To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


4. New York, Trish's place.



Daphis point of view;

‘so where are we staying again?’ Harry asked looking awfully worried. I have told him numerous amounts of times that we are staying in my cousin’s apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan.

‘Trish’s place, my cousin, remember’ I laughed as he nervously intertwined his fingers through mine.

‘But trish isn’t going to be there?’ he asked sarcastically.

‘no darling, she isn’t. we have the place to ourselves for 3 weeks’ I smiled, kissing him gently on the cheek. We would have been staying in a fancy hotel, But since it was such a last minute decision I had to call in some reinforcements.

‘sorry for being so paranoid, but you do realize the only thing im worried about is not being alone with you’ he smiled that cheeky smile I fell in love with as he lightly pressed a kiss to my lips.

‘oh that’s sweet, get in the taxi’ I pushed him into the a yellow taxi cab as a gentlemen loaded the trunk with our belongings.

‘hey’ he moaned falling in and pulling me with him.

I told the driver where we were heading and it took him within minutes to stop in fronts Trish’s apartment.

‘wow’ Harry grinned stepping out of the cab whilst paying the driver. The apartment to me wasn’t anything special, thought it did look faguely similar to the apartment Sarah Jessica-Parker lived In In Sex In The City and im pretty sure that was the main reason why Trish bought it anyway.

‘this looks like Carrie’s place’ Harry stood there stunned.

‘who?’ I asked pretending like I didn’t know who he was talking about.

‘Carrie, Carrie Bradshaw… duuuhhh’ he picked up our bags and walked up the stairs and through the glass door.

‘oh Carrie’ I laughed sarcastically. I knew how many times Tayla made him watch Sex In The City but I never expected him to walk away liking the show.

‘do you even know where you are going’ I smirked watching him walk up the winding stairs checking each apartment door.

‘yes, number 369’ he giggled.

‘how mature’ I shoved past him leading the way. We went up one more flight of stairs before finally standing in front of apartment 369. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door quickly. Trish told me her neighbours weren’t exactly  pleasant bunch.

‘whats the hurry?’ Harry asked concerned following me into the apartment and dropping the bags on the floor.

‘Trish said her neighbours were… not so friendly’ I closed the day slowly peering outside to see if anyone was in the hallway.

‘oh okay then, ill protect you’ he smirked walking towards me. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and kissed me gently on the lips. I felt my whole body flush as I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and ran my fingers through his knotty curls. I pulled him closer towards me, kissing him firmly on the lips. He pushed me up against the wall with a gentle moan.

‘bedroom’ was the only words I managed to slip out of my mouth.

I started to walk backwards leading him towards the bedroom; Harry still had his arms around my waist as he kissed my neck softly and slowly.

We finally reached a room at the end of the hallway, opened the door quietly and headed towards the bed.

Harrys point of view;

I tossed Daphni on the bed, falling on top of her. she wrapped her legs around my waist as I pressed my lips to her neck, I could feel her pulse racing.

I slipped my hand swiftly up her shirt as she unbuttoned mine. I ripped her shirt off as her grip around my waist got tighter. i wrapped my arms around her upper back, unhooking her bra. She chucked it aside quickly as she smashed her lips against mine. She ripped my shirt of steadily and flipped me over, now her on top of me, gently kissing my neck, then my pecks, and then my abs. She unhooked the button of my jeans as I jiggled out of them. Our bodies were now swiftly moving up and down as we kissed passionately.

Dapnhi’s point of view;

I woke up the next morning with nothing but a sheet around my naked body.

‘Good morning gorgeous’ Harry yawned next to me.

‘Morning’ I replied snuggling up close to his warm body.

‘last night was fun’ he smirked kissing the top of my head.

‘yeah, it was’ I returned his smirked with a grin and kissed chest embracing his musky scent. He always smelt amazing.

‘so breakfast?’ he asked sitting up as I pushed him back down.

‘in a minute’ I groaned looking up at his adoring emerald eyes. I placed one soft kiss on his lips before snuggling close to him again.

‘I love you’ he mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer.

‘I love you too’ I replied, wrapping my arms around his back and resting my head on his chest. I could hear the gentle beat of his heart and it soothed me.

‘you know, I’ve been thinking’ Harry spoke in a whisper as he began to play with my fingers. Intertwining his with mine.

‘what, what have you been thinking’ I asked a little panicked.

‘we should…’ he paused and I looked up at him. He held his stare as a smirk creased on the edges of his glorious mouth.

‘we should move in together’ he sighed deeply looking relived he finally said it. I smiled warmly holding my embrace around him tighter.

‘really? YES!’ I screamed as he kissed my forehead.

‘oh thank god’ I laughed as he looked relived.

‘you didn’t seriously think I was going to say no did you?’ I raised an single eyebrow up at him as he stared me intently.

As if I would ever say no to that face.

‘I just hoped you would say yes’ he laughed hugging me tighter. We spent the rest of the morning in bed, just talking and cuddling. In his arms I felt safe, secure. I knew he would never hit me like Derek did, I knew I would never doubt our relationship. He was perfect. This relationship is perfect. 

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