When you meet One Direction

After going to a One Direction CD signing Evelyn Hart Became best friends with One Direction. Bit she almost blows their cover when she accidentally gives her cousin her special One Direction notebook.


2. Don't panic

"So where do you want to go?" Harry asked us." Maybe your place?" Brooklyn asked. We followed them out the back of the mall and got into the limo. Paul drove us in the direction of Toronto. "Wow I would have thought someone would notice One Direction driving around and living in Toronto!" I said. " They just don't notice the limo because of the mad traffic, and our place people won't notice a house in there." Louis answered. We walked through the doors of what looked like a store and into the giant house attached to it. Everyone went to the couch exept for Niall and Liam. "I'm hungry!" Niall exclaimed loudly, and jumped in and offered to cook. " Sure" Niall agreed. He led me into the kitchen and showed me where they stored everything, and Niall sat down at the table. I decided to start with Spaghetti. Niall tapped his foot impatiently an I couldn't help but laugh."But I'm hungry!" he said as I shoved a heaping plate in front of him. Naturally he dug in. I finished with Brownies and he ate them like he diddnt just eat a huge plate of pasta. I realized u was hungry so I boiled some more pasta and defrosted some more Brownies. I sat at the table and ate my food; but with less mess, unlike Niall. He got us each a glass of ice water and I put my dishes in the sink and followed Niall into the living room. "How would you like a tour of the house?" Louis asked us with eagerness. A conversation broke out and I chimed in " Are we getting a tour or not?!" while laughing. " Sorry I need to leave now, my mum wants me home." replied an unhappy Elenia while pulling a truly pissed off face. "Bye" we all chimed in and we waved. After she left and we locked the door, I followed Niall to the elevator. We strode into the roomy elevator and went to floor 3. " Floor 2 just got libraries and school rooms." Niall said blandly, and I stiffed a laugh. Niall showed me the game room, which had every game imaginable. Wide eyed with wonder, Niall showed me the film room. We traveled up to floor 5, because 4 was for the staff. He showed me Zayn's room; and I saw my reflection in a huge mirror. Liam's room was next, and full of running trophies. Louis' room was covered in random mess; no surprise there. Back into the elevator, and up to floor 6. Harry's room and Niall's were here, along with 2 spacious guest rooms. Still awe struck, I phoned my mom and she said I could stay here with my friend Gwen. But before I could head back down stairs, Niall pulled me close and surprised me with a long passionate, lingering kiss on the lips. Shocked in the best way possible, I pressed into him. When we broke apart, Niall look and me with his stunning eyes and smiled. I was blushing like no tommorow and I was broken from the trance by hearing the door bell. We when down stairs like nothing happened and I saw Gwen. We all sat down to watch a movie and settled on 'Titanic'. 11:30 came and I yawned as the movie ended. We got into the elevator and up to floors 5&6. Gwen walked into the room she was staying in and after Harry closed the door of his room Niall pulled me in for a warm hug and a goodnight kiss. "Goodnight" I called softly while smiling and walked into the vacant gust room. I pulled out my 'Everything One Direction' notebook an added some things like drawing and facts to the already full book. The guys were fine as long as I only showed Elenia and Gwen what I had. On Niall's page I added 'Good kisser' with a small giggle. I fell asleep happy and content and woke up at noon. Going down stairs I saw only Harry was up. He was flipping through a magazine. We chatted until everyone was awake. Niall was the last to wake up and I made waffles for everyone. Liam poured some OJ for everyone. The rest of the day was full of video games until dinner time rolled around. Brooklyn could come so we set off to Boston Pizza. We shared 5 big pizzas, and sadly I had to leave to say hello my my cousins. I could return as long as I did my chores. I rush through my chores, finishing in 20 minutes flat. Me and my cousin headed to the park for 30 minutes. I was back at 1D place. I talked the guys into sketching themselves. I pulled my book from my bag, but it was gone! Don't panic, I told myself. I must have forgot it when I was here earlier. I went up to the guest room I stayed in and tore the room part but it wasn't there! I went back down stairs and told them the news. "I can't find my 1D book" "Where did you see it last" Liam asked. "Ummmmmm.. Oh at my house! I put it on my table with my cousins gift and told her I had a gift for her and I went to do my chores. So my cousin must have taken the book instead of the gift!" I exclaimed. "Oh No!" Louis groaned. " How could you?!" " I don't know because if someone told me they had a gift for me I would have taken the thing that was gift wrapped and had a bow on it!" I almost shouted. Okay, calm down. You know that you are panicking when you shout at ONE DIRECTION!! Stay calm. I can get the book from my cousin and do it Quick! "Okay guys, drive me to Amber Road and I can get it back from her!" Paul drove
To Amber Road. I rang the door bell and clutching the gift under my arm I lunged for the book. She was holding and snatched it from her. I chucked the gift at her and she ran after me like a mad person. Niall opened the door and I jumped in and Paul sped away. I opens the book and no bent pages. It was safe! "Yay, we are safe! I will never let this happen again.. And I will clean the guest room I added quietly. Niall was the only one in the car and he pulled me on his lap and kissed. With a smile I kissed back. When we arrived I cleaned the guest room. Later I plopped down on a empty spot on the couch. "I Keep dying" Niall yelled at the video game he was playing. I tried to grab the remote but he pushed me of the couch. I tried to hop on but he put his legs on my spot. I sat on his legs and chucked the remote across the room. " ohh you got beaten by a girl, awesome!!" Louis cried as he left the room laughing and I brought my face to his and solomly said " ha!" and he kissed my like never before.
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