When you meet One Direction

After going to a One Direction CD signing Evelyn Hart Became best friends with One Direction. Bit she almost blows their cover when she accidentally gives her cousin her special One Direction notebook.


1. The signing

Yes! I thought when th bell rang. I jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. "Have a nice weekend." My teacher tried to blurt to me before I left. I ran to my locker and unlocked it. I put my books insidwand grabbed my One D bag and stuffed my Up All Night CD and my One Direction notebook into it. My best friend Brooklyn came up behind me with her CD and white cloth bag. We ran outside and over to my house. We hopped into my car and I drove to the convienient store. We got four bags of chips, five Popsicle sticks, ten peices of cardboard, a red sharpie along with a black one, a blue one, a green one and a yellow one. Once we payed for them I drove to the library. We sat at a table and I neatly packed the chips into my bag. We got to work with the cardboard and Popsicle sticks. I got some glue and stuck the cardboard together in pairs. Then I glued a Popsicle stick to the side of each pair. I wrote Niall on one, Zayn on another and Harry, Liam and Louis went on the last three. I wrote each of the names in a different colour sharpie. We put everything into our bags and headed to the mall. We went to the middle of the mall and lined up. "Hey Brooklyn save our spot." I said and headed to shoppers drug mart. I grabbed eight hair products, red striped sneakers, dark sunglasses and a frying pan. The lady at cash looked at me like I was crazy. I payed and stuffed everything into my bag. I ran back in line just as the people in front of us stepped up to the boys. Ten minutes later they left. We stepped up to the long table. "Hello loves what would you like signed?" Louis asked. " Well, first we have something for you." I said. I pulled out a flag and the red striped sneakers and put them on the table in front of him. " Wow thanks loves." Louis said. Brooklyn pulled out her CD and layed it on the table. He signed it and passed it to Liam. Then he signed my notebook above his picture and then signed my CD. He passed everything to Liam and put on his new shoes. Liam signed our CD's and passed them to Zayn. He then flipped until he found his picture and signed above it. I have him the frying pan and his flag. "Oh awesome." He said as he passed my book to Zayn. "Here Zayn." I said as I passed him the sunglasses and his own flag. He put his sunglasses on and signed our CD's and my book. He pushed everything to Harry. " Ooh" I said then gave him the hair products and the flag that said his name. He signed everything and added little hearts. I giggled and walked over to Niall, which didn't help the giggling problem. I settled down and handed him the chips and flag. I motives Harry had stuck his flag pole I to the top of his hair. Niall had signed everything and added four leaf clovers. " Can you help me sort my chips?" Niall asked me. I followed Nisl to the back room of shoppers drug mart that was filled with bags of food. I put the chips in a bag with Doritos. " Do you want to hang out with us?" Niall asked. I nodded and Niall brought us back out.
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