To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


5. sometimes you should listen to your gut.


Harrys point of view;

*2 weeks later*

‘I cant believe we are leaving today’ I yawned as the morning light shined through the bedroom windows.

‘I know’ Daphni frowned as she nuzzled her head in my neck. Her embrace made me feel secure, safe, I never wanted to loose that feeling.

‘You smell perfect’ I mumbled, inhaling her scent. She always smelt incredible.

‘Oh shut up, I haven’t even showered’ she pushed me away as she jumped up, snatching the towel off the end of our bed.

‘YOUR NATURAL SCENT IS INTOXICATING’ I laughed as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

‘ooooooooh, big words’ she laughed back as I heard the shower burst on.

‘I’ll be making breakfast, ok?’ I spoke through the bathroom door and patiently waited for her reply.

‘Okay then’ she hummed. I listened closely and heard her singing her all time favourite song, Love Bug By The Jonas Brothers. Yes, she was nearly 24 and still madly in love with The Jonas Brothers.

‘OOOOOOH, MAKE PANCAKES’ I heard her scream before I walked out of the bedroom.

As I was flipping the golden brown pancakes in the pan I felt someone’s hands wrap around my waist.

‘They smell good’ she whispered in my ear as she kissed my cheek softly.

‘lovely shower assume’ I replied, listening to her relax breath on my shoulder.

‘hmmmm’ was all she replied before taking her seat at the kitchen table, staring at me with an admiring expression on her face.

‘eat up, we have like 2 hours before we gotta get our plane’ I regretted the words before they even  came out of my mouth. I watched as Daph shoveled the food into her jaws, panic spreading across her face, she hated being late.

‘Daph, breath’ I laughed sitting next her and eating my food at a reasonable pace.

‘WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!’ she glanced at the clock before scraping her messy plate and throwing it into the dishwasher.

‘you finish, I’ll starting packing’ she rushed into the bedroom before I could even let out a single breath. She was so cute when she was stressed, she got these really cute frown lines around her mouth and above her eyebrows.

‘I KNOW YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT MY ADORABLE STRESS LINES, BUT GET UP AND GET READY’ Daphni called from the bedroom as I placed my plate into the dishwasher and pressed the ‘on’ button gently.

‘coming dear’ I spoke smoothly. I entered the bedroom to a disaster.

Daphnis point of view;

‘I cant find anything, where is anything, we are going to be late’ I felt the stress build up inside of me, I was a prisoner of my own panic.

‘Honey, listen…’ Harry grabbed me quickly by the shoulders before I could touch anything else.

‘We aren’t going to be late, we are going to be on time… let me pack’ he insisted already gathering our things and placing them neatly into the suitcase. Before I could protest he was finished.

‘but i.. I don’t.. what happened?’ I asked taking my seat on the edge of the bed and holding my head in my hands.

‘you were just so freaked out, you thought there was more to do… but there wasn’t much to do and look, time to spare’ Harry gestured to the clock as he slipped on his white converse.

‘lets go, just to be certain’ I encouraged grabbing my handbag and slowly closing the bedroom door behind me, taking one last look at the magical room.

‘im never going to forget this trip’ he spoke in my ear as he watched me reminiscing.

‘me either’ I smirked, kissing him gently on the lips.

‘LETS GO’ he laughed rushing to the front door.

‘got everything?’ I asked taking one last look around.

‘wait’ he said as he ran back into the apartment. ‘I feel like I forget something…’

‘WHAT, WHAT DID YOU FORGET’ I dropped the suitcase and followed after him.

‘This’ he grinned, grabbing me in his arms and smashing his lips against mine, wrapping one hand around the ball of my back and the other tangled in my hair.

‘ooooh’ I giggled, kissing him back even harder, wrapping both my hands around his waist and pulling him closer towards me.

‘we better…’ I let out a gentle breath. ‘go’

‘not yet, still have time to spare’ he wickedly chuckled.

‘harr…’ his tongue slowly found its way into my mouth, moving In sync with mine. Suddenly we were on the couch, my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands caressing my breasts.

‘lets go’ he got up and headed for the front door.

‘wait… what?’ I sat up on the sofa staring at Harry with confusion.

‘come on, we are going to be late’ a giant smirk spread across his gorgeous face.

‘oooooh.. you little tease’ I got up, shoving past him and scooping my handbag and suitcase up in my hands on the way. ‘come on then’ I throw him the keys and watched him lock up the door to Trish’s place. I knew nothing would be the same from here on out.

Harrys point of view;


A women’s muffled voice spoke. I felt my tummy flip with suspension. I just wanted to board the plane and land in London already.

‘sweetheart, its going to be okay’ Daphni squeezed me hand for support but that couldn’t soothe my troubled stomach.


The same women’s voiced spoke over the microphone. Daphni and I hoped up out of seats and started to head towards the doors.

‘Have a lovely flight’ a beautiful short blonde lady smiled as she scanned our boarding passes.

I walked up the stairs and onto the plane with Daphni holding my hand supportively.

‘don’t stress’ she kissed my cheek as we took our seats. I still felt on edge, I still had that off-putting gut feeling rumbling around in my stomach.


The captain spoke calmly but that still didn’t soothe my nerves. I have always hated planes, but this was different, this wasn’t an edgy phobia feeling, this was something entirely different.

*1 hour later*

‘see, your fine’ Daphni laughed as she rested her head against my shoulder.

‘for now’ I smirked but I sore the distressing look on her face after I spoke.

‘im sorry’ I immediately apologized. She hated when I said anything like that, even if I was joking.

‘don’t ever say something like that again’ she slapped my arm swiftly and grabbed her face in my hands, planting a single kiss on her sweet lips. ‘I’m sorry’.

‘so… should we finished we’re we left off’ Daphni jokingly stroked my ear as she gestured towards the bathroom.

‘I don’t know, im not really in the mood’ I moaned, staring out the window. I still couldn’t shake that feeling, something was wrong.

‘Harry, speak to me’ Daphni looked worried and I hated when she worried.

‘i…’ was about to tell her everything when the plane shook heavily beneath us.

‘its just turbulence’ Daphni tried to reassure me but the flight attendants panicked expression begged to differ.

‘really?’ I asked, pointing towards the captain’s cabin as the flight attendants all rush in.

‘yes, really’ I could tell she was trying not to make me feel uneasy but I did the moment I stepped onto the plane.


‘just turbulence hey?’ I spoke sarcastically as the plane rushed forward and the safety procedures began. The oxygen mask flew down in front of my face suddenly and the flight attendants began to help distressed people.

‘THIS ISNT A TIME TO JOKE’ Daphni shouted at me as her eyes started to well up with tears. The power of the plane was incredible, pulling so far forward we smacked into the seat in front of us. I took one deep breath in and watched as Daphni started to breath heavily.

‘put this on sweetie’ I spoke calmly, I need to be relaxed in order for her to relaxed. I handed her the oxygen mask dangling in front of her and tightened it around the back of her head.

‘im scared’ she whispered as the plane jumped and lifted us out of our seats a little before dropping us back down quickly.

‘im here’ I grabbed her hand, squeezing it tightly.

‘I love you’ she whispered.

‘I love you too’ I replied as i peered out the window spotting land ahead. The plane was now at such a high speed that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The speed of the plane threw my head back and as it crashed suddenly my head flung forward, reddening me unconscious. I couldn’t see anything but darkness.

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