One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


5. The Plan

“You know where his kind worship.” Alex asked her


“I not only know which demon they worship, I know where. I was following him and I knew it was nearby when I took him down that's why I took him down when I did. See, I'm not as hopeless as you think I am, dad.”


“It was obvious when he got spooked by Alex's screw up he'd bolt for safety so once he was away I stayed in contact but far enough behind he wouldn't see me.”


“So lets get the team in there and take them,” down Alex said


“Well while rushing in headstrong and clueless might be your strong suit Alex, I have a better idea.” Chase said eager to get a jibe in at his expense as payback for siding with her dad.


“Hey that little dig was unnecessary Chase' Alex replied


“So was you sucking up to my father by attempting to chastise me while we're out in the field but they both happened so I suggest we both learn from your mistakes and move on.” Chase shot back


“Again with the cheap shot, that isn't fair why are you getting at me anyway, a while ago we were trading gentle banter now you're sticking it to me with every sentence.”


“Well stop sucking up to my dad to cover your screw ups, and I'll stop the cheap shots.”


Caleb leapt in getting angrier than he had been for some time.


“Will you two please grow up so we can get on with the mission, first you were chatting like hormonal teenagers now Chase you're insulting him as yes Alex you were trying desperately to get back in my good favour after you messed up our grab operation on the cult member. Well it ends here lets get this mess cleaned up now see if we can't retrieve some Intel and try to at least catch up with the Demon obeying human trash. So Chase tell us why it would be too hard for a team of trained Demon hunters and a born and raised Demon killer to take down human sympathizers.”


“I'll tell why its not gonna be that easy because we're close enough to their hideout for me to be able to hear voices and I'd say I can pick out between 50-60 of them in there and that's just a rough estimate, I know I could go in there by myself and take them out but even with a full team more than likely Alex you and your team could be seriously injured or worse killed, so I think we need a plan first and it just so happens I have one.” Chase told them.


“So because she's annoyed with me you're just going to let her go in alone, is that it Caleb, me and my people are trained for this, you should know you trained us, and please don't take us there because of the risk of injury or death everyone of my people and me know this job carries a high risk of death occurring on missions, so either we all go in or no one does.”


“He's right Chase, if we go in we go in together and we go in strong so get on board with that.”


Chase looked at Caleb and Alex about to launch into a furious response, but she realized it would accomplish nothing and potentially endanger this mission, so she stood back took a deep breath and then spoke.


“Well ok, look Alex dad the three of us aren't going to walk away from this mission exactly proud of our conduct, we've all let petty stuff get in the way something to sort out another time but now we need to refocus on the task but I do have a plan and it does just involve me going in first and you coming in to clean up after and secure a cult member for interrogation but it isn't about freezing anyone out or any slight on you guys and your skills its just the simplest cleanest way to get it done against a large number of enemy targets I promise.”


“Ok so what is your plan.” Caleb and Alex asked almost simultaneously.

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