When you meet One Direction

After going to a One Direction CD signing Evelyn Hart Became best friends with One Direction. Bit she almost blows their cover when she accidentally gives her cousin her special One Direction notebook.


3. The big tour

"Evelyn?" Niall asked me. I scooted off him "We have a tour coming up and we were wondering if you and Brooklyn wanted to come?" He finished. I pulled put my phone and texted my mom asking if I could go. Her reply was 'depepends where their tour is going to be' "Where is the tour, guys?" I asked them. "Oh it's back in London." Zayn told me. "Oh and it's three weeks long."Harry added. 'Its in London for three weeks' I texted my mom. 'I guess you go with them. I'll phone Brooklyn's mom and ask her.' "Oh it's getting late guys I should head home." I said, noticing the time. Paul drove me home. I thanked him and walked inside. "Honey?" My mom called from upstairs. I ran up to my mom's room. "Brooklyn can't go." "Why not?" I asked my mom. " Her mom says its to far for her to go." My mom said quietly. I sulked into my room and slammed the door.I went on to my iPhone and Face-Timed Brooklyn. "Hey." She said when it connected. " I canf believe your not allowed to go!" I raged. "I'm allowed to go my mom said you're not allowed to go!" Brooklyn said, puzzled.
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