One of the last two natural-born Demon Hunters left in the world, Chase is part of a team that includes her father Caleb and her boyfriend Alex.

They are intent on capturing an enemy who escaped the trap they'd set for several members of his kind.

They want one of them alive to see if they have any information about who killed two of their allies and the whereabouts of Jak the other Demon Hunter.

However tensions between Chase, Caleb and Alex might just threaten the mission and endanger themselves and everyone on the planet.

As the threat they face could prove bigger than anything they've ever confronted before.


13. The Fight Chapter 2

Chase took the momentary distraction she'd brought herself, ran straight at it then leapt up into the air, with her free favored right hand balled it up into a fist, and hit it in the face as hard as she could.


The Rocnar staggered back from the force of the blow, while Chase landed on her feet and then jumped up to hit it again this time with a punch from her ever so slightly weaker left hand.


It had been weaker for a few years now since a brutal fight she'd had with one of the few real Vampyres left in the world. After breaking her arm, he bit into her wrist and then used his strength and tore through the muscle and tissue almost tearing her hand off.


Even with her healing abilities knitting it all back together Chase still felt it wasn't as strong as it used to be, even after using magyck to undo the damage she still didn't think it was back to normal.


Chase leapt up again striking it in the face alternating between using her left and right fist. The strength of the blow causing the Rocnar to stumble again and fall down to one knee giving Chase the chance to continue her flurry of blows as she repeatedly leapt into the air punching to hit it in the face.


As she was hitting it Chase knew that as much she really needed to vent some of her anger she should be directing it towards slightly more useful targets.


"I don't have time for this, my father and my now ex boyfriend may have pissed me off, but they along with a few other colleagues are in that building your masters blew up."


"Now I'm going to have to try and get this done in as short a time as possible and then go see whether they're dead or alive."


With that, Chase stopped punching back flipped out of range of the Rocnar, pulled out the two pistols holstered on her hips, and began firing, the one in her right hand the three barrels firing from its 36 shot magazine aiming at its head.


While in her left hand she held the eighteen shot capacity pistol squarely at the Rocnars chest. Seeing the beast begin to stagger and fall as some of the bullets were penetrating its thick skin. Chase stopped firing long enough to get out of the way as the way so she could reload both pistols.


Meanwhile the Rocnar used the break in the attack to try and regain enough balance and composure to lash out at the Human.


Chase was quicker than it and she was literally running circles around it to stay out of its reach as she put new cartridges in both weapons.


Chase knew she was faster and her endurance levels meant she might well outlast it in a purely physical fight, but its strength or at least legend had it that a Rocnars strength could crush Human bones if it got hold of one.


Even the bones of a Hunter like her and hers were stronger and harder to break than a regular man or woman. Still, she'd heard the stories that when Humans and Demons were last at war that some of the Rocnar in service of more powerful Demons were used to kill captured Hunters to tear them limb from limb.


Sometimes, just for entertainment pitting an unarmed Hunter against several Rocnar one after another while they watched.


Funny the things you think about in times of stress, Chase thought, but she knew it wasn't coincidence that having read all the books about Demons as she was growing up learning her craft listening to the tales her dad, Baine and Isobel had told her, that had been passed down through the ages she was searching her memory for anything she could remember about the Rocnar that would help her to win this now.


She was drawing a blank on most information about them, they may be strong, but they'd never been a major power among the Demon factions and no one had been sure, well until now anyway if there were any of them left.


Without any real knowledge about them Chase was left in the here and now to do what she usually did what she liked to do most to fight.


Chase put aside other thoughts, knowing she had to just get the job done, so when she finally got her weapons reloaded, she began firing shots at the Rocnars back and side as she circled around to the front.


When she had used up the second loads from both pistols wounding but still not taking down the Rocnar.


Chase knew she needed a change of tactics and she realised even though she knew the urgency of the situation she was still enjoying it too much being caught up in the euphoria of the fight.


She had to get over it, Chase re holstered her pistols turned about and ran away from it before putting enough distance between them to space to turn back again and run straight at it.


Chase withdrew the two blades strapped to her back, flicking her wrists to extend them to their full length she raised them up so she was holding them crossing each other with her arms forming an X in front of her as she charged at it full speed preparing to bury both blades in it, in the holes she'd opened up from shooting it.


She was almost within striking distance when she looked at him and swore she could see a smile on its face that's when she was yanked backwards as both blades were ripped out of her hands from behind and she didn't see where they landed.


She didn't have time to look around for them as a large fist with the force you or I would feel being simultaneously hit with ten bricks, struck the side of her face striking her cheek and jawbone. The blow not only stopped her in her tracks it knocked her off her trajectory and sent her spinning 180 degrees into the path of another large fist that hit her in the stomach.


As she was bent forward by the force of the blow she was met with a knee to the face, followed by a punch to the other side of her face with the same force and speed as the first, again causing her to be spun around almost 360 degrees this time.


A hand grabbed the bun she usually kept shoulder length hair was tied in while she was on a mission, pulling a large clump of it out at the root as her head was pulled back and the other two Rocnar moved in closer and began raining blows on her hitting her head, face and stomach and even striking her arms and legs as she attempted to shield herself from the blows.


Then, as a blow from one of the Rocnar again knocked her off balance, this one displaying more maneuverability than she’d been led to believe they possessed as well as being quicker than she expected from something their size.


She didn't see it coming as one of them bent down and using one of its massive arms swept her off her feet. Then, as she hit the ground on her back two of those large hands grabbed her and picked her up and lifting her up over head, to throw her as far as it could.


She would've landed hard on the ground and at least had the wind knocked out of her, if she hadn't quickly thought to cast a spell to protect herself.


She created a bubble around her softening the impact, making her wish she had thought to do that as she was being tossed about by the force of the rocket blasts.


She also thought of the irony of using a magyck bubble to protect herself, a short time after she had been convinced a similar thing had crushed and killed her.


"Oh yeah, I forgot these big ugly things sometimes come in twos."


"Apparently you sometimes come in threes, I didn't know that," she thought.


"I let myself get caught up in my emotions, otherwise I'd have sensed a couple of big ugly stinking pieces of meat coming at me, damn I am off my game."


She forced herself to get back to her feet as she saw the other two Rocnar moving toward her.


"Oh - Kay, you damn ugly hairless apes, you've had your fun, now it's my turn."


With the flat of her hand Chase clicked her jaw back into place knocked loose by the hits to the face and popping it back in the socket reset her left wrist.


She popped her dislocated left shoulder back in and the fingers on her left hand that were dislocated from the landings, she had after being thrown through the air by the blast waves from the rocket fire.


She left her healing abilities to do the rest of the job properly knitting bones back together and releasing endorphines dulling the pain.


She shook out her hair, which she rarely kept the same colour for more than a week was at that moment, mostly blue with pink streaks thanks to a magyck spell she'd cast when she woke up in the morning.


Chase pulled her hair back, tying it in a knot, not because she was worried about her appearance she just wanted to keep it from moving about too much occasionally flicking past her eyes, during the fight.


Fully prepared she ran at the two big beasts and dodged the fists they were aiming at her she ran round them, then knowing a weak spot she pulled out the gun in the holster on her right leg and loaded another clip from the magazine pouch on her belt then loaded it while she was running between both Rocnar.


As she got behind them, she turned and shot the left one in the backs of its legs, causing it to fall to one knee.


As it screeched in pain Chase jumped up onto that knee and from there, up onto its shoulder, pointed her gun at its face and shot it in both eyes in quick succession and then leapt off again.


Just in time to avoid the fist of the other Rocnar as it swung out an arm lashing out in anger accidently hitting his wounded compatriot on the side of the head.


The other roaring in anger, lashed out and hit it back.


"Like I said," you're not the smartest beasts are you? Obviously knowing that she was talking to herself as they couldn't hear or understand Human speech.


"Okay, who you are talking to Chase my girl," she said out aloud.


"Yeah, I think I may have been hit on the head too hard, since when did I start referring to myself in the third person."


Chase fired at the other beast as she leapt through the air hitting that one in the face and neck, causing it to roar in anger more than pain, as she hadn't shot it enough times yet to truly damage its thick skin.


Chase took the chance to get a few more shots in on both of them before retreating to retrieve one of her blades she'd spotted lying on the ground when she was up on the shoulders of the Rocnar.


She was also reminded about the first Rocnar as she saw it stood looking on as it let whatever healing capabilities it had kick in it.


She got to her blade and decided to go after the first one again.


Holstering her weapons before she picked up the blade Chase started off running at the first one brandishing the blade with both hands just out in front of her ready to strike at the first opportunity.


The first Rocnar saw her coming straight at him and got back to its feet, preparing to meet Chase head on.


Except that wasn't Chases' plan this time, this time as she got close to it, she veered off running to the left, then when she was far enough away again turning right, so she was running in its direction, but out of its reach then when she had put a bit of distance between them.


She ran past it and then turned right again and then left again so now she was coming at it from behind.


As it turned to face her Chase changed direction again, she kept it up, repeatedly changing direction as the Rocnar struggled to keep pace with her while the other two were too busy still nursing their injuries to intervene and help it fight her.


Confident she was tiring this Rocnar out Chase began circling closer, then when she was close enough, she moved the blade so she was now holding it in her left hand the sharp edge facing outwards.


She slashed his leg the strike hard and deep enough to draw blood as the dark green ran down its leg, causing it to roar in pain and lash out swinging a large fist in the direction of where Chase had been, but she was too quick and was already on her way to doing another run around and inflict a stab wound to its other leg.


Chase was running away from the Rocnar in a zig-zag pattern before turning back.


Chase was running straight at it and she was getting close enough to be able to feel its breath blasting just over her head.


As the Rocnar looked down on her watching her run at him it was trying as hard as it could to work out when to strike and kill the Human.


As it had been unable to kill the other Humans, the ones who had found and woke them and used their magyck keeping all three of them under their control.


As they used those powers to change all three of them.


The Rocnar were beasts of instinct they ate when they needed to hunted and gathered weaker creatures for food like the Humans in old times, they only mated when they needed to, the infant left to fend for itself mostly as soon as it had been birthed.


Although they were often found together in packs it was only ever as a means to survive against the Demons that preyed on them, they made sure there were one or two weaker members to sacrifice to ensure the rest of them got away.


The Rocnar had never had the power other Demons had, on the world they came from. Nor had they been members of the ruling elite that led the enslavement of this world, nor were they massively targeted by Humans when they had launched a war against Demon to regain their freedom.


Only the Rocnar who had been conscripted or volunteered to work for the other Demons as trackers or just things the other Demons fed Humans too, were hunted and killed.


Even once the Humans had inextricably managed to defeat the Demons and kill or exile most of them, the Rocnar weren't hunted as aggressively as other Demons.


Some of them simply went underground to sleep until the Humans ceased to exist while some left to find other worlds where they could thrive free of either Human or Demon interference.


That had worked for a long time, until a group of Humans found him and others of his kind asleep deep beneath the earth and awoke them.


Somehow using the powers to hold them while they changed them. Increasing his intellect to make him a leader among them while they altered the other to make them stronger and faster.


Yet they were still unable to turn on the ones who had disturbed them and used them, killing several of his kind as they altered them.


If he could communicate with this Human attacking him, he would tell it, that he knew it was efficient in combat against his species.


After all it had incapacitated, well temporarily incapacitated anyway all three of them, but he still wants to stop fighting and would even consider a truce between them and help to defeat the other two Rocnar in exchange for letting him go, and return to his slumber.


He just knew that it was unlikely to work out that way. The psychic control over him extended to stopping him connecting with anyone other than them.


Its thoughts were interrupted as it realised it had lost track of his Human target again.


He only knew where she was again when he felt the pain as Chase plunged her blade into his foot and causing it to scream in agony.


Chase saw her opportunity as she got closer she could tell from looking at its face that it had become distracted, she didn't know or care what it was she just saw it was her best chance to take out the first of them.


As she got up close she slammed the blade into its foot and then quickly pulling it back out again stuck it into its other foot as well.


Pulling the blade out again, she ran around behind it, she saw the flesh at the back of the leg the back of the knee and she remembered that it was a weak point that there was muscle behind there that if cut would render the leg paralyzed.


Chase stuck the blade all the way in twisting it to make sure she cut as much muscle and tissue as possible.


The Rocnar howled in pain and as it dropped to its injured knee it tried to lash out, but couldn't do anything as Chase pulled the blade out of the leg and thrust it into the other leg.


Again, it caused the Rocnar howled in pain as it dropped down to both knees and tried to swing an arm around to hit at Chase but couldn't reach and anyway, she was already out of its way, she had already jumped up from the ground onto its back and from there on to its shoulder where she plunged the blade up to the hilt into the back of its neck then jumping off its shoulder somersaulted over its head landing in front of it having left that blade buried in there.


Now back down on the ground in front of the Rocnar Chase started jumping up and punching it in the face again, with it down on its knees, she now only had to jump up a foot and after a barrage of blows Chase delivered an uppercut knocking it down and onto its back.


Having spotted her other blade when she was up on the Rocnars shoulder, she raced over to get it. Then as she got back to where the Rocnar was lying, she leapt into the air blade in hand pointing it downwards plunged it right into its neck.


As she landed, she brought the blade down, cutting through the veins and arteries, causing the green ooze that passed for blood to come flowing out and within minutes it was dead.


One down, two to go Chase thought, then after getting her other blade back without hesitancy she turned back to the other two and now with both blades back in her hands charged at them.


Taking out her pistols she emptied what bullets remained in the magazine aiming at their legs.


Then putting them away again, she pulled the blades back out and turning the sharp edges of her blades facing outward Chase ran through the legs of one Rocnar slicing them along its calves with enough force this time to cause its blood to seep out and a slight trickle to run down his leg.


Having been a successful tactic Chase decided to target the backs of their legs, she plunged the blade into the back of one of them.


This time she was more alert to the danger than she had been before then she had been fueled by rage and her senses were a little bit off, after being tossed about so much by the explosions, which is why she had let the two of them get to close to her before.


This time having sensed the arm of the other Rocnar as it swung at her.


After she pulled her blade out of the leg Chase ducked down to avoid the hit, then grabbed the arm after it had sailed past and held on tight and then Putting with all her strength jammed it into the arm.


She held on as it swung its arm trying to throw her off while it wailed in pain.


She was knocked off when the other one punched her in the middle of her back, causing her to lose her grip on the blade and be thrown to the ground.


She got straight back up and ran at them seeing how close together they were she decided she could pit these two against each other again.


The one she'd stabbed in the leg that was the one she had earlier shot in its eyes was standing still it was in pain and while it had regenerative healing abilities that were repairing the damage to its eyes they weren't yet fully repaired.


Causing it not to be able to see her properly as she came at him.


The one with her blade still stuck in its arm was stood, pulling at it trying to pull it out so was too preoccupied to see Chase coming towards them.


As she got closer to the two Rocnar Chase withdrew her other blade and the 36 shot pistol that had about 11 or 12 bullets left in it.


She began firing at the leg of the one she'd stabbed in that same leg, then putting the pistol away still with 4 or 5 shots left.


She ran past the other one holding her blade to slice its leg as she went by, then putting that blade away then when she was close enough leapt up, grabbed the blade that was still stuck in this Rocnars' arm pulled herself up onto its arm, jumped from there to its shoulder pulled out the pistol and from there fired the remaining shots at the face of the other Rocnar and as she hoped, that one lashed out hitting the one she was stood on right in the face and it then that one struck back in anger.


From her position on its shoulder, she climbed onto its head and then in quick succession stabbed that one in both eyes.


With both of them totally or partially blind, she took her opportunity to finish them off.


She turned and repeatedly plunged her blade into the back of the neck of the one she was stood on getting it in deeper every time until it went all the way through then she pulled the blade sideways first to the left, then to the right until she had completely severed its head from the body then with one hard push she shoved the head off its shoulders and watched it topple to the floor.


She leapt off jumping forward as the body fell backwards. Chase landed on the chest of the other Rocnar that was also lying on its back having been knocked down as the one she'd been stabbing had hit it with a hard punch to the face.


With the injuries it had suffered at her hands and the pounding its fellow Rocnar had inflicted either the fight had left it or it was just resting, trying to get some strength back before going on the attack again, she had no idea of what if any healing powers it had so she knew she still had to kill it.


She needed to be done with these creatures.


Chase repeated what she had just done to the other one stabbed it in the neck this time discovering a softer piece of skin just under its jaw, she pushed her blade into it, pulling it out and shoving it back in until it had gone all the way through this time cutting through its spine killing the last of them.


Chase looked around at the scene of devastation around her the bodies of the three dead Rocnar, the building the cult had been hidden away in all but a shell, but thankfully not on fire anymore.


The street a wreck from the exploded rockets the cult members had fired at her. She was at least glad all this had happened in an out of the way location and not at another apartment block where the first attack had happened that was surrounded by other apartments many of them probably filled with ordinary citizens.


It’s one thing for the authorities having to explain a fight breaking out between armed groups, although she had no idea what explanation they’d use to explain why their neighbours had taken up arms against a military unit. She doubted they go with the truth.


“Oh, no need to worry, they were just a bunch of wacko Demon worshippers, who want to tear down the barrier and let the Demons back in so they can enslave you, your children, your neighbours and in fact the whole of Humanity once again or maybe this time just slaughter us all and call Earth home again." 


"No the average man and woman would have as much trouble as she does accepting Humans who are prepared to sell out their own kind to be their favourite Demons pet."


"That would likely freak them out, well just a bit anyway," Chase thought.


Still, it could’ve been worse, at least they hadn’t witnessed her taking on three large Demons.


For the majority of people Demons roaming Earth was something straight out of ancient history, as far as they were concerned all the Demons had been defeated and kicked out of our world centuries ago.


As far as they knew people like her, and Jak as well Demon Hunters we were supposed to be gone as well. Supposedly just naturally disappeared from Human evolution over time as they weren’t needed anymore.


The truth was a lot worse though, a betrayal on an unprecedented scale had taken them out a long time ago. Now it was just her and Jak, well, hopefully it’s still me and Jak. The thought that she didn’t know where he was or if he was still alive caused her to freeze for a moment as she tried to choke back the tears that were starting to form in her eyes.


“Please just be ok wherever you are little brother, stay alive and I’ll come find you as soon as I’m finished cleaning up this mess.”


“You as well Jayhra I know I may not have been a lot of help or emotional support when you needed me sis, but I will find you.”


“I will put whatever is left of this family back together, I promise.”


“Oh hell, I don’t have time for this moping, I have to go inside, see what happened in there, find out why I still can’t contact anyone.”


Taking one last look at the bodies of the Rocnar she got angry with herself.


“There’s no way it should have taken me so long and so much effort to put those things down. Everything that’s happened in the last few weeks, I just am not at it.”


“If I was I would’ve sized you up and figured out how I was going to engage you and take you down before I even started in on you, I wouldn’t have just charged in slashing and shooting and hoping for the best.”


“I’d hate to think what Caleb, what dad would’ve thought of that display if he’d seen it.”


“Probably would’ve locked me away for a month no eating, sleeping or talking to anyone until he was satisfied he had drilled it into her again about preparation before a fight.”


In her head, she did a little imitation of his voice in full on drill instructor mode ordering her to drop and give him two thousand push ups. She knew she was stalling going back into the building she wasn’t sure how she could cope if he was dead.


Then she thought about Mal, we may not be seeing eye to eye right now she said to herself, but I still love him. I think I want him back, I want him to want me back.”


“That thought led her to think of Alex it will hurt him enough that it’s over between them, how would he take it if she did get back with his brother, not well I’d imagine.”


“What am I doing I need to get in there I need to face it, I need to know how they are.”


With that Chase put her blade away and retrieved the other one putting that back in the sheath on her back. Then she loaded her last magazines into her pistols and set off to get back in the building,  to see if any of her family were still alive.

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