One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


19. The Ground Beneath His Feet

As the debris started to rain down on them a thought occurred to him and Malikhi had to run away from Caleb and Alex, even though he knew staying close to Caleb was probably the safest place and he was risking his life with little likelihood any one would thank him for it.


Mal heard his brother screaming for him to come back, but he had to ignore him and he heard Caleb as well and for once wasn't bothered to hear his voice in his head, even so soon after telling him never to communicate with him that way again.


Malikhi had to dodge some large pieces of concrete and metal debris falling from the first floor, when he got to the steps he had to climb over lots of it to get to the steps that weren't obstructed.


Once he made it past those and got up to the first floor he saw that more than half the steps leading to the second floor were gone, so he had to take several steps back so he could run and jump to grab hold of the bottom of the remaining stairs.


He pulled himself up onto them and had to run quickly as the weight of him standing on them began to cause those to collapse as well. He ran as quickly as he could and got up to the second floor just in time to turn around and see the rest of them were now gone.


It was the reverse case with the steps leading up to the third floor, the bottom half was still there but the top half had fallen down. Mal had to start running from the first step and jump on to the landing, which he did but landed awkwardly on some debris.


His ankle twisted underneath him throwing his balance off and he fell sideways, putting his arm out to break his fall, but it didn't help as his hand hit on more jagged debris and he cut the palm of his hand badly and broke a finger. 


Still, these were minor injuries and he picked himself back up and looked around for Logan and Briony but couldn't see them. That is when he realised that he had left them both unconscious on the stairs, he had just climbed up, so if they weren't there and he knew that he would have seen them if they had fallen down to the ground when the stairs collapsed.


Where the hell were they? He said out loud to himself, he had risked his life to get up here, was still risking his life just being stood there.


Although the explosions had stopped the damage was already done and the entire building was still falling down all around him and he reckoned it would be completely flattened within the next ten to fifteen minutes.


Well, he knew now that his rescue mission was a bust and it was a rescue mission, he wasn't looking to take Logan and Briony prisoner or question them for any information that might prove useful in stopping their cult bringing back Acafra.


He had hoped to save them and get them to see the cult for what it was, to see the cult members for what they are, evil. Then they would be set free to live their own lives, the way Caleb had done for him and Alex, but he'd failed.


If he had more time he would have noticed the blood trail from Briony's wound that led to a huge hole in the wall, and then he would have looked and seen them both on the ground outside where they had jumped out.


He couldn't see any sign of either one of them in the vicinity and he didn't have time to look any further as he knew he had to get down to the ground. He got some unexpected and unwanted help as the floor, he was standing on cracked and fell apart taking him down with it.


​Mal landed on his feet, but on top of some rubble except for his foot got stuck between two broken slabs causing that twisted ankle to snap as he fell flat on his back. 


Mal had to work hard to ignore the pain as he pulled the rubble aside to free his foot, he had to do it quickly so he could roll out-of-the-way to avoid being hit by more falling debris. 


Once he was safely away from the danger he thought he'd come face to face with more as he rolled over one of the explosive devices placed in the walls by the cult members.


He got lucky that it was one of several that hadn't gone off having badly damaged by the earlier blast wave Caleb caused by the magykal charge he put inside Danion.


If some of those practical explosives hadn't gone off when Danion blew up the building wouldn't have been as badly damaged when Caleb and his team had entered and if the damaged ones had gone off when Herschel detonated them, the building would have come down in a matter of minutes and Caleb, Alex and Mal would definitely be dead now.


Even if Mal had known any of that there and then, it would only be a minor relief to him as he still had to two floors to get down and very little time to do it in. He spotted an opening a few yards away  and pulling himself up onto his feet, he hopped over to it on his good foot, then sat down and dangled both feet over the edge then pushed off so he fell to the next floor.


To was another bad landing, he did land on his uninjured foot, but from that height the pressure of all his weight being on that one leg sent a shock wave of pain up his whole leg, causing his knee to buckle and he fell forward hard fracturing his knee cap when it hit the ground.


Now he couldn't stand on either leg so he had to improvise, he saw that the floor was patchy where parts of it had already collapsed and the rest of it was on its way so he took out both guns and began shooting the ground all around him and it worked.


Before he had even run out of bullets, he stopped shooting as the floor he was on fell away from underneath him and he fell with it a split second later again with a bad landing, he hit the rubble on the floor, he had just destroyed on his back, several dozen jagged pieces puncturing his uniform and breaking the skin under it. One slither of metal so small that he didn't even feel it went all the way through the skin and between his ribs and punctured a lung.


He had other problems as he hit his head hard, undoubtedly causing a concussion even more serious than that was the force of the impact broke three ribs and when he started to cough really hard and spat out a large amount of blood he knew that he was bleeding internally.


He was in pain, although that was lessening as he realised that he was losing consciousness, he tried reaching out to his brother and Caleb via psychic communication, but he knew he had never been that good at it no matter how hard Caleb had tried to teach him, plus he had no idea where either of them were or if they were still alive.


He looked around and saw what he thought was his last shot he crawled into a corner that was already severely damaged and hoped that no more debris would fall on him or that at least if it did he wouldn't be buried too deeply if anyone came searching for survivors.


Before he passed out Malikhi overcame the tremendous amount of pain he was in to curl up into as tight a ball as he could and making sure to protect his head from being hit by any more falling debris while he waited for rescue.

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