To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


3. the plane trip.



Daphnis point of view;

*on the plane*

‘Hello, this is your captain speaking… buckle your seat belts… first stop, New York City’ he laughed through the muffled microphone. I felt Harrys hands tighten around mine as the plane took off. I knew he was edgy about flying, but I didn’t know he was this frightened.

‘Aww, its okay sweetie’ I whispered gently in his ear as I kissed his sweet soft lips.

‘Uh.. thanks’ he forced a smile, looking out of the little window beside me.  I was a window person and that was good because Harry was an isle person.

‘Alright, your free to unbuckle now’ a flight attend came around and reassured us that we were now ‘smooth sailing’.

‘Smooth sailing’ Harry scoffed as he carefully unbuckled his seat belt.

‘Everything is fine’ I kept reassuring him as he held onto my hand tightly, squeezing it every so often.

‘I think I should sleep’ he suggested, grabbing the pillow out from under his seat and placing it neatly behind his head. I could see the fear in his eyes, I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything was going to be okay but Harry was a lot harder than that to convince.

‘Alright. I’ll be here if you need me’ I smiled sympathetically.

‘hmmm’ he mumbled closing his eyes and burrowing his face into his pillow. I know he was hiding, trying to escape, if he slept than the trip would fly straight by.

*2 hours later*

I watched as Harrys curly locks hung neatly across his soothed face. I watched as a grin appeared across his gorgeous face.

‘I can feel you watching me’ he laughed.


‘what, what are you talking me?’ I smirked as he rubbed his big emerald eyes.

‘how much longer?’ he moaned, resting his sleepy head on my shoulder.

‘just under two hours’ I stroked the side of his cheek as he grabbed my hand in his.

‘I love you, have I told you that?’ he kissed my hands gently, sending chills down my spine.

‘yes, quite a lot actually’ I replied sarcastically.

‘I know what we can do to pass time’ he winked cheekily and I knew what he was thinking.

‘Really? Here?’ he now sat up in his seat intrigued realizing that I might actually say yes.

‘YES!’ I felt his whole body shake next to me. Somebody was just a tad bit excited.

‘Harry, calm down…’ I laughed, running my fingers through his messy hair.

‘meet me in the bathroom, in 10 minutes’ I whispered playfully in his ear and watched him squirm. It was fun to watch him squirm.

I stood up and headed towards the bathroom. Pushing past people’s arms and legs, excusing myself past a few flight attendants until I finally found the bathroom. I opened the squeaky door and examined the room around me. Small, cramped, this will have to do. I took my seat on the shaggy toilet seat and waited, and waited, and waited… still nothing. I had been sitting in the bathroom for over half an hour until I heard someone gently knocking.

‘Daph’ they whispered and I jumped up off the seat. I quickly readjusted myself in the mirror and took a deep breath in. Harry slowly pushed opened the door and stepped inside.

‘ooooh, fancy meeting you here’ and I absolutely lost it. that was such a corny line and I couldn’t believe he actually pulled it off.

‘Daph, your ruining it’ he groaned but once I started to tear up he started to laugh with me. I felt my stomach cramp up and I had to hold it for support.

‘that was… so.. cheesy’ I spat out after every breath.

‘I like cheese’ he smiled that smile I loved and I felt my whole body melt. He was simply gorgeous, how did I get so lucky.

Harrys point of view;

Stupid cheesy line, am I some kind of moron!?

‘OH COME HERE YOU!’ Daphni yanked me by my collar and pulled me towards her, smashing her lips on mine.

Maybe I wasn’t a moron?

I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around the ball of her back and sliding my hands slowly up the back of her green tank top.

‘um, excuse me?’ someone knocked on the door and I felt Daphni I both scream on the inside.

‘im in here’ Daphni and I both laughed as we realized how high pitched my voice was.

‘um ma’am, there is a line up out here’ the deep voice replied and Daphni laughed even harder.

‘shooosh’ I covered her mouth quickly before anyone heard her. ‘you go first’ I nudged her towards the door as we untangled ourselves from each other.

‘alright’ she winked before fixing her hair in the mirror and pushing down her shirt.

She opened the door carefully and squeezed past the gentlemen outside. I heard her soft giggles as the door closed behind her and then opened again.

‘ah ah ah im in here’ I screamed as the man walked in about to drop his pants.

‘oh sorry mate’ he blushed as I shoved past him.

‘no problem’ I smirked until I finally made it back to my seat.

‘you could of told me someone was coming in’ I poked Daphni on her arm playfully when I sat down.

‘naaah, I thought it would be more fun if you just found out by yourself’ she had to hold her hands up to her mouth to contain her laughter.

‘Yes, really fun’ I rolled my eyes, lowing myself in my uncomfortable airplane seat.

‘how long now?’ I turned to see Daphni smiling down at me.

‘Hello, this is your captain speaking… buckle up and prepare to land’ 


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