To Be, Or Not To Be?

Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape it like Harry did, or she is stuck there forever.


6. my world is crumbling.


Daphnis point of view;

‘HARRY, HARRY!’ I screamed at the motionless body lying next to me.

‘ma’am, calm down’ the paramedic had hold of my shoulders and was trying to soothe me.

‘HARRY, WAKE UP GOD DAM IT’ I squirmed in the paramedics grip trying to reach to him.

‘And up’ a tall dark man demanded as they lifted Harrys body onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

‘HARRY, TALK TO ME’ I watched him being dragged away, I felt my whole body go numb. The voices around me began to become muffled; I was in a haze, screaming. ‘HARRY HARRY HARRY’ yet he still layed there, lifeless.

‘Daphni, we are going to lift you now’ a sweet voice spoke to me.

‘NO, I NEED TO SEE HARRY, I NEED TO SEE HARRY’ I pushed her hands off of my shaking body as she tried to lift me.

‘Daphi, you will see him when we get to the hospital’ she lifted me steadily and I let out a deep sigh.

Everything and everyone was a haze on the way to hospital, I could only see Harry lying next to me on the ground, covered in blood, his eyes rolling behind his beautiful eyelids and the smile fading from his face. I watched his chest lift up and down quickly before slowing down all to hastily.

‘We are just going to inject some pain killers, I bet your head hurts’ the paramedic tried to charm me and that’s when I realized I didn’t feel any pain. I slowly lifted my hand to touch the top of my head, until I felt it, the lump. As I lowered my hand I saw that it was covered in blood.

‘woah, stay still’ he smiled as he injected the pain killers inside of me. It must have been a fairly strong dose because I started to become sleepy, my eyes rolling back into my head and fading into the darkness.

Harry’s point of view;

2 weeks later

I could smell the powder from those plastic gloves, new sheets and that overwhelming scent of sadness.

Why was I in a hospital?

I tried to carefully open my eyes and my head started to throb immensely. The section between my eyes felt like it was being hacked at. I lifted my head slowly and began to blink open my eyes.

‘WHAT HAPPENED?’ was the first thing I asked.

‘Harry, oh thank goodness, you were in a accident’ I heard someone’s teary voice next to me.

‘Mum?’ I asked as she grabbed my hands in hers and I watched as a single teardrop fell onto her rosy red cheek.

‘How are you feeling?’ another voice spoke from the distance and as I heard it I knew who it was.

‘LOUIS!’ I screamed and my throat ached.

‘Water…’ I moaned as Mum raced off to get the nurse for assistance.

‘Hey mate’ Zayn, Niall and Liam all spoke in sync. I smiled at the noise of their voices. It comforted me. But as I looked around the room at all the cheerful faces staring back at me, I realized that someone was missing…

‘Where’s Tayla?’ I asked surprised that she wasnt the first person to greet me.

‘And how long have I been asleep, my legs are killing me, feel like I haven’t walked in forever’ I laughed as I sat up and stretched my legs out onto the bed.

‘Why do you want Tayla?’ Louis asked with now a worried expression on his face and I couldn’t quite pin point why he would be worried about that, Tayla is my girlfriend after all.

‘Hey guys, I got some…’ I saw Daphni enter the room with 4 coffees in her hands and than watched her drop them as she rushed over to my bedside.

‘YOUR AWAKE… WHY DIDN’T YOU GUYS RING ME, YOUR AWAKE’ her eyes began to well up with tears as her grip around my neck became tighter and tighter. I hugged her back with equal amount of enthusiasm.

‘Daph, we need to talk’ Liam spoke almost frightened.

‘Not now Liam, he just woke up… give me some time’ she growled. She looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks.

‘Daph go, I’ll be here when you get back’ I laughed, I loved how much she cared about me, she was true friend.

‘Fine, im so happy you’re awake’ she planted a kiss on my cheek and It felt a little bit different than usual, like she meant it a little bit differently.

Daphnis point of view;

‘what, what is it Liam’ I snapped, it has been 2 weeks and Harry finally wakes up and he pulls me away from him.

‘Daphni, you have to be gentle with him…’ Liam spoke calmly.

‘I know, I know, the nurse already told me everything after he nearly woke up last time’ I moaned, I already knew this.

‘no, you seriously have to be gent-‘ I interrupted him before he spoke again.

‘I KNOW’ I rolled my eyes, staring through the window as everyone crowded around Harry. He looked so fragile, that one touch could break him.

‘I DON’T THINK HE REMEMBERS YOU GUYS GETTING TOGETHER, FAR OUT DAPHNI, I WISH YOU WOULD LISTEN’ Liam now held my shoulders tightly as I processed the information.

‘Hows Harry?’ Anne asked causally walking by with Angela, she has been Harrys nurse for a week now.

‘Angela, check his memory’ Liam sighed as he followed them into the room. I couldn’t move, did he really forget about us?

I watched through the window, everyone exiting the room besides Anne and Angela. They gave Harry food and water and checked all the machines attached to Harry’s body.

‘Daphni’ Anne called me in.

‘Harry, we are going to ask you some standard questions, if that’s okay with you’ Angela pulled out her clipboard and stared intently at Harry.

‘I think you should listen to this’ Anne whispered to me as I stood at the doorway waiting for Harry to reply.

‘Alright’ he nodded, taking a sip of water.

‘do you know what happened to you? Angela asked.

‘Yes, I was in a accident, of what kind, im not sure’ he laughed holding his stomach for support.

‘Yes, a Plane Crash, you have been in a coma for 2 weeks now’ Angela told him and I watched his facial expression change to panic.

‘Do you know what year it is?’ she asked, still looking deadly serious.

‘yes, 2009’ a grin spread across his face. I felt my knees go weak as I dropped to the floor.

‘DAPH!’ Harry wept as he reached out to help me.

‘Harry, listen carefully. Its not 2009, its 2012’ Angela grabbed his arm forcefully.

‘no its not, its 2009’ he now spoke sternly, like he was trying to convince her.

‘Harry, its not’ Anne spoke, showing him the date on her telephone. I saw his face drop, he looked confused but most of all he looked angry, angry with himself.

I was still lying on the floor when Louis grabbed me and took me outside.

‘Lou, he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t rem…’I feel into Lou’s arms and he embraced me. I let out a tearful sigh before completely braking down. I couldn’t feel my legs, they were like jelly and the pain in my chest was unbearable. I was crying now, crying so much Louis’s cotton blue shirt became see through.

‘im sorry’ I wept and he just stroked my hair gently and held me even tighter.

‘shhh.. shhh’ he soothed me.

Harry’s point of view;

What was going on, was this some kind of sick joke? And where was Tayla?

‘Mum, what do you mean its 2012? I just… I don’t understand’ I held my head in my hands as my temple throbbed.

‘Harry, it seems due to major head injuries you have lost some of your memory’ Angela spoke seriously, before continuing on.

‘now, with further look into this injury we will be able to tell if and when you will get your memory back, but from what I have seen it shouldn’t take any longer than a few months’ she now placed her clipboard down in front of her and walked out of the room.

‘I need Tayla mum’ i sighed watching my friend’s worried expressions staring at me.

What happened in those 3 years that I lost, its just a big black blur. Why was Daphni so hysterical. But most of all why wasn’t Tayla sitting beside me.

‘ok, I’ll call her’ than my Mum walked out and left the room like Angela.

Somebody wasn’t telling me something and I was determined to find out what that was.

2 Hours Later

‘Daph, are you okay?’ I asked as she slipped into my room while I was dozing off.

‘What do you remember Harry?’ she was blunt and quick, barely making eye contact with me.

‘Waking up to Tayla for our anniversary and that’s it’ I smiled thinking about Tayla and the hope grew inside of me. I hoped that after all this mess she was the only thing in my life that was the same.

‘Oh’ was all Daphni said before sitting on the side of my bed, staring into my eyes. Her stare was so loving, so different from what I was used to from her, the passion that one single stare showed me was intriguing.

‘did I hurt you?’ I asked, now worried that I did something horrible.

‘no, Harry, you didn’t…’ she sighed, running her fingers through her tangled hair.

‘why wont anyone tell me anything? I asked now annoyed, everyone was trying their hardest to avoid telling me anything for what I had lost.

‘Harry…’ I heard a faint whisper in the background. A smile grew across my face as Tayla stood in front of me.

‘I’ll go’ Daphni slumped out of the room and I barely even noticed her.

‘Tayla’ I spoke with genuine happiness to see her. the smile on her face was different, surprised, almost like she didn’t expect me to be so happy. 

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