To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


7. the unexpected.


hey guys, this is short a chapter. sorry about that, but i couldnt quite think of anything else to put in it. i really hope you like it. 


Taylas point of view;

Harry was staring at me admirably; it was a face I hadn’t seen in over 3 years, a face that sent chills down my spine.

‘Harry’ I returned his grin as I sat beside him, resting my hand on his. I looked to his window and all I could see was a sorrow Daphni. I couldn’t help that Harry only remembered being with me, I couldn’t control that, and I also couldn’t help feeling guilty about it. The way Harry looked at Daphni, back when he had his memory, was nothing like I’ve ever seen. I knew he found her, he found the one and now evidently, he lost her.

‘Tayla, your finally here, what the hell took you so long!’ he squeezed my hand tightly as a grinned spread across his gorgeous face. Before I entered the room the boys had told me about his memory and they begged me to go along with it. They didn’t want Harry to lose anything else; he would regain his memory in time apparently so why not enjoy him being in love with me while it lasted? There was no denying it, I was still hopelessly in love with him so when they told me I had the chance to be with him again, I leaped.

‘Sorry, I was at work’ technically I wasn’t lying, I was at work but I had no clue he was in hospital at all.

‘How is the café, still running strong?’ he asked looking pleased he remembered.

‘I don’t work at the café anymore Harry’ I tried to smile sympathetically but this was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Harry’s point of view;

Of course she doesn’t work at the bloody café. How stupid could I get, asking something like that. The way she was now staring at me was different, it wasn’t the lustful stares I usually received, it was different, almost pity. I haven’t even asked if we were still together.

‘Tayla are we still together?’ I thought I ought to be blunt about it, otherwise I just wouldn’t find out.

‘Of course silly’ she bent down to give me a gentle kiss on the lips but it felt different, it didn’t give me that tingling sensation I remembered, it just felt wet and boring. Maybe I just wasn’t putting in enough effort. I sat up quickly and grabbed her beautiful face in my hands, smashing my lips against hers. My tongue found hers and moved perfectly in sync, I waiting for that… spark. But nothing happened.

‘uhh, can you get Lou?’ I pulled myself away from her grip and she hurried out the door, stumbling a little.

‘Yeah Haz?’ he asked as he strolled in.

‘WHAT ARENT YOU TELLING ME!?’ I growled at him as his expression changed from sympathetic to scared.

‘What? What do you mean?’ he tried to shake it off but I was going to let it go.

‘How come I just don’t feel anything for Tayla, are we even still together?’ it wasn’t that I wasn’t feeling anything for her, I just wasn’t lusting for her.

‘Yes, you are. I don’t know dude, maybe your in a rut’ he chuckled. That made sense. She did seem really overwhelmed after I planted one on her.

‘Yeah probably, sorry its just so weird that I’ve forgotten so much. its going to take me a while to get used to it’ I inhaled deeply and exhaled quickly. Maybe we were in a rut; well I had to fix that.

Daphnis point of view;

‘What did he want?’ I raced over to Lou as he exited Harrys room and Tayla entered.

‘He didn’t believe him and Tayla were together’ Louis spoke sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

‘THAT’S BECAUSE THERE NOT, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?’ I felt my throat clench, the fury was building up inside of me. I hated this twisted game the boys were playing, I just really hated it.

‘Listen, Daph, this is the best way for him to regain his memory’ he was now holding onto my shoulders, trying to soothe me. Why was everyone trying to soothe me?

‘No its not, the best way for him to regain his memory is for him to go back to his regular lifestyle, the doctor said so herself’ I wrapped my arms around my trembling body. This was torture, watching Tayla and Harry snuggle right in front of me, like everything Harry and I went through meant nothing.

‘WE ARENT TAKING ANYTHING ELSE AWAY FROM HIM’ Zayn now screamed at me, tears streaming down his face. I’ve never seen Zayn so vulnerable in the entire 5 years I’ve known him.

‘But your willing to take everything away from me?’ I stormed off, not looking back. I could feel their regretful stares, most of all I could hear my name being echoed in my head. Wait, was that…

‘Derek’ I stood in the hallway of the hospital, totally paralyzed.

‘I heard about Harry. Your mum called me, she said that you might need someone there for you’ I fell into his arms without a second thought. He embraced me, stroking my back gently. The feel of being held was comforting.

‘Thank you’ I sniffled and he planted a single kiss on the top of my head.

‘Anything for you’ I looked up at him and he was smiling sympathetically.

‘This doesn’t change anything Derek, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea’ I now unwrapped myself from him and crossed my hands across my chest, holding my place, making my point.

‘I know, i understand’ he looked sad, like something tragic had just happened to him. I couldn’t help but feel guilty, I never wanted to hurt Derek, though people considered him a bad person, he was just… sad. I think he knew for a while how I felt about Harry, I think that’s what made him drink compulsively and lash out at me. That’s what I’d like to think anyway, Derek wasn’t a bad person.

‘Did you want me to drive you home? He offered, gesturing to the exit. How did he know I didn’t drive here?

‘Yes, please’ I followed behind him swiftly, taking one last look at the hospital. It wasn’t going to be the same from after I walked through those sliding doors, I might loose Harry forever.

‘Still driving that hunk of junk’ I laughed as I stepped him Derek’s little Italian car, it was rusted on the edges and was so small he could barely fit in it.

‘Of course’ he smirked as the engine roared and we soared off.

‘Im screaming but I can’t break through, to you’ plastered through the speakers. We Are The In Crowd, All or Nothing, it was one of my favorite songs and it matched my emotions completely. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as my hands shook on my legs rapidly.

‘Daph, breathe’ Derek had a hold of my hand and squeezed It gently.

‘Derek, he forgets… he cant remember that he loves me, what if he never remembers’ I bursted out into tears as Derek pulled up in front of my apartment. He wrapped his arms around my broken body and just let me cry.

‘How can he forget someone as great as you? Derek laughed, tucking hair behind my ears and staring into my eyes. I stared back, inhaling his warm Italian scent and letting myself be dazzled by his gorgeous blue eyes. His olive skin glowed beautifully and his thick brown hair hung loosely over his fore head. There was no denying it, he was stunning.

‘Thank you’ I mumbled stepping out of his car.

‘Daph, anything you need, call me’ he winked before driving off down my street and out onto the highway.

How did everything just get so messed up? I just wanted to go back to New York, back to Trish’s apartment, back to happiness. 


well i really hope you guys liked it, tell me your thoughts? SERIOUSLY COMMENT... x



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