged Brook of the plane. We walked down to the mall in sight. Niall came running towards us. "I don't know where the rest of the guys are."
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